Samsung T3 Portable SSD – 2TB in your pocket

Who needs flash drives when you can have a super-light, super-small SSD in your pocket?… Serious question though.

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Darkopall says:

imagine one of those in a notebook or a 2 in 1 so much more free physical space for other things

Janoria Corven says:

2TB for 1 grand USD…. Bugger off xD

Nerdist808 says: are my spirit animal..that is all.

Stewart walker says:

is it a good idea to put games on an external hard drive

tmitchable says:

are u using usb or special cable for it? does it work with Chromebook laptop?

Daniel Bass says:

How much?

TheMrDanieloco says:

You look alot like PBG omg, the voice is exactly the same

Edward Kenway says:

you told me 2 terabyte

producedbyRiff says:

Interesting! I also got a speed test and review in my clip. I tested the ScanDisk Portable SSD. Visit my chan if you like to. ✌


2016 T3 2TB = 1000$ , 2019 T3 2TB = 50$ hahaha

Quast says:

Mhmmm, and only for the price of an entire PC …
Mhmmm, sooooo low-priced

hyetoch says:

that ssd is op

detailsmove says:

I want one so bad!

iVirtualPlays says:

Cool but 600 Dollars for that is way too much.

Devin Campbell says:

a 256 GB thumb Key with this drives chips in it would be where i would go.. otherwise for large storage its a great solution

Aberkae Godrilla says:

can you use it as a boot drive for Windows 10?

harold dizon says:

can i use this in my led tv?

King Davian says:

Is the T3 Bootable? If I put windows on it.

Stu Shipp says:

I prefer the thumb drives honestly. But I totally lol’d when you said “tickles your nose hairs” lol hilarious

Jad Mallah says:

wooow cool

Armando Varillas says:

F.Y.I guys that’s not  how brushed metal looks it’s been sand blasted that’s why it has micro dots from the sand hitting the metal, brush metal has stripes along metal surfaces, I love your videos guys.

James Braselton says:

2 tb portable ssd 450 mb/s

Prashanna Sathiyamoorthy says:

2tb costs 148000 Rupees in srilanka omg toooooo much

prerunnermaniac says:

I’ve been using a T1 model for a while now and it is so much better than a thumb drive.

Peter Loew says:

I wanted to get the 2TB so that I could copy my current 2TB external hard drive on it, but the thing is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I will just wait until the price drops to a reasonable level and in the meantime hope that my Western Digital My Passport doesn’t break down.

Munther G-mail says:

hope to see a narrower version from samsung

Kyberthekangaroo says:

it seems better then my wd passport in size and specs. id buy that!

nnlark says:

great vid and info.. $700+ for the 2TB version now.. pricey but awesome

kingcrux says:

Will this Samsung T3 Portable SSD work with a Thunderbolt 3 cable (USB-C to USB-C Connector)?

Aztec Wolf says:

Does it work if you are just gaming on a Alienware laptop

Broccoli says:

I got a 250gig one for using with Final Cut Pro footage, I’m extremely satisfied so far.

Tim Rots says:

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JJ JJ says:

Is it possible  to run games off of it instead of replacing the current hdd?

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

Darren Antonio says:

my lumia 950xl is a type c phone

Tomas Nilsén says:

Have the T1 and absolutely love it

Marianne BG says:

I’ll be happier to have a 2TB thumb-sized drive.

Soniboy84 says:

Could you install windows on it with some games, plug it into a pc, boot from it and play?

Simply Dupdge says:

I’d be nervous to carry it around… I’d probably lose it the first time I take it out of my house, if I ever did.

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