Kingston SSD 240 GB | A400 | Review & Performance Test

In this video I have reviewed Kingston SSD Model A400 and have done comparison between Kingston SSD A400, Samsung Evo SSD and Western Digital Black Edition(Normal HDD). You can see the performance score too in this video.

To buy this Kingston SSD click on the amazon link :


Nitesh Ranjan says:

Well explained … !!!!

Daiz Davis says:

Came from Amazon nice review dude. Viewers.. Samsung ssd showing 232gb & Kingston showing 223gb because Samsung is not 240 but 250gb & speedwise like he said Kingston is 2k cheaper so don’t be disappointed if you already got Kingston good choice.

Amit World says:

So clear explanations good review keep the good work

CG Hawk says:

cost you 7000 what??????

Adam Peat says:

I’ve got 2 samsung evo 850 ssds in my gaming pc 1tb samsung ssd and a 500gb samsung ssd

CG Hawk says:

we are all here to see the speed different from ssd to hdd and hdd to sdd….. the title is a review not a comparison….

juanverdin4 says:

Were you using a SATA II or SATA III connection for the Kingston SSD? Same question for the Samsung SSD.

Isac Ferreira says:

O cara abriu a embalagem com uma peixeira…

Nitesh Ranjan says:

A must buy for better performace …

PinasFeed says:

Simple and as clear as it gets!Good Review..

hira singh says:

Fit in laptop??

Shangkha Brahma says:

After almost 1 year its price is 4800 wow☺☺

mick du 59 says:

thank you.

Legend Gaming says:

Try to make videos on trending topics. You will get more views 🙂

Magnum says:

duuuuude do western to samsung wtf

DarkHylianHD says:

Great video!

Madhavan says:

Came from Amazon…dude

OmieWhee! says:


QextRzz says:

less free space. will affect the performance test.

Jason Lee Dee says:

I have same case. was a good case for the price

esperCELL says:

this thing doesnt mention how fast the I/O is
probably crap speed.

NFE404 says:

man your tests are so professional and so good… U’re a real pro

Martín Gerónimo says:

Hey bro what is your motherboard?

Eduardo Mafra says:

Another very detailed review. The Kingston SSD still is a good price/performance choice.
Nice PC!

Zualtea Hmar says:

Solid state hard drive?? Seriously?

scroeffie says:

2018 is it stil working ??

Luc Swanson says:

This or an adata one?

Tamanna Smriti says:

Brief yet very clear review

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