Samsung SSD 850 Evo solid-state drive is a keeper

Full review:
CNET editor Dong Ngo did a magic trick with the all new and excellent Samsung SSD 850 Evo. The kind of tricks that none of us can do!


MrDICKHEAD28 says:

can anyone confirm if A88x or any AMD chipsets 
support this drive in RAID mode?

nictheperson says:

It’s crazy how the price of Solid State Drives plummeted downwards just a short time after that.

Moses Jonson says:

Dong ngo 🙂 mmmm hmmm loving that hdd/ssd tho

fastbike94 says:

i know this is a childish comment but lol “dong n go”  now you can dong yourself on the go

Atheer Al says:

well done Intel.. and well done Samsung..

Ian M. says:

at 2:04 he says: 580 pro hahaha

rwew qerq says:

dong ngo need more sluts around him during his speech about this shiiiit!

Jakob Danmark says:

wth?.. Have now been thrue numeros videos about this SSD from this Dong-fellow, but still havent been told what result it performs..why not just bench it and make an decent file-transfer and paste these two value instead of this bs-filling..

Colm O'Neill says:

This lad is great 😛

Dan L says:

*850 EVO = 3-Bit TLC (Higher Capcity, but Weaker) 8-State Level*
*850 PRO = 2-Bit MLC (Slightly Less Capacity, but Stronger & Faster) 4-State Level*

Brian Paquin says:

lol ”I have all three” Fuck you Dong!

mcrazza says:

Dong Ngo or Dong Yes?

Marcus Harmon says:

I love watching videos by Dong Ngo!

Summer Winter says:

you have all 3 because Cnet pays for your SSDs

Chaz Peterson says:

Someone’s getting fired…


i brought it on amazon for 170$ 500gb 850 evo

logikgr says:

“I have all 3, right now. Do you?”

No sir. I just have the 830 Pro. =( Way to make one feel like a chump. Thanks a lot Mr. Dong! <3

Th3Fizzle says:

“I have all three right now” XD

Inachu Ikimasho says:

LOL!!! She looks like my current GF so cute!

Noplay says:

2:04 where can I grab one of those 580 pro? teeeheee
Thank you intel for making 3D NAND available!

José Tony Stark Peña says:

What a waste of time. 

Abdulla Al Neaimi says:

580 pro even dong ngo makes mistakes 2.04

prescott231233 says:

I love this guy

Sonu03785 says:

Unless theres a $50+ difference between this & 850 Pro there is no reason to buy this

chaRaian says:

dis my boy Dong Ngo

Pie Crust says:


OdavidS says:

this dude gives me smiles! 

Lord Mada says:

Yet very expensive for a storage…

George Washington says:

I have macbook Pro 13 inch 2012 i5 which samsung ssd will work

Lord Chin says:

Considering how shitty the Samsung SSD 840 Evo was I’m not buying the 850.

rubikfan1 says:

why didnt they launch a 1.5tb or 2tb version?

Samuel John King says:

*I don’t care about the hard drives*
I watch it just because of *Dong Ho*

ukecko72 says:

Dong Ngo nice review!

Strixology says:

Am I the only one that finds it funny that it’s a product of Korea and he’s….. xD

Lehnja says:

its still tlc right?

Spawn223311 says:

Whats the difference between evo and pro?i know pro should be the better one.

rubikfan1 says:

i already have a 840evo in my laptop,
and although it looks awsome. i dont have the money to upgrade.

EraserTraceur says:

Jesus for a second in the jpeg I thought this HD had a screen built on the side. Lol.

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