Samsung 850 EVO SSD – Great SSD for an insane price!

I’ve been using the Samsung 850 EVO SSD’s since the week they came out and they have received rave reviews from countless websites since then. Now, they are on a huge sale. You can get a 250GB for 77.99 or a 500GB for 147.99. Happy holidays!

500GB 850 EVO SSD 147.99 PRICE DROP 139.99 –

250GB 850 EVO SSD 77.99 PRICE DROP 71.39


Louie M says:

Thanks for the video. I just order the 500gb one to replace my Lacie drive. Going to replace my HD for SSD drive. Can’t wait to use it since I run my vms on it. Thanks.

Federal Agency United States of America says:

if im primarily going to be gaming like dayz, arma, etc that are graphic intensive games, how long can i expect this to last? i dont do videos of gaming or anything else really. Im just gaming


let´s say that i’m trying to download a game, let’s say GTA V, it would take 3 hours on my shitty pc and how much less will it take with this thing???

Jordandude OHS says:

I’ve been using these since the week they came out.

jose piñero says:

X in amazon Canada in on sale to I buy one of 500gb thks

Pål Lindsetmo says:

ey X! you look like you could be Matthew Santoro’s lost brother

Will Whitez says:

Why you buy them and then decideto do such a sale out add………The fuck you the top 10 tanker on the planet and you went billy fucking mays

David Copeland says:

hi i just brought one of these and i have an issue that i cant find anywere else online.. when you go to samsung magician software if you go to system compatibility than system info than drive summary click on the 850 evo scroll down to sectors mine only says it has 1 sector were the rest of my drives say 16 sectors i wouod like to know if anybody else has this issue and how to fix it or if everyones says the 1 sector same or has 16 sectors please let me know thanks 🙂

Gerald K says:

wow man… You are sooooo fortunate. Thumbs down!

Alex The Commie says:

I GOT 2 DIFFERENT COUPONS FOR MY SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250gb, AND GOT IT ONLY $50 AND $55 AFTER TAX. unfortunately i am sadly going to have to pair it with another 250gb sandisk ssd plus, but at least i can put windows and some media and games on my sandisk, and big files, and my more played games, and maybe my google and steam on my 850 evo.

Dopeboyz789 says:

what if you don’t have a disk slot

Match Analyst says:

Hi, can I install Samsung 850 EVO SSD on a Toshiba Satellite U925T-S2120?

Gates2Aion says:

Bruh you can get an SSD with double write speed for the same price, at the end your just buying the name

Travis Mobley says:

The 1tb is so overpriced

SpartanA31xx says:

I was wondering if i have my SSD and Hard drive, Will my HD make noise always or only when I load an application that is stored on it

Daivd Otk says:

Whats the difference between inistalling Adobe programs such as After Effects on SSD as opposed to a standard HDD? Would the program run faster on an SSD?

Jesse Huhtikangas says:

Should i get the 1TB version or the 500gb version?

Prexto Rex says:

0:02 what is the point of showing all the other crap? To show off?

Steve Swanson says:

“Sexy storage space” LMAO!! I’m thinking about slapping the 500GB Evo into my PesanantStation 4. I have some amazon gift cards to burn.

Media Heads TV says:

i plan to get some for pc and ps4 ..i hate load times on ps4 dont judge me 🙂

Jean file says:

Kingston hyperX 3K i bought this last year for same price –>almost always first in server (yea theres countdown now :D)

Alucard8319 says:

Why would you go 256 or 512gb? games today are even sometimes 60gb big… you won’t be able to install many games. I got myself 1TB and that’s minimum

TheswedishDane says:

Wild resolution on that video there X, good lighting and all. keep up the good work my good man.

Ivan Kurnia says:

how does the 250GB and 500GB differ in age? I mean: doesn’t all of it will age the same?

미스타윤 says:

I bought 3 of this, 2 of 3 is gone bad now, I found hard disks themselves are still ok, but the migration software is something wrong, it erased master boot sectors

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