Samsung T5 Review: New portable USB SSD utilizing 3D / VNAND Flash Tech

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Samsung’s new portable SSD brings some new technology but similar performance to their prior (and excellent) T3 drive. See more portable SSDs: and subscribe!

00:10 – Size comparison to T3
00:40 – Hardware overview
00:46 – Includes two cables
01:12 – Price
01:32 – Compatibility
01:38 – Do not install the included software
02:28 – Performance: Sequential Reads and Writes
03:41 – Performance: Random Reads and Writes (Crystal Diskmark)
04:31 – Two new features: 3D NAND & USB 3.1 Gen 2
05:33 – Performance: 4k multicamera video editing
06:22 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The 500GB version has more consistent sequential performance. See here:

See my T3 review here:

The T5 is one of the first consumer products with a new 3D NAND technology where the chip is constructed vertically to allow for more storage density in small form factors. It also has a faster USB interface versus the prior edition drive.

What does this mean for the average user? Not much. The reality of this drive is that it performs close to where last year’s drive performed. That’s not a bad thing given how well the T3 performed for a portable SSD drive. Super fast, super rugged, and in my experience super reliable too.

The T5 excels in its sequential read speeds, achieving the fastest I’ve seen out of a portable SSD at around 505 megabytes per second. It falls behind the T3 in its sequential write performance, however, typically getting around 300-325 megabytes per second sustained over long periods of time after a short burst in the mid 400’s. I found the T3 to do a little better over a long period of sequential writes vs. this drive.

Random reads and writes are consistent with the prior model (about 25 megs/sec in reads and 36 megs/sec in writes).

The software on the Mac is my only real gripe here. The Mac software installs a memory resident “monitor” app that runs in the background all the time and is very difficult for an end-user to uninstall. Removing the software requires going into the terminal window and running a bash script. This is far from consumer friendly and very poor on Samsung’s part to do this. Software is not required to use the drive and I strongly suggest not installing it.

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Jason Matthew says:

Yes thank you very much for sharing this.. I am a loyal fan, question what do you thing of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet

Rusk Reeder says:

Good work with the review. Presented well.

137vuk says:

Hey Lon, great video!
I was wondering if you could do a review of Angelbird SSD2GO PKT SSD, seems like a killer drive 🙂

Chris Pistocco says:

great review. loved it. I think I may get one

Glenn Selby says:

Always love your reviews Lon. I was wondering is the Samsung T5 would be good for a storage drive for my Plex DVR? Thanks.

Barack Smith says:

I wonder if you could put a live version of windows on this and use it as a boot drive on laptops & desktops.. Hmm.


Hey Lon — IN CASE THIS MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU — I opened YouTube today and it claimed you had 9 videos I haven’t seen. That wasn’t true. Four tops, but really only 1 or 2. Very strange. My other tech tube types had accurate reads.

Kewl Kid Brownies says:

Lon! Please see if you can get gearbest to get you one of these, i can think of a bunch of home theatre ideas for it, not to mention it has a built in battery so its also just a really chunky tablet, but it has tons of port selections for other things too, definitely give it a look!

William Hart says:

Nice little drive be good with my ZenPad 3s 10 or a couple of sbc I have thanks Lon

Stacey Luster says:

Keep up the awesome videos, Lon!

Love Samsung’s external SSDs.

Jordano Moscoso says:

Thank so much for this video.

Justin Saephan says:

I really want one, but I don’t wanna shell out $200+ maybe when it drops below or around $150 I’ll look into it.

bbgarnett says:

keep up the great work

Tony Yu says:

Black friday sale on Amazon: 10 dollars more than my passport ssd and only loses 12 GB of raw storage is a go.

catchgops says:

Lon, is it possible to read and write to this SSD by connecting it to the ethernet port on a laptop, via a USB to Ethernet adapter? (Note: Need a workaround for not being able to connect to a USB port on a laptop)

Lahib Youssef says:

I have seen your video on how to install Windows on a external SSD and run it from a Macbook computer. In that video you used the Samsung T3. Is is possbile to use the Samsung T5 aswel ?

House Station Live .com says:

the perfect way to increase a laptop capabilities !

Vladislav Kuznetsov says:

There is a much better tool to test storage on a macOS called Quickbench. It shows much more accurate results than Blackmagic and it can do random speeds

ohdogwow2 says:

Thanks lon. I recommend you get a Newegg affiliate/link account as well as Amazon. Sometimes one has better prices than the other. By putting both you future proof yourself for price changes. Hint: On this item…Newegg has a better price.

Shawn Chang says:

Really right after I just bought the t3

TotoFrancey says:

Lon, It was really good to see your dog again in a video. I really enjoy when he (her) makes its way into one of your shoots. As for the drive, I think Samsung could have provided more capacity for what they are charging, but I heard back in May there is currently a shortage of SSDs on the market (maybe they have limited manufactured quantities to increase price and profits).

Emperor Fett says:

Are you able to install windows with boot camp on a Mac in the same way as the T3?

Sam Lazar Tech says:

If you are wondering I use a video editing program called Filmora for Mac OS and Windows. I use it on Windows 10.

Dask Hux says:

So rather than install the mac driver, what do you recommend? Erasing the drive in disk utility and reformatting to OS X extended (journaled)? Is the driver really that bad? Maybe you could elaborate a bit more on this?  I just picked one up and am wanting to backup my macbook pro before upgrading to Sierra, and from what I understand doing this on an ExFAT is not recommended.    Also aren’t the drivers required for using the encryption? Thanks for the review. I have searched for this info and have yet to find much on this particular subject other than from you so I appreciate it.

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