NVME PCIe SSD vs. SATA SSD for Gaming, Tested!

NVME SSDs are a relatively new, fancy form of storage, but does the technology benefit gamers in any way? Come with us on a journey of discovery.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


loOOooO says:

Julia, have my babies now!

Raymond Hachmishvili says:

lovely tits.

james hough says:

You mean ‘< ‘ is less than not ‘>’ which is more than…..

W WLD says:

Excellent you saved me some money 🙂

Kemoi Même says:

Well, OH JULIA WE WANT YOU IN FRANCE, YOU’RE SO HOT oh my lol… We even don’t have one a girl explaining PC things here errrrw.

jl lq says:

Sad i buy 1 nvme from bpx last month to play games. Btw load times in windows are almost the same than with my last ssd from samsung.

razorseal says:

So what was the bottleneck then?

Reşit KOÇ says:

What about boot times?

augis says:

Built my PC some months ago and I’ve decided I needed SSD as everyone around me had it and I needed a faster boot, as I tend to restart often.
Went with the EVO 960 mainly because I work with game development here in my university and sometimes I have huge files I need to be moving around and what not, and I can say, it was a good choice for me !

iDamnation says:

im glad to know that there’s not much difference other than sequential speed. i have an old board that supports only sata 2, and im relieved to know that there’s not much difference between the sata 3 other than, again, sequential speed. low latency really rules and it certainly will be an upgrade from good ol hdd. anxiously waiting for my first ever ssd experience

L1A1Rocker says:

Please for the love of God STOP! the vocal fry!!!! I coldn’t listen to the end it was sooo BAD!!!

livadaru adrian says:

i love SSD and NVME but Julia is the cherry on the cake………

Danjal Veskandar says:

Really like that you threw in a game that wasn’t a competitive shooter. Too many of these comparisons ignore other genres for performance testing.

Dansuy Gaming says:

if she do cleavage it attracts more views

Ali Khan says:

Damn girl you are looking gooooood

xenomorphelv426 says:

one of the most gorgeous asian girl from youtube.

Zook Inthe6ix says:

No you don’t. Stupid retard

Ronsonn Swandom says:

I dont really care about load times, i care about how running fast/driving across open world games and those important milliseconds when it fetches data from the disk in real time. I noticed games were a lot less stuttery in general when i upgraded to an SSD despite some games having the same load times. Now i wonder about nvme but this vid didn’t help much no offense lol

slutypet says:

SIMS 4!!! xD

Georgi Kostov says:

How is possible such a girl to looks so ….good and knows pc components 🙂 …realy nice vedios btw!

Matthew Fraser says:

The Bottle Neck is with your RAM because your reading Game files from your SSD hard disk to Random Access Memory (Ram) this is same when your operating system loads its read from the Hard drive into ram, other bottle neck could be the bus speeds on your motherboard and information to get processed

Matei Beratco says:

So, I got here when deciding what to do with my Toshiba NVMe which came with my MSI laptop (HDD was immediately replaced by a 750GB MX300). After seeing a reduction from 11W to 8W in idle by removing the NVMe (big hotspot, managed to bring the MX300 to throttling at 30MB/s; brightness at 10%), I decided to use it on the desktop.
Now, I know CS:GO stuttered when I used a 2.5″ SSHD (I’m pretty sure I did not give the “hybrid” any chance to do it’s job), so SATA SSD usage is mandatory. But I wanted to see if NVMe can improve….from this video, I guess any decent SSD will move the bottleneck back to CPU. Maybe when games get back to using uncompressed data (like in the 90s CD/DVD games) we could see the SATA limits.
Oh….and I don’t think sequential reads are relevant to game loading. 100MB/s peak reads may still be 90% of SATA SSD usage and 50% NVMe SSD usage.

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