Drevo X1 SSD 240GB Review – Cheap, Good, Fast SSD!

Amazon US Link (Affiliate): http://amzn.to/2r6tJO3
Amazon UK Link (Affiliate): http://amzn.to/2qyu731
Drevo Website: http://www.drevo.us/product/drive
Nicolas11x12 reviewing the Drevo X1 SSD 240GB SSD.

Manufacturer: Drevo
Model: DRE X1 240GB

Full Specifications:


ZX 10R says:


kiardo the First says:

The SSD is great but when I got mine it was owned by a company called Hectron. Everything was exactly the same apart from the name, it even had the X1 and same design box and it cost me £20 less aswell. My guess is the Hectron company went under and Drevo bought it and pushed the price up abit. Great review BTW

EGM Luthier says:

I’m still on the fence about this company. Myself and five other people purchased the 120Gb Drevo SSD on EBAY yesterday for 17.99 USD. I can’t get any response from the seller or any of the others selling the same product on line. I think it might be a rip off.

M J says:

I just purchased one then came here for the review.
Will check how it goes tomorrow.

Harryw007 says:

One correction: the memory is mlc not tlc – another reason to buy it!

WixSer says:

im getting one of these soon i payed £54 for mine, it will give new life to my laptop compared to my 160gb sata 2 WD Black Scorpio 7200rpm 6 year old hard drive which is for sure dying 🙂

root8ble says:

is it still good and reliable?

Jake Mize says:

This SSD compare nicely to the Sandisk Ultra II which I have right now. Looks like a good buy if I ever need more space. Just wondering about how long it will last….I guess you just never know. I have never had a hard drive fail, but I know it can happen.

Hiroo Matsunaga says:

Can you review the Aerocool LS5200?

Illidan Stormrage says:

Thats why im still subbes to your channel because you make good reviews to less known brands

Yakuza says:

drevo keeps saying its MLC,a re you sure its TLC?

Antonio Librero says:

hello! i bought DREVO X1 120GB, and its operatyng temperature is 42º-45º C (CPU 0%)
In this review i have seen 24º C. i cant believe it!
Is my SSD broken?
out my laptop, switched to conector USB, 39º-42º operating temperatures…
I hoped lower temperatures….

The perfectcionist Kenneth Cole says:

this one o the samsung 840 pro? i have both at the same price i don’t know witch one its better samsung?

Joe Blow says:

what type of cell? im guessing tlc

tigerbalm says:

Anything less than 240GB is useless! I used a 100 gb ssd for OS and I has only 8GB left!

TS66 says:

Also there is a pro version (128gb) for just 5 euros more. Anyone know how it’s better than the standard 120gb Drevo x1 ?

mbsfaridi says:

Nice that you showed the inside components.

Janus Lab Reviews says:

how did you open the drive?

Brandon Harrelson says:

Thanks for being like the only channel with an English review of this SSD. Looking to put an SSD in my new budget build. Stuck between this one or spending like $10 more and getting the ADATA SU800 256GB.

The_dude says:

orderd one for £55

Dwayne Stimpson says:

Its MLC nand, not TLC

TS66 says:

Says it doesn’t come with software to copy over your old HDD. Any suggestions on something free that will get the job done easily?

root8ble says:

what is the maximum number of writes of this ssd? nothing written on its website.. I asked the seller on ebay.. he said 1000 … I guess it’s 1000 writes? which seems super low

Dark Light Entertainment says:

You could get 2 of the 480gb, and for only $220 you have nearly a terabyte of SSD storage. AWESOME!

tennu says:

in finland 240gb ssd starts at 100euros and I can get this ssd from ebay only for 54euros . what a price difference 🙂

Eternal Bliss says:

bought the 120gb one, i hope it works fine.

scroeffie says:

is it stil working

Lutz Peyton says:

Another thing, the “non-pro” 60GB model can only get 90 MBPS Write and 500MBPS Read…

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