Samsung 850 PRO 1TB SSD

Samsung 850 PRO 1TB SSDs are a great fit for our server setup, but sending them directly to our server host would be a bit of a wasted opportunity… So I got Samsung to send them to our office, and I had some fun with 4TB of high performance SSD storage…

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this is great SSD

deadbutmoving says:

I recently decided to build a new PC. I had heard from many people about the superiority of Samsung SSDs. So I decided to include one in my build. I ended up going with the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB version to hold my Windows system files and game files. I also bought a cheap 2 TB HDD for regular storage.

I have to say I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with the performance of the Samsung SSD. My computer Boots EXTREMELY fast (Around 3 secs). My games launch and load EXTREMELY quickly. The extra money I paid for the SSD was more than worth it.

I highly recommend that everyone try out Samsung SSDs they are simply AWESOME. Once you experience for yourself the performance of Samsung SSDs you will never want to go back to HDDs. From now on I am strictly sticking with SSDs for storing program files.

PSYCHO says:

Let’s pretend I’m RICH. Would the PS4 Pro benefit more from a Samsung Evo SSD or a Samsung Pro SSD?

I’m considering buying the $1,500 4TB Samsung 850 Evo to put inside a PS4 Pro.

doyoufeeldumbreadingthislong name says:

im srry i was never interested on cpu
so the ssd makes your computer faster?? is that the only function ? yes i know ive been leaving under a rock!!>:((

Alecs Caba says:

Does anyone know if I can or if is even recomendable to put one of this ones in a mid 2011 Mac mini? Thanks!

ae vurucu says:

SSD is better, no need to explain that for 7 min.

Jim Silvestri says:

I spy plastidip

CrazySpinach 79 says:

They made a 4tb version now….

abraar abdiel says:


AdrenoFX says:

why isn’t Linus in YouTube’s rewind fucking a gtx 1080 in SLI?

Djordje Janjic says:


RevToTheRedline says:

Ive got a 1TB 850 Pro in an external Thunderbolt enclosure for on the go video editing with my 2015 Macbook Pro, sure its not even CLOSE to the performance of its onboard PCI-E Samsung based SSD which cruises out at almost 1600MB/s write and 2000MB/s read. But regardless of that, this 850 Pro drive setup is awesome, plus allows me to run TRIM and SMART over the Thunderbolt bus, which I couldn’t get to work with any USB external enclosure regardless of its controller.

Ibrahim Ansari says:

0:17 awesome

Zwembad Sniper says:

ur voice is annoying af

fester Adams says:

bit late but what water cooling is that you are using thanks looks awesome

JuanDeag2k says:

recommend me a ssd plz reply I’m looking for 1tb+ storage and also reliable

Randall Priester says:

Good content. …… bad sound….:(

Jake Foley says:

Died After 6 month ..

SatanicalEve says:

Currently running Windows/Linux Mint dual boot on the 850 Pro 512 GB

Syariff Udin says:


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hurp123 lol123 says:

I have this, love it!

Athaariq Ardiansyah says:

will it fit in macbook pro 13″?

Jimmy Lee says:

I just got my new x2 Samsung Evo 500gb drives. So with the one in my current setup also the 500Gb evo, it makes 3 identical drives that i want to put in RAID 0. Never done it before & just learnt about it like 5 months ago on Youtube. Is it worth it? Has anyone done it themselves with 3 SSD’s? Hope to hear from you guys with the experience…thx

DemonGaming says:

Will LTT do a across the board comparison between several brands of SSDs? (Muskin, Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, ect)

Patrick Ambrose says:

How fast can it load up windows 10?

Carpet Shark says:

how fast can a mid-range gaming PC boot up with this SSD? I’ve never used an SSD before so I don’t know how fast it is.

Darkstar8473 says:

bought a 500gb 850 pro for my ps4 it’s like night and day … if you game everyday then it’s worth every penny plus it’s cheap now

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