SAMSUNG 850 EVO-Series Overview and Benchmarks – Newegg TV | Internal SSDs:




Samsung SSD 850 EVO 2.5″ SATA III Upgrade virtually every aspect of your computer’s performance with Samsung’s new 850 EVO.


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Vlon says:

Lol he says its nice, its black idk why that was funny


2:17-2:18 racest ……….jk

Trollburpz Gamer says:

I have the asus k501ux with a extra 7mm sata port, How do I install it?

James Horan says:

Why such a big case for so little components?

Rai Satwika says:

Is tina ok?

Harsha Mohite says:

Just bought the 500 GB version of this SSD for my new PC build. It arrived in the post today, and damn does it look fine!

I’m still waiting on the rest of my components, but I can’t wait to see how fast it really is! I have two other Samsung SSDs, one in my old PC, the other in my laptop, and both run really well. I’ve had good experiences with Samsung, and I hope they deliver well with the 850 EVO!

Bananas and Bass says:

I just put the same SSD in my Mac Pro 5.1 and I’m just getting 260 MB/s speeds r+w. 
What the heck, am I missing something here? I’m only getting half the speeds.

SJ says:

2:17 newegg is racist confirmed

rax7 says:

PCIe SDD is 3x faster but expensive as hell. An 8 GB costs like $340. A 960Gb costs like $2500. I wonder when the price will drop like SATA SDD.

Pizza wahaha says:

This thing must be super cheap to make. Just check the size

NemDanusorn says:

is it ok to always turn Rapid mode on ? will the ssd damage faster ?

Anaz Haidhar says:

damn you all, the board size is small for 120gb because it only use 1 3d nand. More capacity, more nand. go figure.

Defcon 5 says:

HOLY S*** THAT’S ALL THAT’S IN THERE?!!?!!!!?!!!! 3:15

Vylkeer says:

This should be awesome if used with the PS4.

Peer Aharoni says:

if you need this product enter to link

David Copeland says:

hi i just brought one of these and i have an issue that i cant find anywere else online.. when you go to samsung magician software if you go to system compatibility than system info than drive summary click on the 850 evo scroll down to sectors mine only says it has 1 sector were the rest of my drives say 16 sectors i wouod like to know if anybody else has this issue and how to fix it or if everyones says the 1 sector same or has 16 sectors please let me know thanks 🙂

Carlos Trudo says:

3:14 WTF ?!?!?!

Jordan Lea says:

Do these install for desktops?

vBDKv says:

Hmm kinda worried about absolutely no thermal pads or anything ..

randomaandag says:

when they talk about 80GB a day for 5 years…. they mean average right?
because ofcourse on the first day I will put Windows 10 and a few games on it (probably more than 80GB) That won`t be a problem right?

niceguy60 says:

this is faster than any raid configuration , if put it in rapid mode

Benjamin .25 junkie says:

I just purchased this drive,I already was using OCZ VERTEX 3 120 X 2 in raid zero those died in less than a year bricked and thrown in the garbage. been using a hard drive wd 2tb green it has served me well but too slow way to slow so now that I got one of these the speed need has returned will be purchasing another and runing them in raid 0 good job samsung this drive rocks!!!!!!!!!

Tyrel Chenard says:

is it compatible with an acer aspire 5750? im guessing it is but not completely sure

Ameer Mahmood says:

I own two of these, a 120gb as a boot drive and a 1tb for games and apps.

Can’t recommend these enough – it’s a shame about those loading screens in games though, I have no idea what they say!

raul delga delgadillo says:

Random question but i purchased on eof these and got it in the mail. The SSD feels like an aluminum shell with nothing inside. It feels hollow and very light. Just want to ask if this is normal. I have a Hyper 3K as well and that thing is a brick in comparison. I hope i didn’t buy some chinaknock off haha.

RCmies says:

Got this for my new PC (250GB). Eventually Ill have to add an HDD 3TB probably. Whats the best HDD for under say 80 bucks?

Galard Cat says:

No hacen envío a México. :c
Me lo tuve que comprar con un chino en eBay.

Sumit Sahoo says:

Can anyone please give me the link for this benchmark software ? Not able to find it anywhere.

Tanzu15 says:

everyone run to ebay now!!! 20 dollar 500gb ssd samsung 850 evos no lie.

Sherwin724 says:

I am so close to switch over to an ssd

Silverhaze78 says:

look how tiny that board is! wow they just need to quit ripping us off and put a full board of mem chips in there and sell of for what memory currently goes for. CHEAP. i want a 4TB for 100$! =)

David Hamer says:

Just ordered the 250GB.

Alejandro Sosa says:

what is that intro music i hear it everywhere 🙂

Bradley0beaver says:

si i payed $449.99 for that? 3:14

Daehawk says:

And now Ive ordered a 500gb for my games. But watching this video again its confusing as he states about comparing it to a 850 evo but it SI a 850 evo and such other quotes.

classicdell says:

Is it good for late 2011 MacBook Pros?????

Picazica says:

Hi, on the AS SSD benchmark, high is better?

Pavan Kumar T S says:


Sem Kostense says:

I could fit that thing in my iphone. Holy shit that thingie is small without case

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