Samsung 840 EVO SSD Unboxing & Overview

Samsung’s 840 EVO SSD is the mainstream drive that matters. With a better software suite than other SSD makers, Samsung has found a way to really differentiate their drives without just selling them for cheaper.

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Prototype Dragon says:

Is the Samsung 840 Evo and intel 730 480 GB compatable with each other in a gaming computer.

Brandon Ash says:

im getting this one used, still worth it?

szewei85 says:

haha just bought this drive and man i feel in heavenly already hahahaha bye bye HDD as main OS spacing

Dragon Coders says:

Red headed stepchild? That is absolutely disgusting, you would never say “black skinned stepchild” with the implication that it’s a bad thing to be. Both skin and hair color are based on melanin. Being hairist is no different than being racist.

Marvin St John says:

does anyone have the name to the follow up video that he mentioned?

Andri Hallik says:

will it run on sata 2?

h4ck573r says:

The 101 people that disliked this video noticed that he was paid for this commercial 😀

michael roy hulme says:

Can you do a video clip miragion of the Samsung EVO showing how to use the software put o’s on one disk and other information like music and video games on a regular disk drive l find your you tube channel interesting.

Michael uk

John Doe says:

Three years ago I bought a gaming pc that originally came with a 240gb Mushkin Chronos SSD to which I added an 256gb OCZ Vector . I took a 1 tb hdd out of a regular Lenovo desktop pc & added it to the system. Since then both of those SSDs went out, so I had the original replaced. The HDD is still going strong. I’m not sure why my SSDs are dying so early if they’re supposed to last so much longer.


Samsung in my opinion is the best SSD manufacture in the market.

bishplis says:

rapid is same as asrocks fastram?

Penguinox says:

Is RAPID really worth the investment to a UPS?

TelepathicT says:

why buy an ssd if its sure to die? soz im a noob.

Johammee Romero says:

Does the use of RAPID increase the life expectancy of the 840 EVO since it reads and writes to the RAM? Or am I just misunderstanding what RAPID does?

ArcticRoseSkull says:

Intel 730 or this?

Benjita Lugano says:

what’s faster than 840 evo 120GB then?

Ghawst says:

So, I want a pretty good computer. Should I get 2 SSD’S or a SSD and a 1TB HDD?

Ajinkya Jadhav says:

can i know if this can be used externally

GamingWithEmma Dykes says:

Horrible unboxing review, great review all around, i couldnt even see the unboxing

Cristian Nigro says:

Hello linus! I use as the only drive a hard disk 1tb standard if I want to put a SSD for the operating system, going to set as the main disk ssd I have to go also format the hard disk? I would like to avoid doing so. what do you recommend? thanks to you soon!

Frederic Borges says:

does any1 know wich one is better? crucial mx100 256gb or crucial m550 256gb? Both at same price. Plz help

LoSTRaMaiR says:

Noone did forgoted to surbscibe or yes he always say, wen?

Nugroho W. says:

I just bought Intel 730 series. Can’t wait to try it out.
Still torn between Samsung and Intel though..

xyr3s says:

im looking to buy an ssd and i found the intel 730 series has a life time of 70gb a day for 6 years or some thing like that, the ocz vertex 460a has roughly 30gb a day for 3 years and i couldn’t find the 840 evo lifetime writes anywhere. so i thought “lets go see what linus has to say :)” and then DUN DUN DUN! he started talking about endurance anreliability. i was so excited and then BAM! he doesn’t say what the expected lifetime writes are.

i have a feeling the samsung 840 evo doesn’t have very good endurance or reliability lol seeing as i can’t find anywhere anything about it :p

ps: i’m looking more for reliability and endurance in a ssd than faster performance as long as it’s faster than a hdd. i don’t like things stopping in 2-3 years. my old pc lasted me 6 years before the mobo and the power color hd 5750 went for a 6.

Twiztty says:

Can you use it on a laptop ?

Redwood695 says:

Would this be a good a good choice to replace the HDD for a PS4?

GenBloodLust says:

Linus how much did Linus pay you to make this Linus, Linus!

