Honest review: Samsung EVO 840 Solid State Drive

Hi everyone, new video that is very different from the usual video! I got this ssd from samsung and made a little “honest review” video about it. I hope this gives you guys some better insight about ssd’s and why they are exactly worth getting. If you have any questions about ssd’s feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @codecrafted 🙂

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Lego Stax says:


Grant says:

How did you get a partnership with samsung?

Zorm says:

Hmm a bit of a unusual video as you said :p Nais honest review

TheLMGN says:

Did any one notice he torrented Vagus because it says Registered to KHJ Team

Bot Geoff says:

At first I thought this was going to be like one of those smosh honest reviews lol glad I watched it though

Willdabeast says:

Just being Captain Obvious here, but that SSD only holds 250 GB of data. Since I want my gaming machine to have at least 1TB of storage, this would cost around $560. This is much more expensive than a 1TB hard drive running at 10K RPM. However, this kind of drive is only meant for your OS so it can speed up boot time. That said, most people rarely turn off their desktop computer, so improved boot time is only a small bonus at a fairly high cost. In the end, I don’t believe this is a very justifiable expense. Just my opinion, though.

SuperGeneralCrazy says:

Also SSD’s are better for traveling (using a laptop), since they aren’t as easily damaged as HDD’s.
Transporting the laptop, like taking it to school (for school purposes ofc.), might damage your HDD a huge amount if you haven’t got a way too fancy EXPENSIVE laptop case thingamajig, though an SSD could take more of all those thresholds etc. 😉

Please correct me if I am wrong 🙂

daniel vd poel says:

R u dutch?

Christian O says:

Here’s a link to the SSD on newegg for those considering:


This is a great, reliable buy and will not let you down. 

Here’s a NCIX Techtips video on how to properly configure your drives for an SSD:

How to properly configure the SSD as boot drive and HDD as storage drive

I highly recommend SSDs in general. They are faster than shown in this video when configured correctly and this one especially will not let you down. 

AnomalyTea says:

Some thoughts. 2nd load times are only applicable if you have the RAM for it and/or don’t use any other large programs. If you have a limited amount of RAM, opening Program 1, closing it, opening program 2, closing it, and opening program 1 again will be similar to opening it for the first time. In other words, low-RAM systems will benefit more than high-ram systems on 2nd opening times.

For gaming, only some games will benefit greatly from the SSD. Games such as Skyrim or Guild Wars 2 that have lots of loading every time you enter a new area will benefit greatly. Other games that have very infrequent loading or that require you wait for others to load (e.g. League of Legends) won’t see much, if any, benefit from the SSD.

The biggest benefactor of an SSD is Windows, though. It’s hard to quantify, but everything “feels” faster. That little 0.5-1.0 seconds of delay that happens on everything simply isn’t there anymore. Furthermore, that delay between the desktop booting up and it actually being usable is gone.

So what do I put on my SSD? Windows, most non-game applications, and a select few games that benefit from it. My standard HDD houses most of my games and all of my “data” files (my docs, my desktop, backups, etc).

Having used one, would I consider an SSD to be a staple component of any new PC build? Unless funds are super limited, you bet! Once you use one for a while then go back to a standard HDD, you’ll really feel the difference.

erwin van der linden says:

haha serieus ik wist niet dat je Nederlands was?

Andrew Donshik says:

It doesn’t cost anywhere near 200. I got this exact drive for $139.

Octopus Gaming says:

Am I weird because I turn my pc off every night…

Will T says:

Did you just give me a cat?

vagegast37 says:

omg I already have it

PatoTheBest says:

Are you back?

AVRIOX says:

I habe the same ssd and i just love it <3
But not quite as much as your videos 😉

Envatify says:

There isn’t a 3.5″ harddrive in a laptop, so it’s not that weight-effective

nbvdkamp says:

Why didn’t you compare gaming performance? SSD’s really lower loading times.

Niles says:

What pc specs?

HailgodMC says:

Most people only reboot their device every month? What? I do it on a daily basis. I guess us have real cheap electricity bills.

Hansbald says:

SSD’s are not a new thing WTF?
Also your SSD is
A: total shit
B: your PC is full of trash

22seconds is way to long
 my windows starts in 7~ and my programms on my SSD start instant

Riccardo Bestetti says:

Haha, coincidences. I got a 500GB 840 Evo just yesterday!

ollpu says:

My 60€ 60GB SSD (only OS on it) boots Windows 8 in like 12 seconds. From sleep it’s like two seconds. Maybe it has something to do with 7 vs 8 optimizations and also the fact that I have originally installed the OS on the SSD.

FIEX says:

Ok you did your research but I bought one of these 3 days ago for €120.. At every other store they were around that price.

TechnicallyCanadian says:

I got my Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250GB For 109 dollars!

legogo29 says:

I am shutting down my computer every night.

Tsuda Otatsuke says:

My thing is, I play HUGE video games. Like Captain Sparklez’ Ultra Modded Survival. Not to say other people don’t, so I’m sorry if it sounds that way, but I have a daily life, so when I do get on, I’m *Constantly* loading, quitting, reloading, etcetera.
So the question becomes: Would it be better for that sort of thing?

The answer won’t do me much good, as I’ve recently had my hard drive replaced, but it’ll be helpful for future reference.

foshiz97 says:

My boot up takes for ever. I press start then lie in bed for ~3 min waiting for the lock screen to come up. Then I go downstairs afterwards for it takes another 8 min for the desktop to show up. 🙁

PhantomPaint says:

2:55 Are you German? Because “starten” is german-

Anonymous71475 says:

I wonder why… most of my favourite YouTubers have changed… For example, this channel, Sethbling, pg5 and SkyDoesMinecraft. They have changed quite a bit, and I like their old selves better (some of them now uploads video rarely, and some of them uploads video that are not quite interesting anymore to me).

Mysticfocus says:

My computer boots faster on a 5400 rpm hhd then yours did on a ssd..

Blue_ says:

You ever gonna do a face reveal? 😀

MeeTonToE says:

Yeah, a thing to note is that any tasks that would work only on a hdd because it uses disks, would be dangerous for a ssd.

0X0Patrick0X0 says:

I don’t have an SSD but my pc still loads up in 25 seconds or so

Sponge . says:

Will an SSD make a difference in render times? More specifically photo, video, and C4D?
Also, awesome comparison 😀 I found it really useful. 

DirtDude117 says:

+CodeCrafted If you partition your hard drive so it uses the inner rings more than the outer it can extremely change it’s performance to help along with an SSD.

Christian Esposito says:

I have one… BEST SSF EVERRR!!!!

norXmal says:

Lel, ofc ssd is worth it, to have BIOS in it and never defrag it

TheRealCr4xy says:


EverybodyhatesGuugle+ says:

25 seconds into the video. Should you get an SSD? Yes. That was simple. Yes.

Guardiano says:

I have that SSD.
My computer just need 4.5 seconds for booting xD

Willem Me says:

haha lol ik wist niet dat jij nederlands was

ollpu says:

But you know, Windows doesn’t by default have a pagefile on the SSD, so the re-opened programs are mostly being read from hard drive.

Crushermach3 says:

At my house we shut down the computer when we’re not using it (conserves power, less chance of random freezing, etc.), so it has to boot up every time someone wants to do something. I think a SSD would be well worth it in my case.

Thijs Bakker says:

Are u dutch?

Ender ChannelNL says:

Ben jij Vlaams? Zoja zou je dan plz is een keer willen helpen met de redstone/command blocks bij onze server

Onze Skype zijn : Jurrieh en Nautbreedveld

Alvast bedankt

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