Buying a Solid State Drive (SSD): Everything You Need to Know

PCMag’s Executive Editor for hardware explains how to buy an SSD and the key concerns to keep in mind: understanding SSD interfaces, bus types, core memory technologies, and capacities. This SSD buying guide supplements our guides to the Best M.2 SSDs and the Best SSDs for Upgrading Your Laptop.

The Best M.2 Solid-State Drives of 2018

The Best SSDs for Upgrading Your Laptop is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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kentokae says:

OMG I was falling asleep on this video for lack of sleep lately and he sounds like Kermit the Frog talking about computers.

TheBaldr says:

Which is better a 2.5 SATA or a 6GB/s mSATA? Oh, wait you didn’t even cover mSATA SSDs.

James Harris says:

I bought an M2 drive suggested by Drobo for a 5N. I waited a long time for it to arrive from China, put it in and it worked for about a month or so then quit. The online store I bought it from replaced it with the same thing and after another long wait it ran for a month or so then also quit. No more M2 drives for me.

pev says:

Pro tip: The next time you have a mobo on a table and use it for demonstrating slotting something in (or out), make sure it is stable, e.g. rest it on a foam block or a folded towel 🙂 It is quite awkward to watch your mobo rocking back and forth on its corners!

Zac Crone says:

A Samsung drive and a Gigabyte motherboard. Doesn’t get any worse than that.

M4TT YN says:

that case…. 8:41… omg what bargain bin that came from!?

HeliRy says:

If you put a PCIE M.2 into a SATA bus though… it’ll still work, right? Just only at the SATA speeds and not the x3 or x4 of the PCIE lane.
I think….

aj lantican says:

Thanks for the info Tobey Maguire

John Lupo says:

Yo don’t have to keep saying “HERE”

vu le says:

What is the difference between optane memory Vs optane SSD?

Morten O.T. says:

Nvme is the best M.2 choice. Generally much faster than regular m.2/sata

Mitch says:

Great information, great video

Ivan Ivanov says:

Samsung Evo 960 !

Jay _ says:

I appreciated the overview of different optane types.

Doc Lex says:

you need to know which one is cheaper, cause they are all pretty much the same… and right now, they are pretty cheap when you compare them with what they used to cost just a year or two ago… I payed my first 120GB almost 100euro, and today you can buy 500GB for less, and much better speeds and quality… no need to play nice with them, copy-paste-delete as much as you want!!!

nathan sasser says:

there’s QLC as well

seven henson says:

Wow. Good explanation for IT idiot like me. Learnt a lot. Thanks!

Ryan Zmuda says:

very good. need b/m differences to

Baa! says:

Think of SSD vs HDD as popping into Starbucks VS buying a jar of coffee. Sure it’s quicker to pop into Starbucks but a jar lasts much longer. I don’t care if I’m the last person on Earth to use a HDD I won’t buy into something dearer with less storage capacity and less of a lifetime even if it is a little bit faster.

Tom Van Alst says:

Nice overview of SSD/Nand drive options. I would like to see retro fit of these drive types for older IDE or PCI slot’s.

Hello World says:


Red Zone says:

Makes it more complicated than it really is. Sorry not informational but overcomplicated.

Nitro Express says:

hasn’t this “expert” heard about ESD straps?

Sir Asbjorn says:

And u forgot to mention SAS!!!

prakash kumar says:

But how would I know which interface my mother support?? Is there any software or i have to open the motherboard

Satanic Lives Matter says:

Mac users pay attention!

Ahmed Saleh says:

Thanks for the video!

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