Best SSDs for Gaming 2016 – Cyber Monday & Black Friday

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Our SSD buyer’s guide for 2016’s best SSDs, particularly with a focus on gaming. We talk NAND types, endurance, speed, WAF, and more.


Plextor M7V 128GB ($50):
HyperX Savage 240GB ($97):
Crucial MX300 525GB ($110):
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB ($130):
Intel SSD 600p 512GB ($150):
Plextor M8Pe 512GB ($220):
Samsung 850 EVO 2TB ($585):

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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electrobone says:

@11:37 Hey Gamers Nexus, about the Plextor, you say ‘if you don’t have an M.2 slot, this PCIe addon is an option.’
Alltough i wonder if that is the case. Let’s assume I have an older motherboard with PCIE3 x16 slot, but no M.2 slots, would i be able to get full performance out of the PCIe3 x16 NVMe SSD? Does my motherboard need to support NVMe harddrives? Does my motherboard need to support the NVMe protocol at all? What if my motherboard only supports AHCI protocol (SATA)? Do I need a BIOS update in order for it to support the new tech?
I read somewhere:
– Some motherboards support both protocols, while others only support
one of them for boot drives. If yours only supports AHCI for boot
drives, no matter what you connect your NVME drive (PCIE or M.2 slot) it
won’t let you boot from it.
– New motherboards support both protocols so you can connect the NVME
drive anyway you want and it’ll work at full speed and let you boot from
it. So whether you get a PCIE M.2 device or an onboard one, you’ll be

By the way I have an ASUS B85M-G mobo.
Thanks in advance!

Drew Smith says:

no sammy pro ..fck me dead pants

tigerbalm says:

I was thinking about the M.2…but it doesn’t seem worth it being 2x the price of SSD. I rather get a Sammy 850 with double capacity until M.2 is maybe only 25% more expensive. Boot ups on SSD is really fast ~20 secs, fine with me!

Dan L says:

I’m getting 1TB 960 Pro and 2TB 850 EVO SATA SSD for games and set SATA SSD as main bootable storage device to replace with traditional HDD which is Western Digital Black 3TB.


Should straight to the point

Jamie Boxall says:

Such a helpful video thanks

Jester gas says:

you need to pronounce and speak a bit more clearly

Gandhabba says:

hy need help,is the hiperx X fury ssd 480g good has the samsung 850 evo 500g?

DAVID H says:

lol, love the bloopers at the end of the videos.

roogac says:

I can get 750GB Crucial MX300 for 129€(136 USD) today. Should i go fo it for my main drive?

Gamers Nexus says:

Hey everyone! Article is linked in this comment & the description, along with all the SSD links. We’re about to start publishing some more SSD reviews (again), as we developed the methodology a year or two ago and have only deployed it a few times. Now, with a suite of SSDs to test, we’re planning a revisit for the end of the year. Pretty excited to dig back into solid-state tech and NAND, as there’s a lot of new technology to discuss in that space. Other immediate content includes a laptop overhaul for our resident video editor, which pretty drastically improved his render performance.

Vadym Mykhaylyuk says:

Damn those prices are CHEAP AF in USA…

Capital_STEEZ says:

You forgot Crucial’s SSD 780gb for 180 bucks sounds like the best SSD deal out there.

BUDA20 says:

Kingston Hyper X Fury has almost 12 times more endurance that the Savage model and other similar SSDs

caged lion says:

samsung pro is the fastest

Anikeru Gaming says:

is it ok if I choose a cheap SSD? Crucial MX300?

rothar ly says:

It would help if you can make a table or list with the things that you are compareing with one another so we can see the difference with our eyes and not just hearing the difference. I tend to get lost when you say a bunch of numbers without something to look at

The Bashers says:

Anyone have any experience with the crucial mx300? Planning to buy the 1TB and wondering if anyone has any issues with it.

Duranarts says:

Great vid. Great channel. Subbed.

Helen Morgan says:


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NicksDomain101 says:

I think you guys are one of the best pc community channels and you always post the most accurate and high quality content, compared to other youtubers who have more subscribers and aren’t nearly as knowledgeable about the topics they talk about, which can mislead pc enthusiasts old and new. Good job!


would an external ssd work for gaming

Krrisha Web Solution says:

which one SSD is better Samsung Evo 750, Kingston, Lite On or SanDisk???
please reply me….

_ nONE™ says:

just get a ssd for windows and a wd black 2tb+ for games and data.

NamiUltsJapan says:

If jesus says that it has to be the truth ! Take it with humor

james pope says:

I mostly game…what ssd size would I get for OEM, 4 games?

Gary Sequeira says:

Great video!!! Love your hair btw….

All Access Construction says:

Nicccccce job explaining… I got the 500gb Samsung Evo and sandisk 480

hxvideo says:

Thank you!!! I always think you have better insights than other superficial comparisons! Endurance is my biggest concern and just can’t find enough information.. .Keep it up!!!

Unknown Gamer says:

I bought an gaming x rx 470 for 200€, a powercolor 480 with one single crappy fan cost 10 more.
I ocd my 470 by 250 mhz, did I do the right decision?

Baron Chris says:

This is my SSD card, should I get this? Or go for a better one?
*Samsung 850 Evo Internal SSD – 120GB*

SyxQat Ⱦ PsyQat says:

Me: *Listen the video”… *Think that he talks too much about “NonGaming” Things.*…. *Quit the video*
*Search on youtube “Gaming ssd”* …. THIS video pops out and im like… WTF? I thought he didnt talk about gaming almost at all…………

cataria pega says:

i guess the 850 pro isn’t mentioned, because of it’s price not having moved in quite some time.
i got the 850 pro 1 TB, because of its high tbw and 10 year warranty and mlc.
i even had the 850 evo 1 tb, (i already have the 500 GB evo for my os and stuff) but i ended up giving the evo back getting annoyed at the tanking prolonged writes 40 GB plus, when moving my file libraries to it.
i think that’s sth. u missed in the video, the fact, that most tlc ssds will drop massively in write speeds beyond a certain point, from 500 MB/s to 100 sth MB/s possibly, after the turbowrite is used up.
of course not many will write files larger then whatever slc buffer the ssd uses (12GB for 1TB 850 evo) regularly, but for video production and constant big copying it is definitely sth. that has to be looked into.
possibly avoiding mlc in these cases or probably best checking the speeds after slc cache is used up and writing to the sdd larger files continually to simulate beyond worst case usage u would have.


just clarify I have the mx300 how long should it last before I have an issue? and 0/10 how good is it

Matt Rowbottom says:

I bought a Crucial MX100 512GB about 2 years ago in a sale, it may not be the fastest SSD but, it still beats the hell of an HDD and it performs quite well for the 220 dollars Australian I got it for compared to the original 300 buck price tag. I definitely rate Crucial drives for consumption and gaming

Mike Soda says:

I like that the Hyper X Fury has MLC but it’s currently 10 bucks more than the 850 EVO which also out perform it in 4k randoms.

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