Best SSD for Gamers? | HyperX Fury 120 GB SSD Review

Is the HyperX Fury SSD the best Solid State Drive for gamers? Let’s run some tests ‘n benchmarks to find out.


Want to find out more about Kingston’s HyperX Series SSDs?…

You’re interested in Kingston’s V300 Series SSDs?

Wondering where to buy the HyperX Fury 120 GB SSD?…

Rather interested in the HyperX Savage SSD?…

Does the V300 look like you want to purchase it?…

Userbenchmark of the WD 1 TB & Pricing……




Footage of the SSDs
00:00 – 00:26
00:43 – 00:55
00:56 – 01:27
01:28 – 01:32
01:43 – 02:03
from Kingston’s Youtube-Channels and websites……

08:10 – 08:28 from LinusTechTips…


YiHao Xie says:

wow very nice links…

Armen Tangyan says:

actually I want to add 64 or120gb ssd for windows and save files(games programs etc)in hdd is it meaningless to do that?

SimpleGaming says:

Is this or the kingston hyperx savage better? Is it worth the bigger price?

ZemouregalHD says:

Very interesting you earned a subscriber great video!

Dino Jovanov says:

What games are tou playing in the video?

samuel lopes says:

what game is that around 7 minutes in ?

Olegs Lepehins says:

I got hyper x instead of samsung evo… i want to see the benchmarks between these two… what is best for gaming hyper or evo.

Jordan01 says:

Hard disk does affect gameplay. just cause 3 is a good example

Ryan G-P says:

Wait… how are you struggling to get 60 fps on fucking wow?

Francesco alliata says:

what are your pc specs? amazing video!

eiwa123 says:

This or v300? both 45eur in my country

Djentc0re says:

How can we know if it’s the best SSD for gaming if you only benchmark it against some retarded HDDs? This comparison is totally worthless, I really don’t get why everyone is liking this video.. Well I guess most people just came here to hear that it’s good.. LOL

Joe Hexx says:

Great video dude

Red Toaster says:

you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger a little bit

Ading says:

nice video

TheFastly says:

HyperX Fury or Savage which is better for gaming performance? I’ll buy it.

Dave Monteban says:

Does every game load faster when you put a 120gb ssd with a 1tb hdd? or do you have to put the games in your ssd when you want them to load faster?

Locoflex says:

Are you german?
I think you got an german accent 😀

Kobke says:

Nice video mate, i just have a question, in this HyperX fury series, has the same ”issue” of the change of the type of NAND chip that the Kingston V300 SSDnow has? I mean the switch of Synchronous to Asynchronous thing.

LiamOneLoop says:

nice one man

Prince Vegeta says:

And what if someone.just wanna play 1 or 2 games ( only gaming pc ) , would 120gb ssd be an ideal choice.for.that individual ?

GlyNka says:

i’m planning to buy two storage drives! 128GB SSD for the Os and games And 1TB HDD for storage (Music,Videos,,,etc) Should i be fine ?

Ken Lu says:

Who the hells buys a small ass 240gb or 120gb SSD??? whats the world coming to??? thats a small ass storage for gaming wow, seriously why would u buy such small space, if we got people complaining about their storage space being too small LOL it might be faster but with small storage but faster speed shouldnt cost a lot, thats a rip off.

WhtMgc says:

What was the last game in the video?

Big Will says:

Best SSD for around about £80? ($122)

L. Torrence says:

I have the Samsung 850 pro and the SanDisk extreme pro. I was surprised the extreme pro was noticeably faster. But I run my system off the Samsung due to durability concerns.

TheRealYolorobot says:

You should have way more than 98 subs because of all your research and the amazing qualities of your vids. You’ve earned a sub

Miguel Teles says:

This Premier SP550 120gb SSD with Read: Up to 560MB/s and Write: Up to 410MB/s, the HyperX Fury 120 GB SSD (500/500) or the kingston v300 120gb (450/450)?

Mozef Kaddas says:

Thank you for the awesome video, and for enlighting us regard load time.

-T-X-M- says:

Good build for 1080p gaming?
– RX 470 4GB (is 4GB enough tho?)
– Hyper X Fury 120GB SSD (this one, but couldn’t find it in partpicker)
– already have a CM B600 PSU brand new

björn sjöblom says:

great review:)!!got the exactly same ssd to 🙂

Lewis Adelaide says:

a minute of silence for people like myself who do not own an SSD yet and try to play Star Citizen on a HDD … Rip ;_;

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