Crucial MX300 750GB SSD Review – Marvel the Marvell Controller

I recently got Crucial’s MX300 750GB model in for review and when testing it and also examining it, I was pleased to see that not only did it contain my favourite controller onboard but that said controller (of course Marvel), performed very well in the benchmarks.

The interesting thing about this drive is it uses a combination of SLC based memory for caching, (i.e. the part that will get worked the most) and TLC 3d nand based for the mass storage option, this in turn helps bring down the cost of the drive, but at the same time giving the end user a very balanced and still consistent work horse for whatever applications they need it for.
Also when I talk about gaming I am referring to of course loading levels and the initial game itself and getting consistently fast loads, which shouldn’t affect the majority of games / gamers, but it can still make for turning a decent experience into an amazing one (think MMO’s and games with at times large loads – GTA 5 for example).

You can get the Crucial SSD here:
Aus –
UK –
Canada –


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des says:

Sorry i have a question! After I removed the hard drive and I replaced it with the ssd, how do i use it??

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:


Self Sufficiency says:

threw one of these in my mid 2010 macbook pro along with 8gb or ram and absolutely no improvement on performance whatsoever in Dolphin emulator. it at best has sped up my basic system operations but was not the solution for gaming

CariagaXIII says:

Crucial is more stable while samsung is faster

americanv8ss says:

I have 2 MX300 750GB and an old MX100 512GB. The MX100 performs better.

J Mack says:

Hi!.. the MX300 275 GB for 70$ OR the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for 89$ ??? Good Video.

Lawrence Timme says:

Video from down under. I don’t get why it’s not upside-down

Tom Mullins says:

I just picked up 2 of these while I was in the states… Lots of value here

MrApplewine says:

Has anyone done game load times between Crucial MX300 and Samsung EVO 850 !??!?

simon burgess says:

crucial m.2 mx300 275gb in raid 0 over 1.000 read speed

Ramsey Sanchez says:

I shoot on 2 x 256 gb CFast cards on my camera and I bought the this ssd at 525gb, so I can dump the files onto the ssd and edit off of it. I bought an inatek casing to work off of it and also, I have a Mac Pro 2010 that i plan to just plug it into when im home. Is this crucial going to be effective for 1080/4k editing? I’ve done some work off of my current sandisk 480gb ssd and it does a decent job. although after im done producing the video, exporting the video takes nearly 8-10 times longer than usual.

C. L. K says:

Got the 750 GB for $100 USD.

OfficialDreamArts says:

Can this somehow be installed on a macbook pro retina early 2015?

Tophyy says:

So is the 1tb version of this any better or just more storage?

Handarand says:

Does it fit with Asus P8P67 LE motherboard?

HitManHey says:

£150 for 750gb ssd? I’ll be having that for my next build!

Ng Khan Mein says:

@bryan i really hope your next review on ssd is more in depth on the technically side.

Gamevet says:

I’ve been using the Crucial MX100 (512GB) for over a year. I think that it is great bang for the buck.

Is it the fastest SSD out there? No, but for the price it performs very well.

I’ll look into getting this SSD really soon


Whats the speed on the OS load up? just curious

Emanuell Lovnički says:

i am thinking to buy it! 750gb and good quality speed.. its not bad for 170€

Nicholas Dluge says:

If you guys are in the US you might be able to get it as a micron bulk drive for between 10-20 bucks cheaper then crucial sells it for. you can grab a micron 480gb bulk for 99 bucks the same drive as the mx 200 at micro-center for 10-15 less.

Self Sufficiency says:

i take it no matter what upgrade i perform the graphics are just not going to let me get really far. GT 330 @ 256 MB just wont cut it, im going to need a new machine. thanks for hyping up this drive, its not that great

erik rod says:

Just ordered the 1tb version. Using it strictly for steam and origin game folders.

Arnamo says:

would you recommend this over an evo 850?

Zio Oren says:

Just got this 750GB for $90! Was gonna buy the 850Evo 250GB for $109 but glad I didn’t.

Jordan Collins says:

+TechYesCity how did you get that font for windows 10 the words look different? if you reply thanks man

dontworrychild says:

i got the 1tb variant for $349 AUD from kogan with free shipping 🙂

HitManHey says:

What’s with all the pastel coloured lettered icons on youtube?

csjdruid says:

Is it on par with the hyper savage?

gideon ruben says:

i hope you will reach 1m subs

Nintendork says:

10GB is not really that much to test the controller, 50-70GB would be better.

Drake Owens says:

G’day Bryan, good review. A couple of places(2:25, 3:05) where the audio didn’t sync with the video.

Razor Blade says:

Notice that ghetto pink bubble gum used as TIM.

Rick Cooper says:

Brian you need to try AnvilBenchmark one of best for testing SSD’s and well ram disks or hardrives for performance very thorough testing procedure and gives much better real world test results.

Rami Bos says:

Does 1050Gb model has the same Marvel controller and write consistency with large files?

rehan arif says:

Hey brain what motherboards are compatible with the e5640

PinballWizzard42 says:

This might be one of the first affordable SSD’s that can replace an HDD entirely. $183 for a 750gb is pretty damn good if you ask me. The samsung 850 evo drive is $160 for a 500gb or $300 for a 1tb drive.
This is actually one of the cheapest SSD on newegg right now that’s 500gb or over

David Hodgin says:

What’s a marble controller

glynn mckay says:

just got me 2 of them for 250 euros from black fryday rock on raid with them 🙂

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