Samsung 860 EVO vs Crucial MX500 – Which Should You Buy?

Samsung 860 EVO — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Crucial MX500 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
All Storage Reviews on YouTube –

The links take you to the 500GB drive size for each model, you can find the buttons on each page that select different sizes, 250GB, 1TB, etc.

— Consider These Drives if the Price is Awesome —
Samsung 850 EVO — @Amazon — @NewEgg
SanDisk Ultra II — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Crucial MX300 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ADATA SU800 — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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Prime Time says:

Review on point, clearly articulated!!

Cutting Edge Cool says:

Thank you for the education, I now have a clue about SSD internal and external drives!

Tajirinere Agboghoroma says:

I’m cheap but I have a HP laptop so I gotta go EVO

Phack Em says:

I’m 03:52 listening to tech deals!

BetonBenni says:

So you have systems with 1000tb after 5 years? I don’t want to buy a new ssd after 4 years. Can get the mx500 cheaper though.

Absolute says:

Wow your are like a breath of fresh clean are without all the pollutants that contaminate other reviews. Great Advice that I am using and will continue to use. I will purchase my drives through your links because you deserve the support. Thank you for your honest simple approach to a complex topic.

Heston B says:

I took your advice and bought the 860 Evo 500MB. Waiting for delivery atm. Glad you give very good advice for products that make more dollar sense than others that bounce around and don’t really know what they talk about. Btw, my final cost was 86.95 with discount. Thanks.

Marble Grimes says:

? diff between evo and pro

HandalE30 says:

This guy is the s#!? =D

Muntazir Khan says:

Excellent common sense advice

Ryan Sanderson says:

Great advice. Thanks.

Howard Hwang says:

Do you compare between Samsung and Crucial???? It is nonsense…. Absolutely Samsung is better…. Samsung is a ​major memory maker… Crucial even does have fab for making a memory…

Ming Zhu says:

Saw a hot girl on preview, then click in a dude.

Rakesh Belliappa says:

don’t buy both, there are many other better SSD brands in the market.

D G says:


One Blessed Man says:

Cloning was my big thing thanks for talking about it the best one for cloning Samsung 860 EVO for sure 100%

Nahif Chow-Dre says:

Very helpful video and helped me made my decision

NYCfactor says:

480gb MLC drives from Taiwan / China, not big brand names. are better options.

Karel Hari says:

Perfect explanation good show..

MIke White says:

great info !!I have a Samsung 1 TB drive + a 500 gb wd on my 12 year old mac and it flies

OptimisticPessimist says:

There’s an exception to the rule of buying the cheapest. If it’s for a laptop, idle power consumption will probably make a noticeable difference in battery time. For that you only need to check the charts on a site that benchmarks for that. The MX300 does pretty well there. A couple SSDs do better. Some will probably leave the owner furious wondering why their battery drains so fast. Those tuned for performance ignore tuning for idle power consumption because of the delay {unnoticeable for most uses} to wake up from the deeper sleep states. Just something to keep in mind for people looking to upgrade their portable device.

Tim Semple says:

Excellent communicator! I do system upgrades for my friends. This was very helpful. I am SUBSCRIBING!

pasindu gunathilaka says:

Transcend 220S series good?

Mira Smit says:

Western Digital has great SSDs too, good prices as well, unless Samsung has a massive sale you’ll rarely buy Samsung.

Vanja Petrovic says:

Definitely the most informative and honest reviews and comparisons, at least to my knowledge. Thanks and keep it up!

WizardNumberNext says:

I would like to point out that Serial ATA is NOT controller
Serial ATA can be Host Bus Adapter, but NOT controller
controller is on HDD or on SSD and NOT on Main Logic Board nor within chipset
last time you could have had controller was at the time of ST-xxx
ATA have removed controller from computer and moved it directly to the drive making whole design simpler and cleaner
please do not use controller to describe HBAs as this is very very different thing
HBA is just an interface and in fact if it comes to ATA there is almost NO LOGIC between ISA/PCI and ATA – it connects directly or almost directly (with buffers)
Serial ATA is close to same thing – connects almost directly from PCIe to SATA, you get same architecture – same decoupling capacitors (on SATA HDD/SSD both TX and RX lines have decoupling capacitors; on PCIe card only one side is PCIe card, other side is on Main Logic Board)

Basically you can run both SATA (or SAS) and PCIe for as far as you wish – all you need it a transformer for each data line pair and decoupling capacitors, you may even boost voltage, if you wish, as long as you will bring it back to required level on both ends.

Andy Raman says:

Thank you sir for all of the advices i will look into the buying process

Tungsten Felix says:

subscribed after 5 min into the video~~

TheyCalledMeT says:

thats the kind of rational arguments how you should decide what to buy. well done

TheHendric85 says:

MLC no longer needed for consumers… I remember when MLC was for consumers and SLC for enterprise 😀 Things have changed.

András Fülei-Szántó says:

Great review video!

Lo Reap says:

Does the samsung cloning software only clone the boot drive and not the secondary drive to a new samsung ssd? Because i already have a nvme ssd as a boot drive and a secondary hardrive where i store most of my games and there were no options to clone that drive to the new ssd. I ended up using a third party cloning software..

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