Kingston A400 SSD – A new KING of affordable SSDs?

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Kingston A400 SSD:

120GB =
240GB =


The Kinston A400 is in my opinion by far the best upgrade in terms of performance I have ever done to my PC. These SSDs perform PHENOMENALLY, and over 3X faster than my standard Hard disks when used as a boot disk.

All opinions expressed are my own.


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Name says:

Why don’t you link the 480gb version of the drive.

elektron117 says:


luke says:

lmfao your voice has dropped since ive last saw you

Kingston Technology says:

Spray them Red 😉

Thomas Goodwin says:

dude last time I saw you you only had 300 subs! gg

Kolpona Ahmed says:

love ur vids man,really professional,huge fan.It’d be really cool if u replied.

Fortnite NyeFX says:

Just ordered it today and i will install W7 on it.

Daggawaggaboof says:

What were the two HDDs used for transfering the big video file in 6:10? Budget 7200rpm or something else entirely?
I’m just curious because I never bothered to compare speeds before I noticed the SSDs became cheaper in my country.

Ivan Uremovic says:

I just ordered 120GB one today. I got it for around 40$, and it will be my first ever SSD. I’m going to use it for Windows and few apps only, alongside my 500GB hard drive. So yeah, I hope it will all go good 🙂

Gillette says:

New Sub, waiting for mine, i hope my first video can be about them.

adidas1984x says:

Could u use them In a PS3?

LocalFireworks says:

lol i was watching your build when you where 14

Bottle Pants says:

Who knew Poe was making tech reviews now

Al3k54N7A6 says:

Is it suitable on a desktop pc? A friend of mine said it`s only for laptops

Syncro CS says:

big enough for win 10?
and some extra programs?

Joe Tischer says:

Nice video…You talk a little fast if I were to give any criticism, but I did hit that like button!

scroeffie says:

2018 is it stil working ??

Unknown Secrety says:

so far , hows your ssd a1400 now?
any problem occur?
is it become slower? is there any lag when it read the data?

SoLo Mid says:

same ssd you showing i have
my pc boot 15 sec
asus screen on 10 sec .. so 15 sec booting

adri wicaksono says:

Getting BIG, keep up the great work

Confucius Say says:

which is better Kingston A400 or Kingston UV400? price almost identical but which is better buy????

Henning Marklund says:

Neon pink and yellow would look like shit

DucksEverywhere says:

Biased video, clicked off within first 16 seconds of video. You are reviewing your sponsor’s product, and giving it glowing reviews. Dunno about anyone else, but I’m seeing a correlation there.

Ahadul Islam says:

Do a benchmark please

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