Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)

SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD (Amazon: or B&H: can help pick up the slack on a storage-strapped MacBook Pro. This is a USB-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 SSD. 550MB/s Read Max. Includes USB-C Cable and USB-A Adapter.

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staredsky says:

I am sorry, but when i see the review of a HD, that by definition is universal and
OS independent, starting with “is good for your Mac?”, i put a nice thumb down and change video.

Don Alan says:

SanDisk ‘could have’ designed a storage groove around the outside of the case for the connection cord. That would have allowed everything to be kept together and possible eliminating digging around for the cord among all the other cords we all carry. Some might argue the potential to lose the cord if it were to come out of the storage groove while carrying it on a carabiner. Simple design solution… one end of the cord would be permanently fixed to the drive. Lacie (sp?) Used this groove storage on ruggedized drives years ago and it was very useful for cord management.

FRAPPaddict says:

Dam as big as that is you might as well carry a cpu

Ali A. says:

at 03:06 Writing speed was actually 467 not 487 MB/s.

Kushal Singh says:

yes this one , this one best in class

Hair stuff says:

Don’t buy SanDisk it is awful….. Buy from Sony or Samsung this is so so awful that no one can imagine

Wyler XL says:

Not compatible with Windows.

yummyinmy454 says:

I hive the 512 SSD SanDisk and it’s hooked up to a Lenovo monstrous ThinkPad and itself has an SSD so lightning speed we go

Witness ProPro says:

Being an Apple fanboi you probably want it to ne made of glass.

Pushkar Chaudhari says:


Ezaq says:

Possible to use with an iPad Pro 12.9?

Mike D says:

There is a world outside of America you know…

Dana Hebdon says:

Make it android/mobile compatible and you’ll have not only my business, but many other grateful people..

DJ says:

Can i plug it into a otg supported smartphone? Will it wok?

GamerSHiFT says:

ssd aren’t usually that big to big with

Danielle Strijdhaftig says:

I want a 1TB thumb drive.

Dale Allen says:

Curious if this can be used with Android phones ?


It can be used in window ?

John Bancroft says:

Nice these small portable drives are what all of us who plan to buy the BMPCC 4K on it’s release will but using, writing 4K ProRes, needs large capacity fast drives attached to the camera.

Jose Reyes says:

Love your channel so much dude! Hoping I won that 2018 MacBook Pro 13in lol

K C says:


JDW says:

Is TRIM automatically enabled when we use it with High Sierra, or is TRIM not necessary? Also, is there a benefit to format it as APFS?

Rupali Verma says:

I already have class 4 512 GB and 1 TB Memory cards smaller than half of my nail for my Samsung Note 9 . so i think this is outdated for new tech people.

Caleb Able says:

Dislike for mentioning apple products.

Pop’s Up says:

How much its price in India currency???

Cody Meshigaud says:

Never thot of buying something like this. This video brought me to this channel . I’m subscribing , but only because I want some. Friiiiies, I think of them continuously. Fresh from the fryer I don’t have much , tiiiiime

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