HDD vs SSD – What is the difference?

In this video I explain the difference between a HDD (hard disk drive) and an SSD (solid state drive). I also explain the difference between a desktop and a laptop drive, the difference between IDE and SATA and why you need a HDD or SSD in your computer.

Hardware.Info tests lifespan of Samsung SSD 840 250GB TLC SSD [Updated with final conclusion]

Endurance Test Shows Your SSD Might Have Legs to Last 1,000 Years:

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Xx BlueElectriCity xX says:

thank you

iwaheedin says:

thanks for this informative video

michael fawcett says:

thanks bud

VengefulSage says:

back in myyy dayy…we had MECHANICAL MOVING PARTS hard drives! along with 6 gb of base ram!! you damn kids dont know how good you have it with your 1tb ssd and 24 gb of RAM standard!! *shakes cane*

stfu old man. i GUARANTEE YOU that’s what it will be 😛

MaridethAnn says:

Great teacher! Thank you!

NorthEastIndia Youtube says:


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Mike!!! says:

This was very informative, thanks. I watched another video before this and you video is simpler and more effective at communicating important information.

rocko67 says:

Exactly the information I needed. Thank you sir!

David Crandall says:

If they are so great why did my new PC come with an HDD instead of an SSD?

Lindley Gover Radores says:

thank you. great tutorial

opeyemi beckley says:

Thank you. love the clarity.

Sanjay Shinde says:

Excellent. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Mohammed Hashim says:

Thanks a lot …..Really helpful video for me

Britto Bharathy says:

Thank you Carey, very well explained in depth 🙂 Liked & Subscribed

benedict mendes says:

very informative and advance knowledge thanks and god bless

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MYT MIC says:

thanks, I definitely learned a bit watching this

Lonely Heart says:

thank you for the very nice explanation

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Ranga Rao Sammeta says:

thanks carey

robert S says:

Great Video.

Krish Chavala says:

excellent i luv this

Shady Abo Assy says:

Great explanation, Thanks

Rolando Bustillo says:

great i will buy a new SSD and not new laptop! you’re cool!

Salty Arts says:

What if I want a SSD Hard drive but I dont want a laptop ?

Niranjan Ramesh says:

Straight to the point, sir you are a good teacher, thanks!

Nice Key says:

Best explanation

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