Best SSD For the Money | PNY CS1311 Review! Best Bang For Your Buck

The PNY CS1311 is one of the best products I have purchased! This SSD handles anything you throw at it without any slow downs! A must have for your computer! Thanks for watching:D
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BYUNG JAE Lee says:

evo 750 120gb or pny ssd which one is better? for the same price pny has duble the storage but for me 120gb is enough

AAJKFilms says:

I want to migrate Windows 10 from my HDD to an SSD. I was wondering if this SSD will work? I plan to get a 240 GB and hopefully it will be enough room.

coffeeblak86 says:

is this saabkyle???? lmao

Brien Adling says:

if you went from a hdd to a ssd how do you even know how this compares to other ssd options……. what did you coma re it to?

Alejandro Mesén says:

I got the 960gb version as secondary drive for my system, I think is more then enough! 850 Evo is my primary!

Bone Crushing Metal says:

Actually in real application situations you wouldn’t notice the difference, but the SanDisk doesn’t have data drop on large transfers like the PNY. I agree, it’s a great value for gig per dollar, but it’s TLC technology and that doesn’t have the best life scan. If you’re using for 3 years or less you shouls be fine.

Humberto Martinez says:

I’ve had this for over a year. Very reliable and good boot speeds. I highly recommend 🙂 picked it up for 44 on a sale before ssd prices went up the ass.

Leo X says:

Samsung 960evo 250gb costs 140€ and speeds up to 3,5gb/s

Julius Cristobal says:

DON’T BUY IT!!!! i bought mine, and its only good for 2months. trust me guys. not worth it. dont waste your money!

Muhamad Ubaied says:

There only 1 problem i can see with this SSD. where i live, its always out of stock. damn other buyers notice the goodies


Its funny, I was just searching for a gtx 1070 and And went to where I saw this drive. I am in the process of building a new rig and want a ssd for it. I had my heart set on the Sandisk 1 u showed before. but, then I saw the Samsuge 850 m.2 which i was going to do but, I researched and realized it doesnt have the 10gb/s capability with the 850 (NEED THE 950 FOR THAT) But, Since I trying to keep it budget friendly as possible this looks like a great drive to get. I will definitely be considering this one. Strongly.

Kyle Cook says:

I got the 120gb for 30$ at best buy! Im going back to get another :DD They’re so good for the price

Kiwi kiwi says:

its fast, its quick. i’m pretty sure they are the same thing…

Imurhuckleberry says:

I just ordered this ssd and got it today, but it came in cheaper packaging with a plastic tray instead of the foam and no anti static sleeve. Should I be concerned?

Killer Zj says:

Should I get the samsung or pny? samsung cost like $30 more.

SeaJay Oceans says:

PNY CS1311 960GB $209 USDSamsung 850 Pro 1TB $431 USD.You can buy 2 PNY drives for less than 1 Samsung.Ok, a little slower, but WOW – save money & get twice the storage!

IaMaWeSoMe7478 says:

I have 3 of these ssds and they are all perfect!!!

redfox435cat says:

It’s one of those if it works its great if not it sucks. for me it won’t work on my system. The Samsung Evo works just fine. For me, the PNY shows up on the mobo, shows up in device manager but will not be recognized in the disk manager, so its a paper weight. 1

Sam Horne says:

Just picked one up for $65 🙂

Josh Jones says:

This or 850 evo 256 for 122?

MrDexterKeil P says:

“its fast, its quick.” “america is great because america is good.”

Mustafa Malik says:

Can it fit in a laptop?

Sergio Parto says:

Good video, but please stop the “Highly recommending”.
It makes you sound like you are sponsored by them, the more you “highly recommend” the more I don’t want to buy it.

Oh and if you’re comparing this SSD, please don’t compare it to an HDD. Yes you compared it with a SanDisk SSD but only in theory of the amazon description not in the same way you tested the PNY.

Mister Fresh says:

Great video bro liked


holy shit……..

E Castillo says:

do SSD’s also help when quitting a game? like, some games take a while to quit to desktop.

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