Crucial MX500 SSD Review – Best SATA Option!

Crucial has a Trifecta here. Excellent performance, quality and price, makes the MX500 the best choice overall for a storage device in your PC, in my opinion. Just don’t think I’m saying this SSD is going to come close to NVMe speeds though, and everything will be fine. Check out the links below for more info!

Closer Look – 2:04
Acronis Cloning – 3:47
Testing Results – 6:53
Conclusion – 11:25

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camelCased says:

But, as with many products, the question is how will it behave after a year of active use? Will it still have the same performance or will it slow down? Remember the old Evo 840 slowdown bug…

And now we have also Western Digital Blue 500GB to compete with other 3D NAND SSDs.

Nerfer squad says:

do you install acronis on the ssd or the drive you want to clone?

S. Miller says:

Good video my friend! I just bought a 2Tb MX300 in June 2017. Now, I’m considering on upgrading to the MX500. LOL

The Hardware Hound says:

NOOOOOO!!!! Sorry guys. I failed EPICALLY on this review and I hope you can forgive me. I completely missed the opportunity to say this important thing. It is absolutely “Crucial” that you consider this SSD for your build. =D

MrMethadrine says:

Doesnt the noise and heat of the pc bother you having it on the desk right next to you?

「Vythal」 says:

Decided to pick up a 500gb one for my $620 R5 2400g. Excited to be building my first PC.

CastAway_Dave says:

I want that lamp:)

Mark Walker says:

Is the cloning software available for Mac?

Oscar Jung says:

It is a little hard to get excited for a new SATA SSD…. i mean what the F*** changed…

Eric Witte says:

Mlc and most 3d drives should pretty much be right at sata limits and have similar io. Tlc and extreme budget may tank with io load. And 128GB and lower.

mujjuman says:

how do u predeict it will be regarding longevitiy

Cleison Manrique says:

Hi . I want to know if I can put Crucial mx500 in my laptop (TOSHIBA CLICK 2 PRO P30W ) ?
Please I am not sure

Jose Chable says:

Is this better for a laptop? I see a normal HDD has 0.55A of power consumption, while this SSD has 1.7A! that’s a lot of difference, do you think upgrade to SSD for a laptop 2nd drive (first is a Kingston 128 M.2) is good? i just want SSD for storage but i think the battery will drain faster D:

FanBoys KillGames says:

Holy fucking shill lord, get to the fucking point…

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