Is an NVMe SSD Worth it? | Samsung 960 PRO

Should you upgrade your current storage to an M.2 NVME SSD?
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p vdb says:

I have a m.2 pcie 2 slot in my laptop. With an i7 4750hq, 950m and 16gb ram, windows10 uefi. I want to buy nvme to boot from it. But does it help me/ does my laptop support it?. Use case is music production and gaming.

Camdex says:

What about rapid mode…. why aren’t you showing the the 850evo in rapid mode as its score in rapid mode are about the same or faster than the m2……..?

Ringer MD says:

I bought KingDian m.2 nvme 240g for 68$ and i’m happy.

Dornpunzel says:

Not sure if you made things right.
Other channels report there is no difference at all. Maybe 1 sec per game.

Dont know what you’ve done. Maye app was alread in cache when u started it from the 960?

Ludvig Holst says:

1:39 and 2:14

Two times? I understood the first time

Prague 541 says:

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of UPDATING YOUR FIRMWARE! No matter which NVME drive you choose, you absolutely must go get updated firmware from the manufacturer as well as any optimization software and methods each one employs. I bought a Samsung 960EVO 1TB drive for my new system and had read all these amazing reviews showing it at 3.2GB/s. When I got mine installed I benched it with 3 drive speed benchmarks…ALL of them were showing between 1.6 to 1.8GB/s Reads and 1.4 to 1.8GB/s writes. I was furious…until I pulled my head out of my ass and updated the firmware, updated the NVME drivers in my operating system from Microsoft’s to Samsung’s, and downloaded the Samsung Magician Software and ran the drive optimizer. After those three steps it clocked in a 3.0GB/s read and 1.95GB/s write. The reasoning for 3.0GB/s vs the advertised 3.2GB/s is because I have a 10-drive RAID array attached to the same controller and the controller is suffering from “handshaking overhead performance degradation”. Makes perfect sense and all is forgiven on that part. Ha ha. So, I recommend STRONGLY to you, take the steps I did and get the absolute MOST you can out of whichever drive you choose.

James Davenport says:

why have other people tested this exact same thing and say there is literally no difference in load times.. seems a bit fishy

Milan Milicevic says:

Its not fair to compare SATA with NVME

James Sinclair says:

Deathstroke case! that is bad ass~!

dvalentino007 says:

Dont sneeze

CosplayerTheRealLink says:

Beautiful machine and nice to hear about the benchmark differences. Thanks!

Mickxal says:

NVme for OS
SSD for Games
HDD for media

Apexseals says:

you have to also look at best value for money. are you really going to notice 5 or 7 seconds? is it worth doubling or more the cost for the drive for seconds? the only time i would say do it, is when you’re doing regular large file transfers.

ImHatedServ says:

I like way you speak of professional in end I like that

cmoneytheman says:

It dont make sense how this or other brand of nvme how these dont kill regular ssds when they should it dont make sense to promote power if its not a big difference

Steven Van says:

why not use the 850 PRO vs 960 PRO ?

Phille B says:

its not a worth not it

Jean D says:

This review is bias. No differences in game loading time , not worth it! Might be good for video editing program but whoever buy this and hope for faster loading time in game is gonna be really disappointed

Mp Newhart says:

So trying to get into pc’s so you store the game on the m.2 ssd not the main hard drive.

Space Ghost says:

Does anyone know if it affects frames in games ..? I know this might be stupid …

M says:

so you compare the SATA evo to the NVMe PRO…………………………………………………lmao. And you do all this under the pretense of finding out whether NVMe is worth it. This is why the gaming community is filled with noobs who have no clue what they are talking about. Corporate tards who conduct “reviews” and “comparisons” under the guise of a fair/scientific comparison, but everything in this video is a set-up. How can losers make money. That’s what it boils down too. If you want to actually learn anything go to Tomshardwar or some other source that has real in depth data.

kckrol85 says:

Guys what kind of longevity can I expect on these M.2 NVME drives?

vesoulful says:

Idk what to buy I’m in between the 860 (90.00$) and 960 (120.00$) both 250gb

Sylarzx says:

Where’s the link tot he video down below? Am i blind?

JBKWaka says:

Don’t they get really Hot though?

Saki630 says:

how the fuck can you recommend something you didnt even prove was worth it? You didnt even show 1 case where you transfer at advertised speeds to another 960pro or over network. It seems that SATA SSDs are still better because 🙁 I wanted to know otherwise

SRAVAN S says:

Yes , its worth it .

Not for all ,
Eg : i originally wanted to build a jack of all trade PC for gaming , productivity , learning more editing ,etc.
I wanted to go for a NVME + SSD + hDD
Now i feel like as a student is should study more and i can’t resist mac OS , so i wanna get an iMac , so I’ll get 1tb ssd in iMac and a HDD in my gaming PC because if you are gonna use your PC everyday get the nvme , you are an occasional gamer get a SSD + HDD

Grainsauce says:

Love TechSource’s videos but the man sure does love blowing lots of $$$$$

Allister Quinn says:

Took over 1 and a half minutes to get to the point

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