NVMe SSD Review – Which Should You Buy? – 2017 Edition

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If you decide that a SATA SSD is for you, please watch my “SATA SSD Review” here – https://youtu.be/nJEpQsGkNgg

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Adam Beltran says:

I am lookong for an external enclosure for the evo 960 to usb 3.1 I want to use it with my xbox one x. Can someone help me find it! 🙂

Austin Jasper says:

I hope you get a million subs soon, your channel feels under rated and your content always answers my questions and everything I learn sticks with me;D

MGD. KHZNA says:

Can msi gt70 2OD-
dragon edition 2-support-intel 2.5 inch ssd nvme-750-series ? Heeelp

Skippy Church says:

Is it advisable to just use a 500gb 960evo as my only storage means? I feel 500 gigs is enough for ehat few games I want, and want to be sure I don’t need an hdd. Also, anything in the bios I need to know when setting up an m.2 as my storage?

Richard Dawes says:

Sorry to add yet another praise comment… It must get boring for you after a while! 🙂

But that was such an AWESOME video!!! No fluff, no hype, no egotism… just 100% excellent content!! And (I think) I understood every word. 🙂 Thank you!!!

Sorry, I’m just a little excited… If I were the emotional type, I would be crying, it was that good. Instead I subscribed and then went straight to your Patreon page. I’ve never done that before, for anyone!

I also really appreciate the fact that you (mostly) bought your own hardware to review, and that you were up-front about the exception. I hope you you be able to remain as independent as that, even when you gain the greater popularity you obviously deserve!

Tech Deals says:

*UPDATE* – Price is KEY when considering my recommendation in any video, double that for this one. If you can get the other three drives for $99 at the 250GB size or $179 at the 500GB size, my recommendation would change and those would be worthwhile options.

Since this information ages over time, as of mid-August, the WD Black, ADATA SX8000, and Intel 600p are selling at the 250GB size for around $120. The Samsung 960 EVO is selling for $128. For $10 or less, there is no reason to buy anything but the 960 EVO.

The price difference is a bit higher at the 500GB size, but even then, I wouldn’t touch the other drives for $200. You either buy a SATA 500GB SSD for $150, or you buy 960 EVO for $235, there is little reason to be in the middle on this one.

*NOTE* – This advice is not based on just “Benchmarks”, the SX8000 has been in my Ryzen 7 machine for months, the 600p has been in my i7-7700K machine for 6+ months, the 960 EVO has been in 2 different machines. I could pick the 960 EVO out of a blind test with the other drives, which is not true of the SATA drives I reviewed a week ago, none of those are far enough apart in performance to make a real difference.

I suspect this will all change in a year, just like when the 850 EVO came out and it was noticeably faster than everything else, then finally everyone caught up and now it doesn’t matter, in a year or two all the NVMe drives may well have caught up and 2018’s review might be “it doesn’t matter”, but not today!

Markinpuff says:

I have 3 nvme pros and I’m happy..

Daniel Muñoz says:

I bought a 256GB WD Black M.2 SSD…

Slash Le Pew says:

1500 dollar or les is mid range?? wut? for 1500 you can have a 1080 and a i7.. that’s not really mid range lol

Ben Johnson says:

What a fantastic and informative production. No mumbo-jumbo! Just straight to the point analysis that actually matters. Where has this channel been hiding?!?! Thanks so very much for your presentation and information. Great job!

keggerous says:

I’m jealous of your teeth . . . they are perfect

aziz555555 says:

Very informative! Many thanks

apostolis pat says:

any news -comparisons on intel optane ssds? any real-life scenarios where RAMdisk solutions could offer any advantage nowdays? thank you

WhoWouldWantThisName says:

I just thought of another thing I love about this channel. The audience, or at least those commenting. Unlike other channels, on PC hardware, this one isn’t plagued by an overabundance of bitter, immature, vile, and hostile smart-ass know-it-all’s that have nothing productive to add or supportive to say,, to anyone. This channel seems to fly under the radar of those miscreants. It’s like a safe, peaceful harbor where the good people can gather and talk PC geekery (yup that’s a word now) without an argument breaking out and the whole thing turning into a nerdy episode of Maury Povich. BTW, I don’t even want to know how that’s actually spelled, don’t care. This is like the vacation resort within the PC tech community on YT.

marcus says:

i like how professional you act. most you-tubers are so immature and do not deserve the views they get!!

YouWrasse IsMine says:

motherfucker is smart

MrMatth 95 says:

it is worth it jump from a 256gb kingston savage ssd to s 256gb 960 evo? Running a 7600k btw.

Intelligenkeit says:

*If i want my games to load faster, sites and my multi tasking stuff to react faster, is it enough to buy a ”250gb 960 evo”?*

nickname87 says:

Ssd 960 samsung

Prague 541 says:

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of UPDATING YOUR FIRMWARE! No matter which NVME drive you choose, you absolutely must go get updated firmware from the manufacturer as well as any optimization software and methods each one employs. I bought a Samsung 960EVO 1TB drive for my new system and had read all these amazing reviews showing it at 3.2GB/s. When I got mine installed I benched it with 3 drive speed benchmarks…ALL of them were showing between 1.6 to 1.8GB/s Reads and 1.4 to 1.8GB/s writes. I was furious…until I pulled my head out of my ass and updated the firmware, updated the NVME drivers in my operating system from Microsoft’s to Samsung’s, and downloaded the Samsung Magician Software and ran the drive optimizer. After those three steps it clocked in a 3.0GB/s read and 1.95GB/s write. The reasoning for 3.0GB/s vs the advertised 3.2GB/s is because I have a 10-drive RAID array attached to the same controller and the controller is suffering from “handshaking overhead performance degradation”. Makes perfect sense and all is forgiven on that part. Ha ha. So, I recommend STRONGLY to you, take the steps I did and get the absolute MOST you can out of whichever drive you choose.

