Samsung 2TB 960 Pro M 2 SSD Review

Because who doesnt want a 2TB M.2 drive capable of 3.5GB/s


Michael Fayne says:

Will a mid 2014 Macbook Pro?

Mortalz2 says:

i want it)

n3rdbear says:

I can’t wait to upgrade to a workstation motherboard that supports NVME so I can finally use a M.2 SSD goddamn. Using a SATA SSD for video editing is killing me. I wanna be able to copy a 60gb video from a 6-disk RAID 0 storage to a editing program’s temp folder in less than 30 seconds instead of 4 minutes. There’s just not enough space and PCI-E slots for another 6 disk RAID setup. >___<

Tea Tea says:

Will it explode?

Ali Divided says:

How much effective speed do u think is possible with Raid 0 on x99? 🙂

Jas F says:

Far too much waffle mate, try and get to the point sooner, keep it concise!, you could say what you are saying in about a quarter of the time!

Nightwane says:

20:04 , saved u some time

Creasyls says:


faster, and Faster ..and FASTER…. AND Beyond HEAVY LightSPEED F:::A::S::T::E::EEE::R::::>>>

Then and Now Top Celebrities says:

500GB version is actually enough for Windows and your favourite games etc…

gholamreza mehrdad says:

Could you please tell me if it is compatible with the Motherboard MSI Z97XPOWER AC?

Richard Servello says:

I just ordered a couple 512GB 960 NVME ssds for my system. I will feel the difference. I work in visual effects. I need monster bandwidth!

n3rdbear says:

3.5GB/s is fucking insane. Only a bunch of SSD’s in a RAID 0 setup can match its speed. Otherwise, transferring files from one SATA III drive to the 960 Pro on a daily basis would be a waste of money.

Bronius Leskauskas says:

i got a question do this new m.2 drives need to connect to my CPU ? cause it only has 16 PCI Express Lanes which i need for my sli graphic cards but i really want at least 2 of these drives in my system

Jason Carmichael says:

256GB for $130.

Bought for my Ryzen X370 motherboard. 🙂

Great vid.

Matt Furno says:

All those cards in the back just sitting there…might I borrow one

Narwaro says:

I actually thought for quite some time that he is Australian. Can sound pretty similar, depending on from where in the UK you are from.

Jens K says:

Nope – it WILL not stand up 🙂
Nice video.

Магамед Парагульгов says:


Andre Sinclair says:

hi there could u hep me with this. i keep getting this on my alienware 17. Samsung NVM Express device is not connected, please connect your device.cant get samsung drive to work at all bios up to date computer sees it and i boot from it to i have the 960pro 512.

beatwolf44 says:

since I’ve been on Windows 10 I have been setting all the applications that I want to use in the host processes in the task manager to above normal or high that seems to take care of a lot of what Windows 10 keeps doing

Fernando Salazar says:

They need to do one of those with a tiny processor in it.
If they can do two of those stuck together side by side, it would be even faster and with more memory, because it would had more pins to send Data and receive it.

Dhul Qarnayn says:

It’s an awful amount of money but it’s high time people started to care about storage. Sure, it’s a month’s salary for some folks, but spread on 5-7 years of use, this is nothing. Nowadays, everybody throws their money at GPU and CPU leaving behind what could make all the difference. This will be my first buy as soon as I’ll want to upgrade my current build.

Lossy Lossnitzer says:

I am so wanting the 960 PRO 2TB, might wait till if cost a bit less!! – Thank you

Luis Jimenez says:

Got the 960 pro 2TB for my workstation, it’s nice.

No Names says:

I don’t care about tests. Give me a real-world performance demo. Say SSD vs NVME. Say boot two PCs with each drive in each and show us a difference. Or write/read a super-large file (like the content of one BLU-RAY or something). If there is no perceivable with a naked eye difference then I’m not interested. NOBODY is measuring these things. People USING their SATA SSDs, or NVME SSDs in real live, not MEASURING them and counting milliseconds! Give us a break already!

Dan L says:

Hmm, I’ll wait until August 2017 and then purchase 2TB model of 960 Pro on Newegg to replace 512GB 950 Pro so that I can give away to my parents for additional storage capacity.

jayount says:

I have the 500 gb version of this card and first thing I did was take off the top sticker with the model and serial numbers only to realize most people leave it on! The box image has it without the sticker so i just took it off, was that a bad move? Should I have left that sticker on? Not sure how it affects the SSD.

Richard Dale says:

Get on with it for fuck sakes!!!!!

racketsong says:

this is so crazy these days, I still love my plextor m6black, but I think I will upgrade in due course…

flight skipper says:

ordered the 2tb version of this one for my xps 15 9560

airjuri says:

i don’t need PRO because my motherboard is from 2007. 960 EVO is faster than what my motherboard is capable of 😀

Lossy Lossnitzer says:

That is so small

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