Samsung SSD Upgrade – Huge Performance Improvement Plus How to Install & Benchmark

256GB Samsung SSD in video
1TB Samsung SSD (recommended)
256 PRO Samsung SSD
Kobalt Double-drive Screwdriver that I use. I love this screwdriver it even includes torx heads.

SSD Cloning:
USB to SSD cable adapter I used
Download The Samsung migration software to clone your old drive
If you aren’t using a Samsung SSD check out this kit

Installation hardware:
Installation kit from the video
SSD to desktop installation adapter

More SSD installation videos::
My video installing an M.2 SSD into an ultra book
Check out my latest video where I install the 840 EVO 1TB in a video editing PC

SSD performance:
SSD comparison Chart.


Ayanfe Adekanye says:

Did you copy windows into the ssd or you just backed up pc

Poish_Prince says:

got this thing in the mail and after I opened it and took it out of the box and held it in my hand it felt like a piece of junk.

spacemonkey says:

Is the HDD done loading Windows?

samuel sam says:

link to download photo shop pls

United Media says:

ssd s are tempting

Dragonboy S4LC says:

how do u use Amazon Australia

Jill Patrick Lastimosa says:

Hello. I have a Lenovo b575 laptop with AMD processor. Can i change my hdd to ssd?

ViperPlays says:

I got the pro version and its soo quick

Jackie says:

Windows 10 boot a lot faster

Rahul Kalee says:

you such man!

MK Flav says:

im bout to do thi to my old hp labtop. What you did first is that how you transfer the data ?

MrDark21knight says:

Samsung says read write should be 540/520. your benchmarks are sad. check your BIOS. LOOK for AHCI

Jay Choi says:

I am planning to buy a laptop and install SSD right from the start. If this is the case, can I just skip the data transfer and install the SSD? Or do I still need to transfer Windtows etc.? Thanks

aewcte987126v says:

Hard drives are hard to use today. Solid state drives are solid.

a64750 says:

Got two SanDisk SSD at $50 each & a Samsung 840 EVO for $85 and don’t experience any difference, only the price.

Ursu Dumitru says:

windows 10 boots in about 15 sec on hdd and 6 sec on ssd…not a big difference at least a hdd can serve you much longer , till that Samsung will fix the lifespan of ssd’s

Spud Exception says:

I wouldn’t need to re-install windows would I?

Ulin Nuha says:

How it can happen? 😮

Adrian Ford says:

I dropped my laptop on the corner of my table and it hit exactly where my hdd is and now my hdd is damaged and need of a new one..can I just buy the ssd and put it into my laptop or do I need a new hhd before installing the ssd?

George-Christian Sandor says:

that laptop i think it s Sata 2? Because the read/write values are low for that model of ssd. I think if it was Sata 3, the values were much higher

khaled almutnbak says:

best review in youtube
well done

k1lls says:

man I love toshiba brands its so easy to change every part…not like my old lenovo one where you have to get even the keyboard off lol

Dylan Griffin says:

i upgraded my Dell optiplex 390 to a ssd and it boots up in 16 seconds

Advanced Chaos says:

My Samsung 850 EVO M.2 is really cheap it was like 90 bucks and it gets 500+ MB/s read/write

Warwick Novak says:

Thanks, brilliant and quick presentation

Einstein Wallah says:

what is cheapest per gb ssd?

msreviews says:

Great SSD, I had allso used this SSD

KingSargon says:

well what if u cant migrate because ssd not large enough how do i just add my os?

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