Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD Review

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J un says:

So expensive :'(

Givi Wirgvava says:

will it work with maximus 8 hero?

jairtzinio says:

Here’s a question I have… If you were to put these in a laptop wouldn’t it run slower since it’s not receiving the same amount of power it would be receiving if it were on a desktop motherboard.

disadadi says:

Do I benefit if I boot my PC off an m.2 drive instead of sata 6gb/s SSD? Like does my PC boot and work any faster or is it basically the same?

DaSnipy says:

Your Beard ROCKS !

Zack says:

Why did you blur the charts? We don’t need you to read them out for us, we can simply pause and look.

aklorian says:

Correct me if I’m wrong here – but that’s an MSI Z97 Gaming 7 board, correct? If so that board only has PCI 2.0 x2 for that M.2 slot. The 950 Pro should be running on PCI 3.0 x4. Giving the Intel the advantage of a full PCI interface and gimping the Samsung surely skews the results.

Nasser Radi says:

is it compatible with macbook pro retina 13″?

Luís Miguel says:

make one render in sony vegas or premier to compare to ssd like(kingston hyper x savage) and Samsung SSD 950 Pro (512GB) times! Plz!!

Michael Brink says:

When he says Megabyte (MB) does he really mean Megabit (mb)?

enkrypt3d says:

Dude my intel 750 can do 3200MB/s reads and 2300MB/s writes… are you sure you had it in a PCI-E 3.0 slot?

Hari Esok says:

700++ MB/s?? It only differs 200MB/s from 850 pro 🙁

larrisAWSOME says:

you fucking installed it on a z97 chipset, it’s being bottle necked, use a z170…

Dr. Zippy Mcscoots says:

Anyone using one of these with a Gigabyte ga-990xa-ud3 AM3+ motherboard? Wanted to check compatibility.

ncdv47 says:

Those figures must be wrong – those drives are much much faster than what your chart suggests. You have a bottleneck somewhere, probably your chipset?

Ernest Jay says:

it useless if your motherboard didn’t support 32 Gbps NVME, slot most motherboard still stuck at 10 Gbps M-Sata slot.

Sócrates Medina says:

I just did a IsMyHdOK test with my newly installed SAMSUNG 950 PRO and got 2106.17 MB/sec sequential read and 916.04 MB/sec sequential write!!!!

John baldomar says:

If anyone living in orange county currently looking to purchase an 950 512gb m.2 ssd im currently selling a brand new one for $250.

MrWarningBros says:

why there is no batman on any shell?

Several thousand Bees says:

How can you get such massively quick read and write speeds from an M.2 SSD? I thought the M.2 bus only went up to 10Gb/s, making it hardly worth updating to from high performance SATA SSDs?

Haoko says:

I heard that if you install Samsung’s own drivers you get 2200MB/s Read
and 1750MB/s Write for the “MZ-V5P512BW ” 512gb version.

tacomahnster says:

Getting 2589 MB/s read, 1580 MB/s write with my Pro 950 512gb on an X99 board. First time I’ve seen real world numbers exceed the marketing numbers. This drive is awesome!

zxcv Overwatch / Dota 2 says:

blurred chart is the stupidest idea ive seen

Van Gaynor says:

I bought a Z170 PRO GAMING mobo and planned to get this drive but will i beable to utilized NVMe or will i be forced to use AHCI speeds?

Brian Reyes says:

question can I use my Samsung Evo 960 pcie nvme as my main drive?

Kelly Brown says:

Horrible t-shirt.

Lester Koh says:

Why not have both? 😀

Bobbin McBong says:

hoe about some real life loading times?!?

Stig Brännlund says:

You didnt use the M.2 port on the new Z170 mobos, hence the bad speeds. Also did you install samsungs own driver? its of a Huuuuuuuuge importance!

Saquez says:

Such a sexy fucking SSD too, good price as well. I think it’s like 100 cheaper than the Intel one as well. Good stuff.

Urstin says:

So I just bought a 512gb Samsung 950 m.2 SSD. I currently have a 1tb HDD installed and my PC boots up fine. As soon as I put in the SSD, the PC will not get past the Boot screen, and it wont load Bios. I have an Alienware Aurora R5, any help is greatly appreciated.

Bo Rerun says:

samsung 960 evo m.2 enclosure for external storage ?

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

960 pro 2tb

FNC Taylor says:

Anyone know if you use a M.2 SSD on a PCI-E m.2 Card will you be able to install windows with the CD/DVD, the data will show up in the setup for windows?

Capt STFU says:

No point getting this for my Msi Z97? 🙁

DeviDaylight says:

Umm, your chart dosen’t look correct. did you have the Samsung Software?
It giving the Samsung Pro’s a HUGE Leap in performance.

Ahmed Majid says:

guys what do you think of the 950 pro vs. 2 evo 850 in raid0?

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