Samsung 960 Evo NVME SSD Review

Just how much slower is the Evo SSD when compared to the Pro? Could it be a bargain buy?


SRAVAN S says:

logan can you give me an asus gtx 1070 strix

MaDo BaSioUnY says:

so, will i miss anything in 950 pro 512GB if I went with the 960 Evo 500GB other than the 12 GBs ?!

Михаил Найденов says:

*Pro tip*: You can still find PM961 128 GB if you want to save some money.

Anubis_X64 says:

Thank you for a honest and very well put review. I totally agree with people wanting these kind of drives for games only. It makes no real difference. Maybe faster load times. MAYBE. One question. If only cares to give me advice most appreciated. I have an older Z97 AsRock board. Manufacture states it is NVMe PCIe-3. M.2 However in my boards BIOS is says that if I use M.2 slot one of my SATA_5/_6 ports will be disabled. I am confused cause I would think M.2 slot would use one of my PCI3 lanes no any of my SATA ports.

Wayne Diffin says:

which is better 950. pro m key m.2 or the 960 who m.2. also I see it says like for the 960? who have they done that?

Dex4Sure says:

One thing to note though is that Pro series has 5 years warranty instead of just 3 on Evo. Also Pro series use 2-bit MLC whereas Evo series use 3-bit TLC. Durability is rated twice better on Pro series, but then again the warranty covers 200TB of writes on Evo and 400TB of writes on Pro. So unless you’re really massive user Evo series sounds better.

XClann says:

Assuming the size of the sum of chips on the SSD stay the same, does increasing chip count (thereby decreasing the size of each chip) increase performance?

Stev A says:

What I would really like to know is a comparison between a 1TB 960 Pro, and two 500GB 960 EVO’s in Raid 0. Can you benchmark those numbers?


nice one brother, good info.

iosubb says:

Why don’t you make an image of system disk and just copy it to all drives if you want to compare them?

YouwillneverdefeattheriddleoftheBlackRiders says:

wtf are you saying at 4:17? megaseconds? don’t you mean megabytes per second?

Mike M says:

Which is the better buy…
512GB 950 Pro or the 500GB 960 EVO?

Both around the same price.

Robert says:

In real life will I be able to tell a difference between a Pro and Evo using Photoshop?

Ferry Ansony says:

the only reason this video is so long is because you talk unbelievably slow. and you drag the conversation on amd on and on.

J un says:

Did you do a proper benchmark? I only got 1700 read speed? Running on x99p-sli pcie gen3 m.2 slot, strange

Nico says:

world of warcraft is so much snappier on this drive.

Korupt Tactics says:

why do i feel like im listening to ALI-G explain this to me?

John Doe says:

*The Moment when you’re no longer proud to have a SM951. The Feels. :-(*

Phillip G says:

Love these videos! You really dive into topics and try to present that facts so we can make decisions for ourselves. Keep it up Tom!

Jake Rg says:

just pre-ordered mine on amazon!!!500GB for 250 dollars???? FUCK YEA?? I love that they made them cheaper and better :}! I can’t wait for December 10th :))))))

pdraggy says:

“Suck eggs” is this some kind of Ausy lingo?? lol

Peter Chatman says:

Geese I hate how you always refer to cost.  Typical of the culture I suppose!!!

DXcellence718Returns says:

i just copped my 1tb 960 evo for like 460 on amazon(lol i took the last cheap one too cause its back on sale for like 520) i think the evo makes sense for a price/performance range, imo the difference isnt as big as it was with the 950 pro vs 950 evo.

Jan Bloem says:

Is a 960 evo worth it for cad style programs, gaming and editing 4k game footage if I only get one? Why (not)?!

Budget isn’t an issue, but if it isn’t much better than a standard ssd, I don’t mind saving some money.

PurplePlayer99 says:

i don’t understand, how did ssds suddenly go from 500 mb/s to over 2k in write up speed? sorry if i’m not understanding something

FreakyFox says:

Believe it or not… Game loading times can vary A LOT based on CPU performance too… (I’ve tried this myself) on an ssd… when underclocking my 4770k to 1 Ghz some games took WAY longer to load than at 4Ghz (maybe even 3 times longer in some games)

I can only recommend trying this yourself.. Its obviously not harmful at all since its UNDER clocking.. And it is actually really interesting to experience what kind of things get clearly slower than before…. Helped me understand what the CPU’s performance actually affects.. =)

rogin1012 says:

Great review TinyTom!

I was going to mention that the heat may not be the issue with the 4K Q32 reads being so low due to the SLC cache. Turns out this is apart of Samsung’s SLC Caching technology “Intelligent TurboWrite” so my theory was wrong. 😛


any tests with notebook Asus G552 vw?

ultrapurple111 says:

Nice review.

Nagato Pain says:

should i use the m.2 slot on the asus hero viii or buy a pcie adapter for m.2 ssd? are they perform same speed/write?

eatthisvr6 says:

loving the vulcan on your shelf

axel cifuentes says:

can i use the SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB on mac pro retina display

traingp7 says:

Two 250 gigabyte versions in raid 0 for 10 bucks more than a 500 gigabyte version and will smoke any single drive out there should make for some good numbers. Would love to see a review of that.

Luke Vincent says:

These reviews are excellent! Love the format (no pun intended).

leon Brierley says:

what about active cooling the m.2 to help

MrlspPrt says:

Considering warranty… the EVO is still a good option?

Bo Rerun says:

samsung 960 evo m.2 enclosure for external storage ?

spankmeister says:

I put some heatsinks on mine to keep the performance up longer.

zyrxom says:

anyone have anything to say about the failure rate of this device i want to buy one but i see half of the rating/reviews say it is awesome and fast the other half say it will fail after maybe a week if your luck you get a month and it is dead

Ludovicescu Constantin says:

I can use samsung OEM SM951, M.2, 256GB, PCIe model:MZ-HPV2560 with asus p8 z77 v premium for boot Windows 10
thank you

Uacole says:

Any thoughts on using 2 of these in raid 0?

John Hancock says:

That is a cool video. Yeah, I like the idea of you showing interest in us. You are not just trying to do something, to just get money. Rather, you are being reasonable, by giving us reasons.

MetallicRain says:

Do these M.2 SSDs get hot? And if so, are there any cooling solutions for them?

iosubb says:

Doesn’t PRO has more writes then EVO?

p9948 says:

We bought the 1TB model of the Samsung 960 EVO.   In every chain there is one link weaker than the others.  Since I am running the AMD FX-9590 CPU with Sabertooth motherboard and 2400 MHz 16 GB Corsair memory, I am curious which link in the performance chain becomes that weakest link in performance.  My video card is the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC.  My primary applications are Photoshop and Excel and my one game is Witcher 3.  Any comment on the upgrade I might want to add to the above>

Gwap Gwap Savage says:

How i install this 🙁

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