Run Your Games, Edit Video, Transfer Stuff – Samsung T3 Pocket SSD

Compact, versatile and fast, Samsung’s T3 pocket SSD makes most other external storage options look like fecal matter wrapped in turkey bacon if you know what I mean. No? Looks like I’m alone on this one.

Samsung T3 on Amazon:


Kevin Macleod –
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X-Ray Gaming says:

dj quip top notch

Mechros says:

Im going to get the 250gb version.Definitely.

robert lombardo says:

Can i run this with my ipad, and does any ssd hd need to be wifi or blue tooth self powered to work with a ipad

Emil Klingberg says:

what i am wondering now is where did you get the HyperX external enclosure

Germen Barroga says:

I have never seen anyone do the testing, you did. This was the most useful review on the SSD Drive thank you!!

damellman damellman says:

outside of the unnoticeable benchmarks. How do you convince me to buy an external drive that is 3 times as much as price of the average WD or Seagate drives. You should do some real world comparisons between the average SSD drives.( not Kingston.) and also talk about important things like compatibility and convenience. advantages and disadvantages. like the differences between the iPhone and Samsung period only comes down to the users preference period in the real world benchmarks don’t mean crap to the average person. PS I don’t like ketchup on my corn dogs. Thanks

shuva123 says:

You threw a flash drive in jelly for a joke… Nice!

RCblacktrack says:

can’t find uasp on my device , not supported ? not installed ? pls help

Han Solo says:

Kyle could you give me the link for the video?

Impylse says:

godlike puns! Linus should be ashemed of his terribad jokes these days

Casper Börjesson says:

question is; is it going to blow up?

kael'thas sunstrider says:

I wish there was a 100-120gb version. I only want one to install games on it and play wow or OW when i’m bored on my ultrabook without paying a fortune for the 512gb option

kingcrux says:

Will this Samsung T3 Portable SSD work with a Thunderbolt 3 cable (USB-C to USB-C Connector)?

Salkin LP says:

How do you install for example Premiere Pro on an external SSD ?

Alex Alvarez says:

your jokes are so stupid…. I’m unsubscribing

LZR237 says:

Your puns are horrible!

Kris Galang says:

What would be a good way of organizing the files if editing off an SSD? Should i keep all media files on the SSD or just the files of a project im working on and keep all the other files on a main external HDD?

jeremy teamjeremy says:

Thanks for this video. I finally bought one of these bad boys, installed most of my games and 3D software directly on it. And it is SUPER FAST. Star Wars Battlefront loads up very very fast on this compared to when I had it installed on my HDD.

David Rojas says:

I’m buying this drive based on this review’s writing alone.

idanial says:

awyeah (NFSW)

jb b says:

Haha, really like the video! New sub xD

Splice Tape says:

I use it on my two computers as a poor/lazy man’s hybrid drive. I get to keep my archives on my laptop, and at the same time get a big speed boost for it and my desktop.

SAMS300FOXES says:

This video cracked me up. Thanks, Kyle.

shawn simon says:

have a gaming question if I get a external ssd for my desktop and put steam on the ssd drive will that free up space and stop conflicks on my program files ?

mintik says:

What about Trim support? I bet using this SSD for a couple of years will make it degrade in speeds.

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