W Silver Sr says:

very helpful explanation and review of this technology, I could better understand why a NVMe vs SATA is a lot better. That’s what I was looking for because I am shopping for a notebook. I appreciated the in-depthness of his analysis. I especially liked hearing his opinions on who would benefit from the various types of NVMe drives. Excellent !

Griffn sorour says:

Mate, your videos are totally great thank you so much

Games for all says:

this is the best video explanation I’ve ever seen on Youtube you deserve more suscribers and I am one of them. Thank you soo much for helping me out to decide.

walkabout16 says:

Which Mobos support 3 nvme drives?


Thank you for the video. I wish you had also compared Corsair MP500 960GB and XPG GAMMIX S10 PCIe 512 GB. I cannot find whether the XPG is MLC or TLC.

Journeyman Giorgi says:

@Tech Deals – What’s the optimal drive setup for Premiere Pro. Given what I have 2x of the 850 Evo (500 GB), and 1x 960 Pro (512) how should I allocate OS / Raw Media Source / Cache Disk? Which drives where?


Excellent video as always. Thanks for the very clear, non condescending explanations for us dummies. I love this channel.

flowy says:

What an extremely professional grade review. Astonishing! Thank you!

Brian Howard says:

WOW! I just came across your channel/reviews for the first time today. STUNNING! I rarely am glued to the screen like I was with the NVMe/SSD review. So clear. So precise. Missed nothing. Relate-able. Just fantastic. I learned more in 10 mins here than I normally would researching a topic than in 2 or more hours of YouTube comparos and video watching. ULTRA-PROFESSIONAL review and a pleasure to watch someone who knows his stuff SO WELL and can teach about it SO CLEARLY. THANK YOU. I’m in Australia and had never heard of Tech Deals – still don’t know the name of the incredible presenter on screen – he absolutely NAILS what a good comprehensive review is about. Thank you again and if I do buy I will definitely click through your links. I’m building an X299 machine (first time building ever) so over the next few months I’ve no doubt, with all the components, your channel will be the mainstay of my research on components. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Cheers from Aus!

hi says:

Currently in the process of building my 2nd PC and I’m really glad I found you. The knowledge you share is invaluable!

Pizzles Tech Time says:

I got the 512 Pro for my boo Dr I’m confused if I can render my videos with it and then move it to storage after. A colleague of mine was saying not to use the boot Drive for rendering as it could destroy it. Not sure whether or not this has any value or holds any weight.??

mpeugeot says:

Good video. I personally have been very happy with the 960 EVO, awesome product. Honorable mention at this point in time (December 2017) is the 512gb Adata SX7000 at $149 (at newegg), not nearly as fast as the 960 EVO, but faster than the SATA-III, for half the price of the 960 EVO. So a great option for a “budget” build is the Adata SX7000 512gb at $149.

WhoWouldWantThisName says:

Another highly informative video as always. Maybe someone could do a benchmark review video on YT channels. Info Per Minute (IPM) could be the measure of how you rate. Of course we all know how that would turn out. You are in a class of your own good sir. I like a lot of the other tech You Tubers,, well some anyway, and the two I trust and enjoy the most are Paul’s Hardware and this one. Sort of the NVME of IPM :).

jorge santos says:

The level of detail of your videos is amazing.

Go Leo says:

Setting up a flight sim PC. Similar to your shown board, on the Z370 board I have 2xM.2 slots. One has a Crucial SATA, the other has a 960 evo. Any tips on which I should use for the OS (Win 10) and which for the XPlane11 program files and add ons.

Bojan Subasic says:

Great explanation!

Charles Strickland says:

Can the Samsung 850 evo be used in MacBook Air 11 inch Mid 2013 with an adapter?

D.R. M. says:

Please help, have 960Pro, had 950Pro (went bump, Samsung upgraded to 960), on 990fx chipset, win 7 bootable, need to get it to be bootable again, msi 970a carbon, win 7 fx8350. Nothing but issues!

again help, need bootable machine?

Alexander Savenkov says:

Wow.. watched a lot of videos,bloggers.. but this is exactly what im looking. Perfect content. Thanks a lot,man!

The Chief says:

Well spoken and soothing, I often use your videos as background noise. I could fall asleep to your mellifluous voice and articulated sentences. I love you.

MaZEEZaM says:

I just had a look at the difference in price between these and standard ssd, all Samsung Evo, 1Tb Nor SSD $430, 1Tb pcie ver $650, the cost diff being $220 which is the price of the 500Gb. All in AUD.

Rashad, the Stranger says:

Yessssss! Thank you!!!!

MaZEEZaM says:

I would love to know what your personal pc consists of.

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