Samsung T5 USB-C SSD Review

Samsung makes some wicked SSDs – this, the T5 is their new USB-C external SSD and comes in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB flavours. Let’s see what it’s like!
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Elijah _ says:

Shoot I need the 1TB model, but I want that blue color.

Mr10Residentevilfan says:

Still rockin my T1.

byMetroh says:

Such a helpful video! I picked one up myself and want to ask does your cable seem loose plugged in to the ssd. Socket has some give.

Kelvin KMS says:

$200 for 500GB sorry it is a joke !!! 3 years later, $100 can get 2TB SSD.

Damian Wilczak says:

How it works with Macbook Tunderbolt 3 ?

Terry plays guitar says:

This looks like a fantastic drive. Great review!

Davethreshold says:

THANK YOU! I wondered why nobody had the T3 anymore! LOL


Nice, too bad I can’t afford that atm

Rizwan Ahsan says:

I just f*cking bought T3 today and now I am seeing they released a newer model. F*ck my life

SenorSwagBuns says:

Looked up the price n i cried.

Jgabriel says:

Primer comentario en español ..el día de hoy me voy a comprar t5 1tb ya tenía el t3 pero quiero el t5

Trusteft says:

No videos show at the end of the video (“most recent video” “random video”)
Anyway, this looks great value for money (all things considered).
I have officially stopped buying external drives that require extra power connection. I am sick of having to have all those power supplies and then if I forget to label them, good luck finding the right one for the job.
As for SSDs, I don’t trust them for storage but they are great for everything else.
Thanks for this video.

Gajendra Ambi says:

a 256gb memory card is so small, y is this 500gb ssd drive so big? apart from higher speed!!!

Cederic Moul says:

Love the review, very informative. Great product shots, great use of the slider. Keep it up 🙂

goth buda says:

good video can you use this to backup a pc

Keshav Ramamurthy says:

great video

Vipor29 says:

windows mac android (so basically linux LOL)

John Jensen says:

i do not like the color of the 500 GB version. I’m going to buy the My passport ssd instead. The specs are the same.

Alejandro Objío says:

*_Hey man, how you doing?, how’s health? Cheers!!1!_*
*_Love your videos fam!_*

glentaker says:

Hi, are you able to install game to this SSD and play smooth without problem?

Benny Damien says:

Can I store my files like games and run through this SSD ?

Uk says:

Really good video!
You are very well spoken.

MammothGaming says:

wow that is really small

Finn Aerts says:

plead truly looks deeply$ pergecvsmall

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