Reviewdown of the Cheap HP S700 SSD

It’s 3D TLC, but also only $60. How bad can it be?

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Cody Slab says:

*You have to be missing half of your brain to consider HP for any long term reliable application, if you want to gamble with your data or if you are a brainless gamer – go ahead, but if your data is important to you, GOD FORBID you go for HP, they produce pure crap, every thing they make breaks. Kingston or Samsung ONLY*

Matheus Moreira says:

8:03 Nope! The extra Sil-Pad is there preventing the PCB from getting bent once the case is fully assembled.

maxamus456 says:

I wouldn’t have been able to hear you server over the sound of mine next to me…

Caden Realini says:

Most of muskins high capacity ssds are cheap and are mlc

xxgg says:

From what Canadian store?

Mariobug says:


nathaniel pritzer says:

it could be 40gb per memory chip.

M T says:

MTBF is rated at 2 million, 3 year warrenty. NOT to shabby if you ask me for essentially one of the cheapest SSD’s on the market.

Shaun Jacobsen says:

The hp packaging was much better than some Seagate Hard drives I got in the past. They came in blank cardboard boxes and had just a warranty card.

Toby Cowles says:

Wow ssd prices are so crazy right now, last year I remember seeing plenty of 128gb SSDs under $40, and 256gb was in the $60 price range. In fact almost 2 years ago now I bought a 256gb crucial SSD for $65 and I know even just a few months ago my friend bought a 120gb sata m.2 for $45 at microcenter

Kliknij aby zmienić nazwę użytkownika says:

Dodaj you run trim before sefond benchmark?

Abdrouf says:

I’m interested to see how are managing the backup for that file server, u said before you the backup server automatically turns on backup and shutdown.

Peter Owen says:

A rackmount server cabinet might help with the noise.

2dfx says:

Someone’s been to Canada Computers!

Chris Rehor says:

The part number of the memory is MT29F384G08EBCBBJ4-37:B. Micron doesnt print the PN on any of their parts, instead you have to use a decoder on their site to find them:

gabest4 says:

It is crazy how sata has 3.3v, but everyone just converts the 5v rails. If I see it correctly, even on this board, only the middle pins are wired in.

Chosen Idea says:

“It doesn’t tell you the dimensions”, as you point to one of five 2.5″ indications on the box with your thumb lol. So the weight eh? I wouldn’t want an SSD that’s too heavy :-O.

will16320 says:

You can remove the background hiss in AE

KylΞ says:

It’s 37 usd right now

MrMe01 says:

What util did you use to benchmark the drive?

Janne Granström says:

Why so negative about hp? and if something is cheap, it not always means that it is bad product.

Vetti V says:

Any idea regarding the boot time with this on a Windows 7 laptop? Have a 7 year old laptop thats sluggish. Want to try this out since currently on sale for $40 in my country.

Justin Smith says:

Don’t know the specifics of the optics, however using Scotch tape on a shittily etch ic does magic for legibility.

Gentleman Adventurer says:

There is nothing about HP that appeals to me after owning one of their laptops & a printer. They were completely garbage. The laptop would only accept HP approved memory and wireless cards, the printer kept telling me that every expensive HP ink cartridge I purchased and install was a fake and would not print. Garbage company

Raletia says:

Audacity can very easily and reliably remove constant background noise. Just select a part of the recording with *only* the noise and use the noise removal tool.

Halon_1211 says:

The all new HP S700 SSD with sata connector cooling!

aidan c. says:

I found this for $39 new and I’m skeptical… But I really want it.

Elias A says:

At least they include the screws which Samsung is so cheap to provide them with their overpriced SSDs

Ja Ro says:

NW837 shows up as Micron MT29F384G08EBCBBJ4 37, 384GBIT 267MHZ 132VBGA. FLASH – NAND Memory IC. So total size of 144GB, 20% over provisioning which is quite good. Micron won’t let me download the datasheet, so can’t find any info beyond that.

Cheapest distributor is priced at $35 (1k qty) ea.

The Defpom's Repair Channel says:

That odd sil pad, that will be to cool the controller from the other side of the pcb to help with heat dissipation from the pcb itself.

Xavier Rodriguez says:

HP makes SSDs?!

Chris Moore says:

I don’t hear it, the file server.

Michael Haggerty says:

Could the second pad that seems mysterious be there to provide a backing pressure to keep the chip on the other side pressed firmly against its pad?

don't care says:

the pad is a protection for when there is a dent in the case. So the components dont short out.

archit misal says:

Is it good for gaming…..better then hdd

Brian Froeber says:

The pads probably to prevent vibration of the metal case inside of a PC or laptop

Stoney_Eagle says:

Wait… They have harddrives? Haha

Kento Techno says:

I think it’s a Samsung drive that HP just rebranded. My 128GB Samsung drive looks identical in every way. But says Samsung instead of HP.

Ravi Kant Verma says:

Very nice operation.

trahim2 says:

Agh!!! Don’t move things around, it’s so dizzying!!! 😉

Enrico Conca says:

Maybe the controller is an SM2258 like in their Pro version? Sure it would be a weird coincidence if the board was marked 2258 and not using an SM2258.

wjci wjci says:

Any thought on showing us some of your ZFS conversion?

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