Best SSD series. Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB review.

Samsung 860 Evo 250GB

120 GB
WD Green
Kingston UV400
Kingston A400

250 GB
Western Digital Blue
SanDisk Plus
Kingston UV400
Crucial MX300


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What is sequential read speed?
Sequential read is a disk access pattern whereby large contiguous blocks of data are read from adjacent locations on the surface of a device. The term is used primarily within the context of benchmarking and the speed is usually measured in MBps. This type of access pattern is common when reading large files such as video, music and images. As a rule of thumb approximately 50% of a typical users disk access on a PC will consist of sequential reads and writes. Drives that are used primarily for large multimedia files or backups should have relatively high sequential read speeds. When manufacturers quote speeds for devices such as flash drives, hard drives and SSD’s, unless specified otherwise, they are referring to the sequential speed. Other types of read speed include random 4k and deep queue depth.

What is Samsung Magician RAPID Mode?
RAPID mode is a RAM caching feature. Samsung’s RAPID white paper states that RAPID works by analyzing “system traffic and leverages spare system resources (DRAM and CPU) to deliver read acceleration through intelligent caching of hot data and write optimization through tight coordination with the SSD.”
Basically, it takes hot files and frequently accessed files such as a Microsoft Outlook email database or commonly used parts of files and stores them into the system RAM for future requests. And on top of that, it optimizes writes to the SSD for the fastest performance. Pretty sweet, eh?
There is a catch, however, and that is that there will always be a risk of data loss when caching files in the RAM. To minimize this risk, Samsung created RAPID to strictly adhere to the Window’s flush commands. This results in a data loss risk that is identical to that of Windows OS cache or HDD cache. Furthermore, it uses up to 25% of system RAM and RAPID 2.0 increased the maximum limit up to 4GB, well above that of RAPIDs first release. Because it was designed to only make use of excess system resources though, it will scale back resource usage and turn back to a pass-through mode if the system is working on higher priority tasks.


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Pritam Mandal says:

Which one should I buy WD Green 240GB or Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB ?

Om Prakash says:

chunna munna sa antar hai isme aur 850 me 😛

Tech Fusion says:

What should i Buy ? SSD vs SHDD

Kiron Roy says:

#IG Ssd main windows installing dekhaiye… Pls

Rais Shaikh says:

Kingston A400 480gb review dedo purchase karni hai


HURRRRAAAYYYY. We reached 100K. Thinking of doing a very special video for you guys in which I want to say somethings about me, that I cannot say on the channel. What do you guys propose? How should we do this?

Pc Maker says:

Facing issue :::::: PLZ HELP !!!

I have a samsung 860 evo 250gb ssd on my samsung magician software : system compatibility button showing this

VID 1022
Under the current system environment, some functions in Magician CANNOT be run.
If multiple iterations of Read and Write are performed, RAPID mode may become inactive due to system internal errors on some of the AMD / AsMedia Controller or Driver.

please help me to solve this if anyone know this how to solve.

Tushar Patel says:

Ig which should I buy NVME M.2 or

Udit Joshi Official says:

Sir Ji should I buy WD or Samsung? Which is better?

siraa 22 says:

Ssd par bahi video bnade bahi kese lgate h or baki sab information

MANKIRAT Grover says:

Plz make a video on over clocking IG bhai

Apu's Creation A says:

Hi IG . . .
Intel opten memory ki setup per ek video upload karo na pls…

guru vyas says:

Please make a video of necessity for an SD please please please ig please anyone please explain please please

PAwn StaR HD {हिंदी} says:

Sad install karna batau.please

pranav bhattacharya says:

Sir gigabyte ka 240 sata 3 ssd kesi hai gaming ke liye

Preet yadav says:

1 no

Sachin Thakur says:

But I prefer hardrives only. desktop zindabad…nice video

An Hmmm says:

What is 860. Ego and 920 evo

rahul kumar says:

Mai gaming laptop n ps4 k beech confuse hu,,,,,,plz suggest mujhe kya lena chahiye

yash kagra says:

20k wli video mai jo graphic card hai vo kya intel pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz mai chalega iss processor mai 8GB RAM dal jayegi?

aditya prasad says:

Sir gigabyte ssds r worth enough or not???

Ajay Panchani says:

sata 2 port me chalegi???

Mick Mick says:

Can’t even understand this fukwit

Just ME Onlyme says:

I never knew you could use an English keyboard to type in your language 🙂
The Evo is TLC
The Pro is MLC.

Manish Tomar says:

Please mujhe jaroor btana intel ki SSD kesi hai as compare samsung

Pc Maker says:

Pls help me IG BRO

A k Tech's says:

Congratulations bro I am your new subscriber

Neeraj Kumar says:

Overcloxking per video banado IG

Sayeed Baig says:

Hello bro
Ye video hai na bro jo 70k. Pc build. Aur 80k pc build.
Usme sirf. CPU aur Mother board cabinet Etc…..

Tho 2018. Ke base. Per. Ek video banado

Aur. Saath me bhai.
Gaming mouse
Gaming keyboard
Monitor 1080p wala

Isko saare total karke video banana bhai
Kyu ki log thumbnail dekh kar sonchte hai ki are bhai ye tho ghazab hai 80k me. Ajataha. Hai par unko phirse pata chalta hai ki are yar. Monter aur keyboard ko bhi. Paise lagenge ye tho kul milake 1,00,000. Hojayega yaar. Tho aise log disappointed hojate hai

So bro. Isliye ek video 2018 ki base best gaming pc ka video banado bro aur saath me monter, keyboard. Etc… Sara budget dhyan me rakh ke video banana. Bro plzzz

Devjyoti says:

Samsung always best brand

Parvej Chaudhary says:

Can Lenovo g5080 support 860evo 500gb ssd

GET A DEAL says:

how can I claim warranty for Samsung ssd. service center are saying they don’t deal with ssd and toll free don’t know anything


मेरा 35000 का लैपटॉप खरीदना है कौन सी लैपटॉप गिविंग के लिए अच्छा है प्लीज बताए

kuldeep verma says:

can i use optane memory in 6gth gen i7 6800k, msi x99a. please answer

Raghupati Pradhan says:

Bahut acha laga bhai.

akash shamkuwar says:

Sir samsung 860 ya fir wd blue konsi lu ?


2.5″ aur m.2 k bich me Kya fark hai
Power consumption

amit anurag says:

bhai isme ssd to hai hi nahi bass bakchodi hai

JayzBeerz says:

Don’t know what you said but great video.

mukul rustagi says:

Which one should I buy wd blue or Samsung Evo!

sharukh rahman says:


guru vyas says:

What is best external or internal ssd

tauseef tauseef says:

SSD Ke Upar video banao please

Pc Maker says:

Ssd issues vid 1022

saurabh gangwar says:

IG aapne knowledge kha se ikkathi ki or qualifications kya h

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