How SSD Technology Keeps Getting WORSE! – Intel 660p Review

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DJPIPER28 says:


antipodesman says:

Linus continues to be the best presenter ever.

flox Klhohnv says:

intel ssds are overpriced imo
get samsung or western digital

au jack says:

Good as secondary drives

Bonno460xvr says:

Darn it Linus. I watched this video expecting to hate this product. I guess it isn’t bad. Seriously tho, like your channel.

TheKarolans says:

One more question – how does it change from SLC to QLC? Isn’t the number of layers fixed? No idea how to understand that part, any hints are welcome 🙂

Rob Truckle says:

The other day I was helping my buddy build his first PC. I told him he should get the 960 instead of the 860 but the dude at the store tried to tell me that the 960 is older and worse technology than the 960. The 960 was on sale for almost the same price

Fox House says:

Honestly i user the 660p for about 1,5 years now and in my eyes, this thing is truly good bang for your Buck. Low cost for a bit of cheap trickery do that it has no large speeddrops as long as you user it as intenser. Perfect. no problemen, no stress no hate to Intel creating This beauty

Kristijan Cerovski says:

Can’t they just build a drive that is all cash, so there wouldn’t be problems like that? 😀

peter grahame says:

No idea what he is talking about

inzanozulu says:

Really good video with some actual nuanced opinion.

specimon says:

Great video! Thanks. But please don’t use Squarespace to build websites. Worse CMS ever. (I understand you need to survive and a sponsor is a sponsor…) Thumbs up

Tom Smith says:

Never buying an Intel drive again. I had one die and getting a warranty replacement was a horror compared to any other drive like WD or Seagate.

Phuoc Tong says:

so is this going to be a thing across the board for all makers of SSDs or just the intel 660p?

Mic_Glow says:

Slow write/ read speed for large files is manageable (how often do you copy a Steam library), but the reduced life span is a big turn-off. SSD’s are used as system drives, you want this to be as reliable as possible.
Also system drive can get hit hard with write/ read (downloads, cache when out of ram, frequent updating thousands of small files etc.)

velkoon says:

Ah, okay. Could you please wrap up the video by saying which SSD is the best, in your opinion? I mean, that’s mostly what we all care about, right?

Shawn Elliott says:

It sounds to me like this product is too optimized for a specific range of use-cases. I’m sure the few bucks of per-unit cost savings makes a lot of sense for large-volume PC builders and the people who buy computers from them. However, if you’re building your own computer — _of ANY quality,_ it doesn’t have to be a high-end gamer rig — I wouldn’t bother considering this SSD, because the performance penalty for operating this SSD outside of its intended usage envelope is too severe and would be too frustrating if you happen push your computer harder than normal from time to time.

get a gig now says:

get rid of the earrings

omar ahmed says:

are these the ones they use in 2015 macbooks? i know some people from china that are in the U.S that sell these cheap ssds

Johann Coetzee says:

love to know why people dislike this

xlioilx says:

Would this be ok to store homemade fat girl porn on?

Repairman Jared says:

More bits are more better, Linus

Mystic Books says:

I think everything about intel is wrong these days

Bleep Bloop says:

To every thing there is a season.

Galen Thurber says:

any tools for linux besides gsmartctl?

fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

Everyone I see Linus I see class privilege and white male elitism, I bet he is cis too!

Something tells me he is a capitalist exploiter.

TheKarolans says:

What is better about the QLC, why is it used? I understand it is slower than the previous ones and probably dies sooner. Is it just about more capacity for same/less money? Anyway amazing video, my brain just got stuck on this and need some saving :D.

greenguy4u says:

This kind of opinion comes with EVERY new technology. For MANY YEARS the “experts” said fuel injection cars just weren’t reliable and carburetors were the way to go. Floppy drives were to way to go over hdd’s. Even a couple years ago the experts were upset that plasma TV’s were going away because “they were the best”.

Jonathon Wisnoski says:

You say that the quad state NAND has significantly reduced lifespan, but it seems like the drive is also completely capable of treating any and all cells as mono state NAND. So wouldn’t the usable size just decrease with age, while getting progressively faster until the drive is super fast but 1/4 the size?

Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

Intel being Intel. Is such a fucked up company. That SSD is an utter garbage!

HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong says:

SSD: I wanna be fas…
HDD: *I’m already Tracer*
SSD: *Pikachu Shocked face*

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Good education. I think slightly cheaper product lines like this are for computer manufacturers. Save a few bucks whenever possible. For average consumers who buy a new computer and don’t mess with it. Enthusiasts will check the specs and go for a better grade.

Cue Zephyr says:

When it was still 2917 I bought an MLC SSD. It has a 10-year warranty.

Doc Holliday says:

Its slower then other nvme and it dies faster. On the other hand it’s still 3-4 times faster then an average sata ssd and I got 1tb of it for 20 bucks more then a sata. Perfectly happy with my purchase my uses will never involve massive 150gb+ file transfers. I definitely would not recommend it to anyone with those needs.

wozzlepop says:

Answer is simple: consumers wanted greater capacity not greater performance. HDD’s had the same trend as mfgs added more and more heads and platters and bigger and bigger caches..

Brian Berthold says:

Wile i know everyone will say get as big as you can but for those on a budget what is the smallest you can go for windows 10 as an OS drive – i have about 1-2 GB of installed programs after windows – would that be a 256 GB cuz somewhere i heard you want double what you need

CatsMeowPaw says:

My Silicon Power A55 SSD based on mostly TLC flash started to fail at only 3Tb of data written, and fell off a cliff with bad blocks at just 5Tb. There were so many pending remapped blocks that some refused to be read at all. I managed to revive the drive by wiping it and reformatting, which now makes the drive appear ‘all good’ albeit with 18 remapped blocks, but honestly I just don’t trust it anymore.

theysaidyes? says:


Nate B says:

// , This is a good summary, Linus. Thanks

Thomas Sturges-Allard says:

I don’t get the appeal of large SSDs. The biggest benefit of a SSD is as a boot drive for a faster boot and more responsive operating system. There is no reason the average person should be putting thier downloads, documents, pictures, videos etc on an SSD – and I personally wouldn’t trust an SSD with important files. A Windows installation is only about 40GB with updates and some programs. That happily fits on a 120GB SSD.
Sure it’s nice to have faster game load times but a bog standard SATA SSD is just fine for that. The difference between a slow SSD and a fast SSD will be 1 second or less. Worthwhile for an OS but not for a given game.
To me theaffordable ideal that people should be aiming for is: Fast NvME PCIx4 128/250GB SSD for OS, 512 crappy SATA SSD for games and a HDD for files and more games.

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