I Upgraded my Laptop Hard Drive to an SSD (Crucial MX300 525GB) – How much faster is it now?

Does your computer take forever to boot into Windows? Do programs take way too long to load? It’s no secret that swapping out your current mechanical hard drive for an SSD is a great solution to this problem. But just how much of a difference are we talking about? In this video I swap the 1TB 5400RPM mechanical hard drive that came with my HP Pavilion Laptop with a 525GB Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive and show you just how much more quickly my laptop boots. If you’re looking to make your computer run better than when it was new you’ll want to check this out. 🙂

Windows 10 Installer download – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

If you’d like to purchase the Crucial MX300 525GB like I use in this video… you can check it out on Amazon.com at the following link…
U.S. – http://amzn.to/2vdrKYW
Canada – http://amzn.to/2y7mYyI
U.K. – http://amzn.to/2hynISC

–Time Stamps–

0:00 – Beginning of Video
0:31 – Welcome to Maraksot’s Reviews & How To’s
0:56 – My Laptop
1:18 – “Fine” isn’t good enough for me! 🙂
1:38 – Solid State Drives, AKA SSD’s
2:08 – Mechanical Hard Drive Boot time and Load Chrome
3:49 – Crucial MX300 525GB SSD
4:13 – Clone existing drive or Install a Fresh copy of Windows
4:47 – Swapping out HDD for SSD
5:23 – Installing Windows 10
5:56 – SSD Boot time and Load Chrome
6:55 – Video Conclusion, Like & Subscribe 🙂

–Music used in this video–

“Foundation” by Vibe Tracks from the YouTube Creator Studio music library


TuxKey says:

a fresh install wil always speed up your machines. btw if you need help to switch to a OpenSource Os that respects your privacy.
And before sum people comment that you can disable the phone home option. there are several security researchers that have proven that this is not so.
i’m talking about installing Linux on your computer if you only use it for internet, sum office processing. you could install Linux mint with libre office or linux ubuntu or Fedora..

MultiYoutroll says:

If only they weren’t damn expensive.

DJ Daft says:

I think this video finally sold me on upgrading my last PC to an SSD. I’ve got 5 PCs and one laptop is still on spinning rust while the other 4 machines have SSDs. Like yours, it usually takes a little over a minute to boot (from BIOS splash screen to opening Chrome) I can’t justify a $170 pricetag for a Samsung 850 Evo 500GB in the case of this one machine and I have actually been looking at that exact same Crucial drive for the past few months since it offers the same size as the Evo but similar performance for less. Thanks for the informative review!

dehLord says:

great video

Zyren says:

Such a small channel producing 4k quality video… I’m impressed!

El Chingon says:

shoulda just put chrome in the startup folder for consistency.

Manu Rightz says:

Wow its like Vintage Porn Intro (its Funny do more videos) 1:01 its great

Future Karlos says:

I swapped out my HDD for an SSHD. Got a 1TB HDD with 32GB of NAND flash. Takes about 13 seconds to boot rather than 30-60 which it used to take. One day I’ll upgrade again to pure SSD but the cost for 1TB SSD is £300+. Great video……again haha

Billy.Cox TX says:

great video !!! Liked / Subbed. Thank you for all the hard work!!

Fredrick Calvin says:

Awesome video how does your window product got automatically updated ?? . will it be happening for me too ? . coz i have planned to get this ssd for my laptop . . How about 4k video performance ?

jonnda says:

so… because I replaced the motherboard in my laptop I will need to buy a new copy of windows 10 if I ever need to reinstall the operating system? It came out of the factory as an ASUS X53e with a core i3, and now it is a K53SV with a core i7. The old board had minor issues that were annoying.

Jolz Films says:

What camera do you use? 4K option?

Will Hoog says:

lel I pirated windows 10 pro

Tom Holmez says:

Very helpful thankyou

Joel Cedric says:

I’m definitely getting an ssd. 45 secs is way too long for me.

Ibrahim Abd Allatif says:

I’ve just bought the same ssd 525 gb, is there a way to clone my windows 7 with all installed programs on it without reinstalling every thing, I’ve a Toshiba labtop A665 s6089


What I don’t get is why in the fuck does my Crucial M500 960GB SSD states that it has Firmware revision MU07 when loading the “MU05” firmware upgrade bootdisk CD and there is NOWHERE in Crucial or Micron’s site that Firmware MU07 exists!!! WTF… It only shows that the latest firmware update for the M500 is version MU05!!! What gives man!!!

Will Hoog says:

I use an sshd which is great for budget

John Braman says:

what’s the best brand to get for a ssd drive?

Dean Barrett says:

Great video thanks :). Crucial sure make some great price to performance hard drives that’s for sure. best way to get there 2tb ssd seems to be from USA as in AU it costs a fortune.

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