Samsung 860 EVO SSD Review

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Samsung are known for making some great drives, and this is no exception. The new 860 EVO is a fast, reliable SSD that you can now get in up to 4TB varieties!
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Ronald Siphan says:

Would this work on a MacBook Pro mid 2012?

adasd aadsasdasd says:

I live in Canada I want to buy a 500g Samsung 850 evo but the 860 is $40 more is it worth the money. Could someone please tell me please?

Suicidal Forest says:

the 860 evo 250GB cost 80 euros in my country. the 850 250GB cost 90 euros. why would the newer version be cheaper?

KÄT BOT says:

Can you use this ssd on windows 10?

Вадим Великолепный says:

Я думаю, что это лучший SSD на сегодняшний день, в соотношении цена/качество.

Nikhil Dutta says:

850 evo vs 860..?


i remeber just a few years ago it used to be 1 dollar per gb of SSD, so cheap i buy

Dark GT says:

I’m definitely getting that even if there is cheaper solution ,5 years warranty and V-NAN grab me.

BooBooJonez says:

I just ordered the 860 on Thursday. It should be here Monday. I have a 100GB SSD that’s rocket fast. It’s just so small for all of the supporting files I need for the software I use. 500GB will be perfect as I save all of my working fines on a separate 3TB RAID 1 set up. (Two 3TB HDD mirroring.) I can run all 4 drives as the Mac Pro Desktops has four drive bays that hook directly to the mother board. Love those Mac Pro 4.1’s and 5.1 from 2009 on up. I think Apple built some of there best stuff in that period… I have a MacBook from that same period. Works great. Love where computers are right now. You can do so much. With SSD’s you have an entire computer within the computer. HDD are great cheap storage…

Julian Chin A Foeng says:

Nice Video. You’re probably the most underrated and under subscribed channel I’ve seen.

BadrO_RambO says:

intro song?

krishx007 says:

You din’t mention the “endurance” which is leap ahead comparing to previous 850 EVO

Dakota Bradford says:

I currently use a WD blue 250gb ssd. It’s a great ssd that I got for $71.

Hugo diaz says:

They have it on sale now 249
500gb n 2 x8 gb skills ddr4 3000 ram.thata a great deal

ZeroAlytus says:

comparing to MX500 , 860 EVO looks no sense to buy with 30% higher price and same performance

Javier Hernandez says:

Wish they had a 128gb model for $40

Chan Roger says:

Did you use the Samsung Magician Software to boost your ssd speed ? It make transfer speed like your having some 5 Hour Energy Drinks or some Red Bull stuff kinda thing.

Stephen Phillips says:

I have a TOSHIBA C55D-B5203 laptop AMD A8 Quad Core processor with a hard drive that is at 100% disk usage every time I start it up. The hard drive in this thing tends to crawl like crazy. Can I clone my hard drive to this SSD and get a better performance out of this?

Ice Myth says:

Nice video, keep the great work.
I am planning to buy: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe PCI-E 250GB to pair it with my MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON.

Skulte says:

Just bought an 860 Evo 250GB, put Windows and my games on it and I can only say I regret nothing, the best 90€ I‘ve ever spent. Boot time went from ~5 minutes to 20 seconds.
From pressing the start button I need 50 seconds to be in an pubg match.
Ahh, technology is great.

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

Samsung 860 EVO is OUT ALREADY!? WOW! Your the only Tech Tuber who talked about this. If you didn’t have this video I wouldn’t have known.

Ariel López says:

Can I use this for my MacBook Pro 2009?

GameGeakte says:

1. I bought the be quiet straight power 10, a week later straight power 11 comes out.
2. I bought a 2nd 850evo 500gb and 2 weeks later the 860evo comes out.
3. Damn

Allien Smoker says:

How about 860 M.2? any better? i’m planing to get the M.2 version so your answer will be help a lot. Thanks

理得我叫乜名 says:

can use for ps4?

Gambit896 says:

Awesome video & content as ever 🙂 keep up the stellar work as always!.

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