DON’T Buy A Portable Drive Without Watching This…

Samsung T5 Portable SSD (USA Link) –
Samsung T5 Portable SSD (International) –

The Samsung T5 portable SSD might be the perfect solution for ultra portable media transfer. With speeds of up to 540MB/s it’s easily capable of editing 4K video footage. It comes in various capacities including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Also of note, the 250GB and 500GB drives come in the bright bluish tone shown in this video. The larger 1TB and 2TB version of the drive are black.

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M.C. Wynn says:

Why not a Thunderbolt connection? Those are faster, no?

CDN Adrian says:

Damn he is a good salesman!

Diego resendez sanchez says:

Would this be a good way to have windows on mac using bootcamp?

Tabish BIn Sabir says:

What u do with ur mac to make it so black matte.. is it skin? Which one…??

Bond James Bond says:

Probably have a standard MSATA drive inside if pulled apart. Update: Yes, I was right, it contains a standard MSATA drive internally which can be removed and placed into any usb 3.1 usb SATA enclosure with MSATA adapter and how that same result. Nothing but a manufacturer’s gimmick.

WestFields says:

I recently purchased a new windows computer. I am looking to transfer my files from my old Mac AND my older hp computer as well. Will I be able to transfer files i.e. pictures, music, video, documents from those computers to my new one with this device?

Austen McNeal says:

I like how he mentions the price point right off the bat doesn’t do that always but it’s appreciated when he does in my opinion

Fruitgushiee says:

Hi guys, I need help. I recently bought the new Macbook Pro only 128GB I want to buy an external drive, I just don’t know what to buy. Either the LaCie Porsche Design 1TB, or Samsung T3/T5 SSD 500GB. I want to use the drive as extended storage I do understand SSD is better obviously, but it is pricey and you can get HDs with more storage for much cheaper. I will basically be using the drive as sort of a main storage since 128 is essentially nothing, and I was thinking of even partitioning the drive and installing windows (Maybe). So please help, do I really need the SSD or is the LaCie HD good enough? I want to buy either/or ASAP! Thank you!

Daniel Wiberg says:

When using this SSD my Bluetooth mouse goes nuts and skips all over the screen. Is that something that happens with SSDs? If so, how do I fix it?

AuthlenchalRB says:

Some one help so can it be used a a regular hard drive

Shadow Heart says:

can you install windows on it? and boot it?

KVN says:

Game changer! Also, sick laptop case, Lewis! What kind is it?

Divyang Choudhary says:

Can you install Windows 10Pro on this drive using bootcamp?

João Pedro Nogueira says:

My T3 just failed… these are not reliable drives.

Lucas Rocha says:

I can use as external ssd and install windows on it ? (mac os in macbook ssd and windows 10 on T5 external )

PKB Vlogs says:

can i install operating system like win10 on this ssd ??? can anyone help me about this matter?

Max Mustermann says:

way too big. It appears to be the same size as 2.5″ Hard drives. Why?
SSD cases are mostly empty. Look at NVMe SSDs… it could be basicaly as small as a USB stick…. well, it just should be a USB stick…

j lin-hsien Kung says:

Does this thing work w/ IPads? Theres an image of one connected to an IPad on their site but as far as i’ve read … nothing conclusive. Comments? Suggestions?

Reza Nia says:

Can you use that T5 as a bootable drive for a desktop?  Or only for storage?  Thanks for the video!

Johan Thomas says:

where can I get that brixton cap Lew is wearing?

ihavecojones says:

lol if i want 500GB of compact data storage i get myself a few of those flash disks or SD cards.

Alonzo Hicks says:

I’d like to see a review from you on a certain debit black card.

Talal1190 Hasan says:

something like that with that price same as the s8 plus it need a IP68 included that will be so freaking awesome…

Shinobi TwentyTwo says:

What kind of speeds can you get with usb 3?

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