Samsung T5 Portable SSD: Review

A quick review of the new Samsung Portable SSD T5 with a comparison to the T3.

Capacity & Pricing:

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danielgartin6993 says:

How much is it for the 500 gigabyte model because I need an external drive to back up my computer because I had to reinstall Windows because my computer got messed up somehow

Real-life lies says:

Wait, if ssd’s have storage for photos, videos, and other things, how does this compare to flash drives that would have this much storage?

Zubaid Khan says:

I love his videos

George Vivanco says:

I’ll be using the USB-A to USB-C to connect to my new MacBook Pro, I didn’t buy that dongle for nothing!

Pratyush Kumar Singh says:


Ankit Raj says:

Samsung SSD T5

chevloco says:

in 10 years, 1024 TB in micro sd size.

Austin Khy says:

Great for my PlayStation

Psivewri says:

I literally just bought a T3 1TB….

Andrey Goldfine says:

Waiting for Meizu Pro 7 Review!

Danindu Wakista says:

Great video dude

Al A says:

Miserable read and write speeds. Come on Samsung.

Joonan jutut says:

T5 is volvo motor

Sammy Talks Tech says:

Honestly i’d just buy a regular 2.5 inch ssd and put it into a portable sata to usb c adapter

Ken Pikulski says:

I bought a cheat aluminum usb c external drive caddy and put an adata ssd in it and get these same speeds for less than half the price…. however it is double the size

Mecheri Game plays says:

I like design as well as in the mi power 2 too..

Mystic27 says:

I just realized that DetroitBORG and Eminem live in the same city

Ryan Barclay says:

Very nice review
Thanks for showing me the read/write speeds

Aniket Shinde says:


k. e. says:

Should I re-format the T5 (or T3) SSD to APFS on High Sierra for better speeds? Or is ExFAT just as fast? The new Apple File System is supposed to be faster than HFS+ with flash memory. It would be great if you could do a Benchmark on the High Sierra beta.

Thanks in advance!

Shirwatel Simini says:

Yo must be very rich to buy these stuff !!!

domemvs says:

Does it still require proprietary software or is it plug and play?

Russell Crown says:

Is this for storage only? Or can you install your OS on it?

ravi Maurya.ravishankar1601 says:

This is the best

Parag Mallick says:

Metal uni body designs are the future even for the SSDs. Great review, your review are short and specific which makes for us easy to get idea of what the products are.

Alex Brogan says:

“YOUUuuuu haveeeee BUGEYYYYESSS!!”

Tech Lover says:

good review

Irfan says:

I have T3 and I used video editing directly from external T3 drive , super speedy no joke

Rafael Sazo says:

you are not getting the full potential because you are using the MacBook Pro 13,  the MacBook Pro 13 has faster ports on the left and a little bit slower on the right, you are connecting the t5 on the right.

Timothy Mai says:

Here’s a Samsung with no headphone jack

Jed Teng says:

Deym expensive thing

David Shenouda says:

I love your videos mike thanks for another great video

Ali Salem says:

The T3 looks a lot better IMO.

Joy Dutta says:

Accidentally he teased the iPhone 8

Mango Juice says:

Those as are very affordable SSD I’ll have to get the 500 gb

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