Dell Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD review: Pricey and powerful storage

Backup or transfer all your video, music, photography or other large files at lightning fast speeds up to 2800 MB/second with the Dell Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD. See at Dell:

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rein jonathan thomas says:

What happen if you connect it to non thunderbolt port?

Marcus Bennett says:

SO I hate to be hypercritical BUT ….. I had to wait how long for you to tell me exactly how fast this drive was, and secondly why not include all the performance stats from CrystalDisk mark not the headline number. Thanks for the review anyway, it will nudge most of us to look at third party (almost zero cost) equivalent ebay (usually from Hong Kong) options.

TV Tech says:

You said the fan keeps the disc cool,I think you should have said keeps the chip cool,Greetings from Pelham NH.

Chemy Torres says:

That’s faster than the team on my computer, but more expensive than my computer, although needed and a bargain for several people.
Nice points and nice video Dan, liked as always.

zakius says:

is it NVMe? and can we get win to go on it to use it as a perfect, instant sync of whole envionment? and what about.. fanless version, come on…

Ammar Bin Mahmud Prottoy says:

2:41 which phone it is?

Abdullah Seba says:

If you don’t quite need these speeds, the Samsung T5 is or the HyperX HXS3 is a much better option.

s Jones says:

My laptop has this as default anyway.

Eli Czaplinski says:

I really can’t wait for these prices to come down.

Allan Sh says:

Can I pry it open and put a larger drive inside?

Nguyên says:

when money is not an issue….

GBCAwesome says:

I don’t think a hack will exist to make it work on SB2 as the SSD uses a Thunderbolt interface which is not backwards compatible with USB-C ports. It’ll work with TB2 or TB1 with an adapter but not USB ports

Jermaine Crump says:

It’s just not worth the price … I’ma wait 2 more years lol

Kwok Chong Chen says:

Does this means that transfering 5GB files require only 1 second?

Mohammed Hussain says:

I haven’t seen this before!?!?

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