Inland SSDs! Why you should buy these SSDs!

Yo today we are checking out some new SSDs from Inland Professional. These are very affordable and decently fast! Here really is a revolution in cheap and fast storage solutions!


Brett Culley says:

i ordered 2 of these yesterday, the 480gb version, i didn’t read a review until today, thank you for the review, this removes doubts in had in my head.

John Paul Bacon says:

Nice video. The 512gb NVME PCIE-3 gen 3 x2 at $109.00 would be a good OS drive – even if you had to use a PCIE to M.2 card.

RojasTKD7 says:

Here’s a professional review:

Mostly performs at or near the bottom of the charts, but still a better option and a spinning HDD. If on a budget should be a fine as an storage drive. For my main drive OS drive I’d still get something better. I just find 500GB to little for a storage drive, but for other it fine.

Personally, I don’t like small capacity SSD, you’ll just end up needing more sooner than you think. 500GB main OS drive and 1TB+ for other drives, so Inland are useless to me. Won’t use it for my OS drive, and they don’t have larger capacity from what I’ve seen.

mikethemoneymaker says:

This is not SSD related Per say other than SSD’s are in computers playing FortNite but can someone please explain to me why you think this game made by Epic is so darn popular? Thanks for any reply.

MMO-RAW New Multiplayer GAMES for Android &PC says:

Shady looks but at that price, hope it does not contain real migrants children in it 🙂

r3claim3r says:

They have no DRAM on them. That’s why they’re cheap.

dijosoul says:

Long term reliability would be interesting but at these prices hard to go wrong. Different opinions exist online on what controller was used, you guys have any info on that? Thanks

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