Review: Samsung T5 portable external SSD goes great with Macs

Samsung’s T5 is the follow-up to the super-popular T3, and it’s even faster (Amazon: Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

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asg7861 says:

I just got the western digital ssd. it was cheaper and it still gen 2 usb 3.1

Karthik Murugesan says:

AtomRAID SSD does 800 MB/s write. Am I missing something? Is the T5 special only because it is small?

Jacob Henson says:

Question Jeff if I had a phone that used USB type c to charge it could I watch movies that I downloaded on the SSD on my phone with that USB C cable ?

Malte Maas says:

what kind of hardware overview app is that, where you show the usb connected devices ??
(at 2 mins)

JAFO-PTY says:

could you do a video of BootCamp using the T5 for Windows 10? is it fast enough?

Secure Steve says:

Samsung T5 ad before video

Y M says:

Who can afford this?

AL3KS S3RB says:

I’m not particularly excited for the T5, I’m instead excited for the T3 price drop, oh yeah!!! (hopefully soon)

Freak Show says:

Please some explain me about this whole thing.

I have been watching videos of these SSD but never understood what good they do to macbook.

I mean if we plug them will they act just like normal ssds in which you store stuff.

Or is it gonna increase my macbook speed? Like help in editing and gaming and stuff?


SocAnxDis says:

Hi Jeff. Next time can you say your name in 22 Jump Street style. Please.

Brook Zerihun says:

Lexar has a 500GB drive now $99 and I get the same speed, a USB type c, Costco had them for a while, you might find them a better value

ThunderbyteNet says:

The T5 does moderately faster than the T3 with about 370 Mbyte/s (T3) vs the 440 of the T5. With the 10 Gbit USB-C connection, it should have been able to surpass the 540 Mbyte/s which are normally the 3.0 and SATA limit. Would have expected more like 700-800 Mbyte/s on 10Gbit/s.

NETVO TV says:

Giveaway please!

Jackson Welch says:

This is Jeff with iDownloadBlog

Adrian Schwizgebel says:

Those portable mini ssds are such neat and sexy devices! Too bad that I have no use for it, nor money for it.

John Tam says:

I’d rather pay 15% more to get the SanDisk Extreme 900 and have double of the performance.

Allan Sh says:

Can I install Bootcamp Windows on this drive?

Esteban Burman says:

In centimeters how long the USB cables are?

ken ng says:

Nice touch there – including both usb C and A cables.

Allan says:

Awesome. =D
Your videos are more awesome day by day.

nchia says:

Nice blue.

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