Samsung T5 SSD Review ! Portable Awesome

We check out the new Samsung T5 Portable SSD!
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Atharva Karande says:

Please make a video of all your intro songs !!

itsmatters says:


Bishal Chowdhury says:

Mega bit or byte ?

Prowess KT says:

Very small and cute drive… Thanks for the review…

Air Planet says:

Have u tried this with usb 3.0 then transfer speed?

Prashant Sharma says:

*please make a video of office chairs for long hours of working. online or offline market.*

Vivek Ravindranath says:

The speed is in “Megabytes per second” and not “Megabits per second”

Sathish Mechy says:


Rana Pratap says:

Please make a video on best smartwatches available on amazon

Chintoo Das says:

Prices of these SSDs are very expensive…normal hard drives are more better than this i think…

Clashof clans says:

I always watch iGyaan and I recommend my friends to check out ur videos

Gautam Gunecha says:

Out of budget for me .

Rahul Singh says:

Why is T5 priced less than T3???

Amit singh says:

I need it

Mustafa Mamu says:

Your video production quality has amazingly improved


Pls translate tamil chennal

Prashant Singh says:


Chirag Bhojwani says:

Hey, waiting for ‘YOUR’ oneplus5t unboxing and review!

kishore says:

wow.. first time i’m seeing a indian youtube video of this much quality. seriously this channel deserves more!!

Amithkumar BG says:

Perfect for performance and editing

Karan Dua says:

Must be Megabytes/second and not Megabits/second. It’s disk transfer speed and not Internet data transfer speed.

Jai Prakash says:

Dood! Where is ONE PLUS 5T Unboxing & review! We are waiting for u!

Slim Minion says:

Please do a video on Pollution Masks available in india

Hassan Ibrahim says:


Mitesh patel says:

Please do unboxing and review for the Motorola pulse escape headphones

Irfan Rangwala says:

Hi like you videos and have subscribed lately.would like to know more on the small miniature copies shown in all videos of superman batman iron man can you please send me I link where I can buy these and what is the price

Abhinav Raj says:

playstation plz

karan valvi says:

iGyaan cool

ashutosh agrawal says:

Bahut mehenga hai bhaisahab

Anshu Pandey says:

666(K) Illuminati Confirmed.

rahul patel says:

Bauj monghi che Bhai!

Arpit Roopchandani says:

STOP SAYING BITS AGAIN AND AGAIN. It’s bytes. 540 Megabits per second is just 68 MB/s.

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