How to Choose, Blue vs Green – WD SSD

***UPDATE*** WD’s facebook page are running a competition, you could win a 250GB WD Blue SSD!
Which is Best, WD Blue SSD or WD Green SSD? Blunty Breaks down how to make the choice on which is the best SSD for you…
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WD has launched a new line of SSD’s, Solid State Drives, joining their line of Hard Drives, they fall into Colour based ranges… WD Blue, WD Green… But how do you choose? Which is Best, WD Blue SSD or WD Green SSD?

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SeanRPS says:

I love the sponsored by wd right at the start, I appreciate it!

Chris Bourne says:

You got your bits and bytes mixed up on the write speeds mate..
Also a very brief glance at the specs shows significantly higher endurance rating on the blue – probably worth a mention.

Michael Graby says:

Thanks mate, nice and succinct 🙂

Thokozani Mtshali says:

Thanx B

Adrian Gigante says:

On point! Thanks.

Nicbread says:

You forgot Purple

theaussiegeek says:

be nice if WD had an Australian Region website shop. All you can select from ‘select your region’ is rest of the world. Hay Blunty, Can you please share exactly were does WD expect us Aussies can get these Green or Blue SSD drives you talk about ….

Mozef Kaddas says:

Thank you for the awesome video mate, I really enjoy the theme of Blue vs. Green. I appreciate sharing with us heaps of information about those 2 SSDs. I’m thinking to upgrade my (iMac 27′ Late 2013 32GB RAM )from HDD to SSD. I’m a casual user, I use my iMac for ripping CDs / Converting music files, browsing, saving my Microsoft/Apple Office important documents and of course a vast collection of photos. Plus sometimes I like to work multitasking at the same time (browser, email client, ripping CDs and photo’s editor) and I’m wondering between those:
1- Samsung 850 EVO 1TB $299.99
2- WD Blue SSD or WD Green SSD
3- Crucial’s MX300 SSD 1TB $283.07
4- SanDisk X400 SSD SATA 2.5″ 7mm 1TB $265.79

I hope you can kindly give me advice about an SSD that can combine Speed, reliability & longevity, yet don’t need that “WoOoW” performance as long as I can boot MacOS faster and a bit snappy than original HDD. Thank you in advance.

Wolther says:

Subscribed because of this video. Fast information, loved the walking and talking delivery and seeing the background in the video was nice. Really nicely done

Awesome Friends Gaming says:

Dude, this is probably the most helpful video I’ve seen on this topic. Very well explained!

Raul Lopes says:

Really nice explanation! Thanks for this video!

Alex Pandian says:

you gave the perfect answer Sir.

Liamh says:

There’s not many Aussie computer channels one reason I like this guy

Cool Moo5e says:

thank you

Jon-Jon says:

Loved the video !!

Alpha Romeo says:

Thanks. Very nicely explained!

Lindokuhle Mathope says:

very helpful

AbyssmalAngel says:

I wonder when WD Black SSDs will release : ).

Berck An says:

I LOVED your video; you made the world a better place by making it 🙂

DaddytechEnt says:

i’ve always bought the WD black drives, if there’s not a black drive any more i’ll be lost :o)

Luis Tamayo says:

Great, clear explanation…

Qiren YQR says:

This video certainly cleared up my uncertainty. Very well explained.

SeanRPS says:

also the video work was mint! always love the to the point style

Adam Chen says:

Thank you.

tai ram chupak says:

Fantastic video. Keep up the good work.

Simon Trevallion says:

great video 🙂 I had been wondering … in the end before seeing this I opted for green for a Windows drive … its amazing what it feels like to go back to a hard disk after using any SSD these days … rage ensues !!! I had a week without an SSD whilst my green was on the way …

Mark Gomes says:

Thank you !!!

Luiz Gustavo says:

Man, this is the most helpful video i’ve ever found about this article! Thank you so much!

sporkafife says:

I thought WD were slowly getting rid of the “Green” drives, and merging them under the Blue banner. Or is that just the spinny drives, and they’re deciding to keep the green for SSD’s?

Also, you missed out WD’s Purple!! Everybody’s favourite drive optimised for… surveillance cameras… yeah, I’ll forgive that one….

C A R L O S says:

Are you god? thank you

Ernest Jay says:

I love how you explaining SSD while walking in the park !

Jimaki _37 says:

I’m looking for the m.2 drive variant. The 240gb blue costs 5 euros more than the 240gb green on my search, so…

Patrick Williamson says:

Do more videos like this man i really like these.

Chantelle Hills says:

awesome video thanks Blunty!

Deletalee says:

thank you

EliteSpanishGamer says:

Gives me ideas on how to replace the mechanical drive in one of those cheaper gaming laptops.

Blizzard says:

Brilliant, mate. And super scenery. I’ve just got the green little fella (120GB) as its just for a Linux system that has little on it, mostly just uploading regular small files to a website on a shared hosting server in Sydney.

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