Gigabyte UD Pro SSD – Worth Buying? – Benchmarks & Review!

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In addition to the Samsung 860 EVO above, the other “premium drive” on the market is the Crucial MX500.

Crucial MX500 — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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Quickshot Gaming says:

Tech Deals can you explain what over provisioning is and what it does? It’s an option for me in Samsung Magician and I just set it to the recommended 10%, but I don’t know anything about it and google is spotty on information.

Daycube says:

Aren’t all these “off brand” re-brand ssd’s just those same Inland or Team group ones? Maybe that could be a video idea.

jack johnson says:

Tech Deals you make me so horny playing with those sexy ass SSD’s hehehe

Geoffrey Noonan says:

this guy always reminds me of data in star trek lol …keep up the videos A+ as always

Eldo Eldon says:

Hi there sir! Can you do a review of a Toshiba SSD TR200 240GB. Thanks in advance!

MrBroxMan says:

I saw this in lazada earlier (it was about 1500 peso which is roughly $28 for a 120GB version) and wondering if its better than the Kingston A400

Amitabha Saha says:

Even gigabyte make SMPS

ak das says:

I am using this drive for the last 1 month or so. It is a low budget beast. I haven’t encounter any problem with this drive whatsoever. It gets the job done very pleasantly. Having Toshiba mlc chip and controller it is one of the best budget ssd.good job gigabyte .good job Tech deals .

SantaHunter says:

The price differences are very small between SSDs and I don’t think it is worth saving a few bucks on it.. I would go with a Samsung SSD without even checking the prices at this point.. They are the best. End of story.

Ostap Kurtash says:

I have a dumb question: Is the m.2 interface faster than sata interface for sata ssd?

NayoNyan says:

Gigabyte ssds seem to be the cheapest here! o:

lordphenix2002 says:

Thanks for the review on this product, it was news to me. Gigabyte has also started producing their own brand of DDR4 RAM. They are clearly starting to branch out to explore the markets they haven’t been in before now.

Trevor S. says:

Can I transfer windows from a hard drive to anything but a Samsung SSD? (I built my pc)

Christian Macapayag says:

I’ll buy the 120 Gigabyte SSD. Thanks for your review!

Shadow Blade says:

just to let you know that some ssds don’t have the exact amount of space as advertised so it may be only 10gb more on the gigabyte or 9 or 8 etc.

Henrik Svensson says:

is the windows taskmanager
bugged because it showed me that is ut read DOOM 2016 at 2100MB/s when i booted it up its just a samsung 250evo i think?

faisal rahmat says:

i just want to upgrade my 4 years old laptop, is gigabyte 1 is good choice?

PersonalDroneRepair says:

Youtube is greying out your affiliate links .
All info is greyed out directly below your video .

xPillow says:

Is it advisable to partition my ssd ? to separate OS and games

tbone3366 says:

I would hit that max SSD endurance, I write and transfer so much stuff

kmeleon22 says:

I should be careful about the statement that Gigabyte makes excellent motherboards. After several months they make a cheaper revisioned motherboard that will guarantee fail 1-2 months after warranty period. AVOID GYGABYTE STUFF AT ALL COSTS.! A fair warning to potential buyers.

Joseph Zimmerman says:

These SSD reviews are getting repetitive. They’re also very similar to many of your build videos where you describe alternatives.

Junaid Williams says:

They make Ram aswel…lol

syst3m08 says:

Just wanted to mention the addlink S20 256GB SSD you covered a few months ago is now down from ~$60 to $46.

Mike H says:

Another great product review. It is a shame that Gigabyte even sent you such a small drive. With SSD’s selling around $200 price for a 1 TB, why buy anything smaller. I think most people would be better off getting the 1 TB over a 256 GB because they will fill up the smaller drive in no time at all.

SantaHunter says:

I just love how the intro has never changed since I started watching this channel.

> Build a castle of boxes on the table
> “Hello and welcome to Tech Deals!”
> Say the Full Product Name
> “Should you buy it? Why should you care?”

rager1969 says:

I downloaded CrystalDiskMark and ran the tests on my new laptop. The numbers looked weird and upon closer inspection, the testing criteria is different from what you show. Did you change them or is it perhaps due to the version I’m running? I’m on version 6.0.1 x64.

D.R DEAD says:

samsung 60 vs this which to buy

DoubleVendetta (*******Chance Cox*******) says:

Reason so many people are saying “Whooaaa, I didn’t know GIGABYTE made SSDs!” is because it’s a very new addition to their product stack.

JohnConnor333 says:

What I like about tech deals is that at the start of the vid he gets right to the point. Like one minute in he does the quick “spoiler alert,” of product reviewing then gets into details. Others have this frustrating format of trying to be funny with punch lines, and I would always skip to the very end where they are very brief about what the title of vid is in first place.

GameMaster57 says:

Alright nice SSD!

Vanlalchhanhima Vanchhawng says:

Bought few weeks ago

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