Joe says:

I just got given a OCZ vertex 2 from a friend, and i plugged it into my sata ports, they are all 6gigs per second, even though the drive it 2, and it worked for about a day, and now it is not recognized, nothing, the green light is showing that the SSD is powered up, but it dosen’t recognize it at all, has the SSD just failed, i tried different ports and still nothing, i was also wondering if its possible to have a sata port that can kill drives 🙂

Jens says:

Never go for the samsung 850 !!!!!!!! It sucs!

MigotRen says:

Bf 4 load times: old 500gb laptop hdd: 2min
This ssd in my new desktop rig: 10-15sec

Jason G says:

SanDisk Ultra II is also a great SSD and competitively priced.

Sigge Siggeson says:

my 840 evo literally crashed wile playing GTA V RIP 120 dollars 🙁 P:

Dilir Daiyan says:

I am using an OCZ Agility 3 ,they are pretty good ,right ?

Omar Cuba says:

+LinusTechTips Do you know what ssd are compatible with my toshiba sattelite A665-s100x. Thanks, kingston latam said to me that is not compatible with their ssd.

potato master 2000 says:

how do you guys like my new pc build

Alec Coates says:

Oh God I miss this intro. Ah.

Alfred Thomas says:

Is it possible to use it in my Laptop Dell XPS L502x?

James Pearse says:

Linus ,hi I seen you at my local gay bar the weekend getting ruined in the cubicle

aaron says:

is there a reason that the 850 EVO 250gb is the same price as an 840 EVO 250gb?

and actually its $1 cheaper on amazon 

Madgegames says:

If anybody on here just so happens to be an expert on SSD speeds and how to measure and compare to a regular hard drive, that’d be very much appreciated. Basically I’m saving up for a brand new PC and nearly have enough for it. Here are the specs for it (Not intending to “show off” but I thought it might make things easier)

AMD FX-9590 4.7/5.0GHz

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

32GB Kingston Hyper X-Fury Dual DDR3 RAM

6GB Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Black

2TB WD Caviar Black WD2003FZEX SATA 6GB/s 64MB Cache

6TB WD Caviar Green WD60EzRX SATA 6GB/s 64MB Cache x2

1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD SATA 6GB/s (540MB/sE | 520MB/sW) (Main focus right here)

Corsair H100i Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler

NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller

Creative Sound Blaster Zx 5.1 PCI-E Soundcard

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

And here are the specs of my current PC

AMD FX-8150 3.61GHz

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0


2GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 670

2TB SATA-III 6GB/s HDD 7200RPM 64MB Cache

3TB SATA-III 6GB/s HDD 7200RPM 64MB Cache

Coolit Eco II C240 Dual Rad Liquid CPU Cooler

Onboard 8 Channel 7.1 HD Audio

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Basically the main thing I want to focus on right now is that on my current PC, my game save for The Sims 3 is 1.32GB and takes at least an hour to load (Been playing it for nearly two years) and it’s saved on my 2TB primary drive. My primary drive for my current system is a standard hard disk drive according to the website I bought it from, it was the cheapest 2TB hard drive they had anyway. So I was thinking since I was needing a new PC I figured The Sims 3 might load a lot faster on it, especially with a solid state drive. I might install other games on the SSD but right now I’m only thinking of The Sims 3. The longest time the game has taken to load for me was 90 minutes so if there’s a way to estimate how much time it would take on the new PC which is more advanced, how long will it take to load the game? In case you were wondering I’m not only buying this PC for The Sims 3 lol. I’ll be using it for all kinds of stuff such as editing and filming etc.

X Peachyyyy says:

Gonna get 1Tb ssd and 1Tb hard rice for Christmas 🙂

Atraxity says:

What is the ssd for ?

Kei Burns says:

Yes Laloman, you saved 150.00 bucks. Great job.

amit dutta says:


Andrew Ruckel says:

I think Im gonna put this in my 2011 Macbook

Richie Landeros says:

I go the Samsung Evo 850 500gb for $150

Penguinox says:

So I assume Rapid is probably not a good idea to use on a desktop PC :/

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