Computer Hardware Review: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Solid State Drive with 3D V-NAND

Installing an SSD in your PC is one of the single best upgrades you can make to improve day to day performance. Let’s take a look at Samsung’s newest solid state drive the 250GB 850 EVO!

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jouni mäenpää says:

bought this today 250 GB version..ok disk

Beastly G says:

Numbers… numbers… ooh,  a Movie! 😀 
I really need to go SSD.  I still have crappy 7200 rpm HDs that click and drag,  they’re probably dying.

Andres Hutten says:

Finally someone that explain the different technologies of controller SLC, MLC, TLC…
Great video!

Δημητρης Μακριδης JactussMusic says:

We have the same Case!But your cables need fixed 😛

Matti lituingen says:

I bought it in japan for <80$.

MadoriTom says:

My box the ssd came with just shows v-nand on it, while every other box picture has 3d v-nand, is it usual or normal?

lovestogame2012 says:

its now 59.99 gbp is it with it

Cody's Tech says:

I just bought mine today for $79 wow

Fastcars Barcelona says:

I bought exact same model today however when i run the test on crystaldiskmark, i am having Read: 285 mb/s, Write: 271 mb/s at SEQ. How can i achieve 500 mb/s with this drive? thanks

Chris Weaver says:

dude I love how I just bought one and I watched this because I’m excited and yet I end up watching night of the living dead lol.

Maarten Smits says:

The 120 gb version did not come with an micro sata to usb 3.0 cable 🙁

mallvin2000 says:

Which is better. The 850 evo or 850 pro?

daan boer says:

I love that cable management @ 2:52 ;p nice video btw 🙂

Hilo says:

I recently bought this SSD, it hasn’t come in yet but I will probably be restarting my computer all day to see the boot speeds xD

Mitche23 says:

Minecraftgamer HD 
Yes, SSD do get slower as they fill up, recommend to leave 10 to 15% free for normal operation

Ratherkool says:

Now did you install this drive with UEFI bios settings mode ?
or was it regular installing with just MBR from windows OS ?
every one should know installing it with UEFI mode bios your drive boots up loads faster then in MBR installing settings.
and UEFI mode bios helps protect your SSD drive from malware and viruses from getting installed on your SSD drive !

Robert Ledford says:

Microcenter: SKU#553727
850 EVO Series 250GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5″ Internal SSD $89.99

keving52002 says:

i  had a Kingston Hyper x it lasted for two maybe two and a half years. wonder what happened . Thought it was supposed to last longer ,I have mechanical hard drives that are at least 12 years old that still work.

Zapren Kostadinov says:

Hi. What would I need to migrate my HDD to this one? Just a single SATA3 to USB cable?

Adroel Rostata says:

I bought this drive couple of weeks ago. Restart over Shut Down Ratio went up exponentially. Worth every penny.

Hoss Cartwright says:

My CPU cache is faster ;-D

Isaac Cloud says:

I need to finally upgrade and add an SSD. Prices are definitely going in the right direction.

Kristopher Michaels says:

I want to switch over but for the size we have now it would cost us a hell of a lot of money to switch to Terabytes hard drives. When they come down more (Glad they are coming down) they will be must haves.

Frederick Hovin says:

I like the “… I don’t care about the unboxings…” in the Kodak.. It has more swag.. :v This one is cool too.. Hahaha.. It’s unique.. You have to put it more often..

Dominick Buffaline says:

i have a 2007 dell inspiron 1501 will this drive do the job?

Jeffrey Nguyen says:

i wish i could speak as fluently as you. i stutter and pause a lot, even though it’s all fresh and understood in my head

warren kelley says:

I need one nooow!

Peter Anfindsen says:

going to pick up the 850 evo at microcenter for 69…hope it is faster thasn my old mushkin

Bare says:

I have a Western digital black 1Tb I’m wondering will the 250gb will be enough only to store my windows and csgo/steam things in it

song luc says:

might be a stupid question, but which is faster?? the 850evo or 850pro? ?

Kristopher Michaels says:

One question… How does the movie end?

Steven Anderson says:

I got mine with tax and shipping 115.00 ps.mine is also a 250

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