Samsung 860 QVO review – the end of the hard drive? | Hardware

Samsung has released its first SATA-based QLC – sorry, 4-bit MLC – SSD. That’s the high-density NAND memory tech destined to make old school hard drive storage a thing of the past. With big SSDs available at a bargain price, why would you still spin those platters, and what’s the catch?

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ُSystem32 says:

SLC>MLC>TLC>QLC . slc is for enterprise. so qlc is the most cheap and high capacity but its life span is lower than tlc or mlc AFAIk

James Shaw says:

Can I get an 8TB drive for the same cost? If no, then an SSD OS and a HDD storage is the way to go.

cwli1 says:

Crucial have the P1, a QLC NVME M.2 SSD with psuedo SLC caching of 140Gb for a 1Tb SSD.

Neurotyczny Kot says:

it’s too expensive…

MaZEEZaM says:

What I find REALLY frustrating is that I am unable to buy NVME M.2 SSD anywhere in Australia anymore, I was in the middle of an order of a 2Tb one in December only to be told they were discontinued and the order could not be fulfilled. Even now I am unable to get an NVME SSD :'( Anyone know if Samsung will be bringing out new NVME SSD’s and if so when? otherwise which company offers the closest to Samsungs fantastic drives.

Virtual IT Boy says:

xD i use a 840 Pro with 256GB as a storage device.. 😛 It works fine though I have a 512 GB PCI SSD as a boot drive. the pro ones are still the best with the max amount of writes per cell.

Rug says:

hey just followed one of your old videos from 2017 on how to install an ssd and i got everything done except i clicked hide when it was in the stage of cloning because i thought it would just go to something i could open and close but it just closed and i cant reopen macrium reflect now so i was wondering if anyone knows how to unhide it so i can make sure everything is fine and such thank you

Nightwolf says:

haven’t used a spinning disk for the last 3 years now

Johnny Depp says:

half the lifespan as the “normal” 860 evo… i think i will still use hhd as backup for files that dosent need the fast transfer and still stick with ssd with better lifespan

Thyriel says:

HDDs are dead since u get 1TB SSDs for less then 150$

Oletta Liano says:

Mechanical Hard Drives have been dead for over a year for me.

Erik Guin says:


CynicalLurker says:

Nicely done video.

Jackie Chan says:

Everyone calls it QLC here

iDamnation says:

will wait longer and longer for 1tb ssd to drop in price around 100 bucks, preferably samsung evo, then i’ll finally be able to get it. will keep rocking 250gb ssd and 1tb hdd for now

Stitch7 says:

TLC/QLC is just as bad as a good SSHD but costs so much more per GB.
QLC is the worst.

Jobin Maghdoori says:

I use m.2 for boot drive, 2.5 SSD as game drive and 3.5 Hdd for storage.

PCGamesN says:

Tempted by QLC, or are you happy sticking with the faster, slightly pricier TLC alternative?
Read the full Samsung 860 QVO review here:

ZpG Killua says:

when will 4TB ssd drop to this price D: i need like 4 of them

ZpwanBax says:

TMC ( too much C) that make Confusing

Riki Ling says:

so which is better? SAMSUNG 860 EVO 1TB or this new SAMSUNG 860 QVO 1 TB? Please advice…

Bhoopati Baboo says:

Can’t wait to replace all my HDDs with SSD… I’ve had enough of noisy drives and bad sectors errors.

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