Kingston UV400 480GB Review – SSD On The Cheap

The new Kingston UV400 could be in the leading pack of budget SSD models
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Test system configuration:
CPU – Intel Core i7 6700K –
MBO – ASRock E3V5 WS –
GPU – MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G
RAM – ADATA Dazzle 2 x 8 GB DDR4 2800 MHz –
SSD0 – Intel 730 SSD 240 GB –
SSD1 – Plextor M6V 256 GB –
Cooling – Arctic Freezer i32 –
PSU – Seasonic Prime 80Plus Titanium 750W –
Driver – AMD Crimson 16.9.1 Hotfix
OS – Windows 10 64-bit –
Main Monitor – AOC U3477PQU –

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jim bob says:

I see the Intel 730 (Skull Logo) in the background. Which one do you recommend better the Intel or the Kingston?

Wes Tech Games says:

Question : Do you purchase your hardware to review or is it provided to you for review ?
Nice SSD (more brands, should sell with a minimized packaging to bring down cost, the box goes in the bin), it’s on par with a hyperx 3K on reads, which is logic, but on the writes your SSD is better than my hyper X 240 and my hyper X savage 480… But SSD efficiency diminishes the more the SSD is filled up…, it would probably good to do tests at like 50% full and even 90% full to see extremes, with a windows clone and a couple of games! Some one puts and SSD in their system the first thing they do is install stuff on it… so a 0% usage test is pointless IMO it is not real world performance.

Lucas da Silva Ramos says:

Kingston UV400 or SanDisk Plus?

deadguppy888 says:

lol the hands xD

Rodney Ynares says:

Nice review but ugly kingston logo though lol

bayramT says:

Is it enough for gaming? I mean, is seq. write speed is important for gaming?

Timo Lumme says:

get some Fiskars Scissor ..

1squishydude says:

“Storage flavors”, I like it

ThatsJimmii says:

What do you recommend for around 500gb sdd?
What would you choose?

Ozzy Bogan Tech says:

I am thinking off getting the UV400 480GB just not sure yet. Love this and I clicked on all the ads Hears a video for all you people just like me to slow to know how to click on ads lols ;p this is legitimately my very first youtube video and it shows.

191x7 says:

Hello, TekTick! Have you heard about GamingTribe, the social network for tech-savvy gamers and hardware enthusiasts? It has no advertisements, they don’t sell/give user data and they’re sponsored by AMD, Logitech, Seasonic and a few other companies.

Martin Angelo Garcia says:

SanDisk Plus, Adata SP550, Kinston SSDNow V300, ADATA SP900 or Kingston UV400? (for a cheap build)

ali hasan says:

can you help me
kingston uv400 or plextor m7v ?????????

David Coiso says:

I like very Much your channel!!!

dompaPro says:

I had in mind to buy this one in the future when i’ll be building new gaming pc, but then i saw 500GB Samsung 750 Evo is like 20$ more.
So should i go for 750 Evo? I would be using it as my only drive…

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