Samsung 860 4TB SSD Review


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Retro Wrath says:

Crazy, I’ll stick with my two 250Gb SSD’s and one 250Gb M.2 SATA.

WR4P-TP PSN says:

MSRP=Human organs.

Brofights says:

TTL video in under 10 minutes?

Umar Abid says:

I can wait for the day when we get 8tb or more

Xxx Mmm says:

Talking human skin

Iam Sam says:

Real world performance between SATA3 and M.2 is negligible. Save some $$$ and go SATA3 as far as performance.

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

I’ll stick with my OLD 3.2 and 6.4TB PM1725a, at 2.8GB/s write.

1111TP1111 says:

My granny had the same one….. I mean the chair 😉 Thanks for the review.

Raklödder says:

I’ve had nothing but problems with Samsung Magician. It’s bloody awful. Install it once, update your firmware and remove it from your desktop.

MultiItman says:

i want the 4TB, but it has to come down in price

PCTechHub says:

Life goals right there!!

TRON x says:

Please review the Asus WS X299 Sage

gsmd770 says:

I use a 2TB Samsung 850 Evo. I can say I’m more than happy! I bought it December 28,2015. It cost €638!!!!

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

Puny potatoes. Just buy a 6.4TB PM1725a or RAID some SAS 12Gb which will be even faster since it’s x8 and not x4. hahah

Wolfman Jack says:

If I put data on it one time could someone get the data off of it 10000 years from now?

RPM Designs says:

Why bother reviewing an SSD that no one can actually buy.. Is there an possibility for you to do more reviews of products people actually can afford?

2Asspie says:

more porn storage for me yummy

devilmikey00 says:

You underestimate the size of my porn library sir.

Ken Kimmel says:

Tiny Tom, you found my SSD. Please mail it back to me, thanks.

Anona Mouse says:

It’s 4k QD1 read isn’t quite as good as the 850 evo, which is disappointing. I was hoping it would make use of parallelism to kick ass in that department.

I think for now I’m going to stick with the Crucial MX500 and save lotsa $$$$.

andrewesquivel says:

Am I the only one who’s thinking that 4 terabytes really isn’t all that much nowadays? 3 terabyte drives that are almost full. I need to start getting 10 terabyte drives

CatheteriZedEYE says:

when you spoke about Gears of War 4 i immediately thought of the “crash on boot bug” if you haven’t fixed it i got a solution.
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i think the problem rests with the App itself and by “refreshing” the app by uninstalling it fixes the problem. they say re-download the game but it 100GB and the App is 12Mb.
good luck dude 🙂

Edit… the xbox app has * either side and youtube just makes the letters *BOLD* here is the website link —–>

Oscar Cooke-Abbott says:

I have a 400+ game library and it fits on 3.5TB so you’ll definitely fit it on 6 lol

OmegaKnightRed says:

A review in under 10 minutes…
Who are you? and What have you done with the real Tom?

Paul Mccaw says:

It’s a bit ridiculous advertising a product 99.9% of us will never own

Mr Hurley says:

Ive a 1TB 850 EVO for a long while…Think ill stick with that until it dies

ShallowDepression says:

I want one that will self-destruct as soon as my heart stops.

For reasons.

Ben Willock says:

4TB is a lot, I guess.
Not 30TB though.
When will you be reviewing that one?

Georgi Marinov says:

Tom, awful presentation, you used to put more pep into them, and stop doing such 1:00 5:38 idiotisms.
Also, don’t you know that there are EVO and PRO versions, your title doesn’t say which one you review!
Regarding the nasty pricetag, please consider “to counter” it by doing a showdown of Samsung 860 *PRO* 4TB SSD and RAID of 2TB HDD, why not Toshiba one?
Samsung site has $1,900, while the HDD is $90, or (1900/90)/(4/2)= 10x more value!

james linderman says:

Nothing like watching 4k ultraporn at faster speeds !

Edmon Uyan says:

Around how much will that be then?


What do kidneys go for these days ?

Vish Prem says:

Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, the SOLE AIM of Kleptomania is to turn ALL into Kleptomaniacs [via Tricks of The Trade like, “Thinking/Talking” About-It, etc. ] and NOT to elicit Reality. Realise this [instead of merely “Knowing”/”Being Engaged”] and soon, “Witnessing”/Detachment will replace “Cynicism”/Attachment.

Excal abur says:

Really loving these new format videos Tom

Sten Isaksson says:

All those benchmark software doesn’t really say much to me. What do tell me a lot is when you transfer a 15 – 20 GB file to it, for testing constant writing to it (consistency) that benchmark software wont really show you in a good way. My Intel 600p NVME looks good in CrystalDiskMark , but putting some real load to it showed a different picture. 20 – 70 MB/s write speed after just 10 – 20 seconds writing a 15 GB file to it.

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