Finally A USB 3.1 Gen2 Drive! — WD My Passport SSD

We are finally seeing external drives take advantage of USB 3.1 gen2 Type-C interface 🙂 Here’s how a brand new WD My Passport SSD compares vs the highly praised Samsung T3 and PNY external SSD.

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Wes Perry says:

At first I was like, “Nooo! I just bought a T3!”
And then I was like, “Oh. … Whatever.”

Sladjan Nikolic says:

Have you ever tried to connect them to some mobile phone via otg… ? Is there any problem with recognition, etc… ?

Suhail Ahmed Khan says:

Do you have UASP Enable

amit mandal says:

Just wondering if there is any difference between external ssd drives and pen drives.

Md. Omar Faruque says:

Are you a Bangladeshi ?

Santiago Ferrari says:

How come this arab learn to speak proper english?

Lord Vader says:

is there a Gen 2 in Usb Flash drive ?

Sam Hyman says:

3:43 – 4:31 those difference are unnoticeable in real working day to day life.

techandtools says:

Cool external but that Cosmos 2 case stole the show.

davidhunternyc says:

I would rather have the Samsung T3, even if only because it is better looking and made with metal and rubber. The WD is partly made from plastic and looks cheap.

Leon Chen says:

Hey guys, I’m going to college in like 2 weeks should I pick one of those up to back up all my data since I’m going in the field of computer science?

Soul S. says:

You know what? Props to you guys, the cosmos sponsor vid, it was hilarious. Now, this is how you get people to buy shit!

chrismas says:

I have a solution for those who want the fastest ssd speeds possible. A Mac or PC with USB-C + a Startech M.2 enclosure with USB-C port allowing 10gbps and a 1TB Samsung 960 Pro or Samsung 960 EVO M.2 2280 drive. The speed is limited to 1250MB/s because of USB-C but hopefully manufacturers will produce a Thunderbolt 3 M.2 enclosure soon with 40gbps speeds. Wow, this is blowing my mind.

James Thomson says:

USB 3.1 connection but only USB 3.0 performance. Marketing BS.

Trusteft says:

As for the drive itself. It looks fine, but I avoid any WD products as I have terrible history with them. I mean the worst.

Sondelschrottis says:

god damn that case. retro but still 2017. need to see a review

Mohan Pednekar says:

It looks like it will break into two pieces anytime, although it probably won’t. Bad design in terms of looks. It should look strong too.


One day humans are absolute because of robots I’m just saying something random

Exiled Void says:

you can use ramdisk for testing to lessen the internal drive read and write for testing your usb ssd

Morten Olsen says:

In my country the 512 GB version of this costs about 250 USD and the 1 TB costs 485 USD.. That is just fucking insane!!!

Mehmet Filiz says:

good video

Osimmac says:

i don’t get why you said “you really can’t compare them because this one is 4x the price of the other one”
that right there is a comparison, you can totaly compare them because unlike the HDD, the SDD is shock resistant, over 10x faster, and a lot smaller. I think thats worth the price difference

poor writing m8’s.

DiscoR53 says:

I’ve had T3 and didn’t like how the software works been going back-and-forth between PC and Mac.

Co Co says:

What about TRIM? Is it built in?

Joe Chen says:

And this stuff is cheaper than both pny and samsung. I am so regretted to purchase a pny portable ssd.Gosh

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