Crucial MX500 Vs. Samsung 860 Evo – The Best 2.5″ Sata SSD of 2018 is…?

What’s the best 2.5 Sata 3 SSD can buy in 2018? Well today I take a look at the two heavy weights in terms of value for money and also quality, these are the Crucial MX500 1TB and also the 860 EVO 1TB from Samsung. And the results were quite suprising ^^.

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CrashPilot1000 says:

Yep any SSD will do compared to a mechanical drive. BTW I am still using a Intel SSD X25-M 160GB in my old Q9550 computer. So thank you very much for your comparison. If I were you I would RAID-0 those 500GB drives together and do a benchmark just to see how fast you can get on Sata compared to nvme.

Kaade Subrattee says:

Can you give us a review on budget GPU’s that can be purchased at this current time for 1080p gaming, i’m guessing they would have to be 2 gig cards, or older used GPU’s for builds like these. I know it’s not relevant to this vid lol. Just asking….

Felix R says:

I bought a Crucial BX 100 250GB 2.5 years ago and it still holds up perfectly

Patrick Sjöholm says:

Thanks for the great review. Looks like all reviewers like these drives. I currently have a Ryzen 7 1700X build with a 5 year old Corsair Neutron 256GB boot drive (140GB used) and a WD black data drive with 173GB in games. Should I get the MX500 as a new boot drive and put the old Corsair as a data drive. Or, should I get the EVO 960 as boot drive? Or, leave the Corsair as boot and put the MX500 as data drive? In short, is the 960 worth double the money (per GB) currently and would I notice any difference between the corsair and the MX500 or 960 EVO? P.S. I don’t move large files regularly. I use my PC for games, multi browsers, SQL management, RDP and very occasional Premiere and Photoshop use…

Randall Lawkin says:

I can’t wait for Toshiba new nvme chip will change the game and cheaper

taipeitaiwan10 says:

Got my 1TB 850 evo for $230 in 2016. Feeling good about it 🙂

Kelvin KMS says:

You forgot to mention about endurance 860 EVO 1TB is 600TB write. MX 500 1TB is 360TB write.

` says:

Still have my ocz vertex 2 😉

Death Rager says:

i got a main drive which is a samsung 850 evo 500 gigs, a secondairy drive which is one of those old ones lmao 1TB, and gonna get another ssd 1TB but this time from crucial, reasoning? price difference. plain and simple, not that the samsung is bad not at all , but why not? money doesnt grow on my back.

Kari Sinkko says:

You know what else gets a yes your video editing production it’s just gone through the roof!

George Indestructible says:

I can confirm the same speeds on my half full mx500 500GB it’s a very nice ssd and my first ssd i have it since last summer and it’s doing great, not problems and incredibly fast, win 10 boot in 8 seconds

Eric Zauche says:

doesnt even matter really since almost all ssd’s hit sata3 limits

Fernando Salazar says:

Why doNOT they just do the SSD’s with the same architecture of the M.2 NVME if the NVME is much faster, they could make an SSD similar to having two M.2 put together inside as a Raid0

AngryPunish3r says:

Samsung for life !

Saksham Goyal says:


DIY Tech says:

I havs touched the crucial ( O.O )/ THOUGH cant buy one. It felt good. And these things are light AF. And fast AF and expensive AF.

Joshua_Natasha Schroeder says:

Have both the mx500 and 860 evo drives and absolutely love them both.


Hey Brian, so I know the chances of you seeing this are very slim, but I have a question for you. A while back I bought a supposedly broken OCZ Vector 128GB SSD for 10 CAD used. I got it home and it was being detected in the BIOS but not Windows. I’ve tried all the little things, including power cycling and some commands in command prompt since the drive might’ve been hidden, but nothing has worked. Any ideas? Do you think I didn’t power cycle long enough (I tried it two times with 20 minute intervals, but my patience is short AF).

Ryan says:

hey brian id just like to say im a big fan of yours and i appreciate your videos. I have restored an old del xps 410 with a core 2 quad 6700, 8gb ddr2, 600 watt psu and rx 470 for my 6 yr old son to play games with but its still not to my liking. I have a person whos selling an old custom full tower with psu, case, i5 2400, 8 gb ddr3 and a gtx 760 for 100$ or should i get an old hp z400 workstation with psu, case, dvdrw, 12 gb ddr2 in triple channel, w3675 with no os and hd for 150$. Do you think i should jump on either and which one? And install a ssd and add 16 gb ddr3 or ddr2 depending for my son and how much of a difference do you think it would make? The division gets around 40-50 fps with his current setup in 1080p low detail and black ops 3 gets about 50-60 fps in 1080p all with low detail on. The stutters are kinda annoying in division and it also has some menu quirks in game not pulling up straight away. I got him the one x for christmas but id like to get him away from that and solely into pc gaming with me for bf1 and some other fps and rpg games. Remember he has the rx 470 card i bought for 155$ at best buy to use so the gtx 760 i can sell on ebay.

Jimmy O says:

When are we going to get a Dad Man VR video?

Deku says:

i have a i7 6700 gtx 960 and 8g of ddr3 ram shud i put 8 more gb ram to have 16 or get an ssd ? whats better

Daniel Evans says:

Thanks man, good video as always.

Adam Smith says:

Love you

GPEART1 says:

You can use AOMEI Partition assistant standard (free edition) to transfer your o/s to SSD, it works great. It is a recommended software, the paid version also has extra advanced features. Helpful tip for Tech YES City viewers. It also can EXPAND partitions on disks, which is also really cool.(Windows only lets you shrink partitions.)

simkarte123 says:

I need a bigger SSD currently have a SanDisk Ultra II 120gb… way too tiny (also have a 2TB & 1 TB HDD)

N1mro8 says:

No samsung 850 in the benchmarks, why is that?

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

what’s a conchuma?

placksheep says:

I’ve been rocking a couple crucial SSDs for years now and I really like them. I’d rather not pay the premium for the Samsung name if the performance isn’t demonstrably better.

Pozzo Lahiri says:

How about (kind of )accidental power loss protection that crucial claims to have?

phimac10 says:

Good review. Thanks.

OverDose665 22 says:

I just got a Samsung SSD drive it’s great

egene thebest says:

>cloning software
aka shit windows plebs need
just use DD

Saksham Goyal says:


Duffimus Prime says:

Crucial any day a friend of mine has had 2 Samsung evo’s fail. I on the other had have had the same 64GB crucial since 2011

Adam Smith says:

Make more videos plz bro keep it up

Unisys says:

Kingdian review pls

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