Mushkin Source SSD Review (120GB – 1TB Benchmarks)

Taking a look at Mushkin’s new(ish) affordable Source range of SSDs (120GB, 250GB, 500GB & 1TB) & how they compare against each other and to some others.

Difference between NAND Flash


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Chris Greyling says:

Who won the compitition?

Myran Odayan says:

How is the delivery service from Newegg? Are they any good for us in S.A?

Mark Anthony Myburgh says:

mushkin is a awesome SSD – but found a m.2 240gb for similar price (secondHand)

Shashin G says:

Great content, love seeing South African youtubers!

Mark Anthony Myburgh says:

ssd VS M.2 – i would think is kinda similar but maybe faster becoz of the less wiring story.

Quintin Bezuidenhout says:

i find it very difficult to understand at times with “a” in-between each word

Denki Matsuri says:

want ssd brand do u recomend

Malachi Black says:

You deserve more subs! keep it up you’ll grow!

imba gamers says:

Your head is bald

4-TEX says:


Blair Jacobs says:

im from Cape Town, and i dream one day of building my own gaming pc. your content gives me insight on what ill be looking out for when i do have the cashflow to allow me to get my build on! Thanks!


Awesome stuff Hanu why didnt I see you at RUSH event ?

Claude Lowings says:

Lekker to see fellow South Africans on YT! Perhaps you can do another video where you put two of the mushkin SSD in raid 0 and check the performance? Read/Write as well as boot time. Would be cool to see how the raid 0 setup would compare to the speed of one Samsung Evo…

Mark Anthony Myburgh says:

# Seegate 2.5inch 1tb HDD (inside usb3 Enclosure)
vs Seagate external portable harddrive 1tb USb3.0
vs Mushkin 120gb SSD mounted (inside a 3.0 usb3 Enclosure)

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