Best External SSDs for 4K Video Editing

It’s a good time to be a video creator. There are amazing cameras and phones that all shoot 4K and are a lot more affordable than ever before allowing us to produce much higher quality content without the need for a crazy feature film budgets.

The issue with this 4K high-quality content, though? It’s huge.

GNow, most creators end up reaching for an external hard drive to be able to offload their footage from their precious computer hard drive. The thing is, there are a lot out there and they are definitely not created equally. B&H was kind enough to let me wander their store in search of the best hard drive for 4K video editing and I managed to narrow it down to my picks for the 4 best external SSDs for 4k video editing.

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Lawless Lazybones says:

Great video as always. Can you please make a video regarding internal ssd comparision? Thanks! 🙂

Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

a trivial point I dont get, say for the Samsung T5, the bandwidth of the USB 3 is north of 400MBs, say 480MBs, but in your test it did not get close to that. so I am not sure the Samsung T5 will benefit from the TB3.

rizzo905 says:

now theres a bunch of thunderbolt 3 nvme ssds even bus powered ones that make theses ones outdated already

Video Clinic says:

so if i’m editing the videos and the videos are in the SSD and my program (premier pro) in HDD does it work like that? or the program has to be on SSD as well?… Thanks

Jake Delao says:

That head tilt though

Emeroy Bernardo says:

Super helpful. Thank you good sir

JAFO-PTY says:

please test them with Thunderbolt 3.

Ty Cooper says:

Why haven’t you mentioned G-Drives?

Devin Hill says:

With the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K coming out in a few months this video should be seeing a lot of views for people trying to find good SSD’s to shoot internal raw. This video was super helpful thank you

Anand Bhatt says:

Hey for shooting of 4K full length feature film on the eva 1 pro res HQ, how much space do you think I will need for editing the project like what hard drive would you recommend for something that long?

Jimmy a Geek says:

SSD do not help in video editing

Muhammad Hamzah says:

Hey guys, I need help. I’m using windows 10 and my Samsung T5 SSD write speed is only 109 mb/s max. Is there away to increase the write speed to the acclaimed 540MB/s?

Ben says:

Bought the samsung t5 for 4k editing and better playback, and while it looks a tad smoother, the footage still lags on and off. Shouldn’t there be a big difference between this and a wd external hard drive?

Specs are macbook pro with 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB ram, and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
Write speeds on samsung t5 are 414 and 424 for read
Do I have to change the cache location or a premiere setting for the samsung to work efficiently?

MariAnna says:

Did you know that every time it says nine-9 on the screen you say six-6? Just though you should know. Thanks for the video. It’s the fist time that I hear that WD isn’t the best external in the world 😀 something to consider.

J Lubin HD says:

What laptop are you using ? You mention matellic built

suman swarnakar says:

I hit the 1thousandth like

Desmond Penrose says:

All ssd drives have a use up limit you should say what that is in years of over righting

Carson Hammock says:

If USB 3.0’s bandwidth is 5 gigabit (625 megabytes), why didn’t those drives reach the “theoretical” speed?

Steven Douglas says:

good review, thank you!

Air Planet says:

Are you using internal ssd or internal regular hard drive in your testing system?

Andreas Schneider says:

Thunderbold 3 compatible means that you can plug it in that Port but it will only use USB 3.1 Gen 2 Speed. As this protocoll is send over the Thunderbold 3 port… check facts please.

Erwin says:

I don’t get the methodology here. You are not testing the performances of the drives but the max performance of your USB port. If you test SSD drives, at least eliminate any existing bottlenecks, otherwise you are not testing the drives anymore. It looks like you wanted to make a video on the topic but didn’t have the adequate port and made it anyway.

Soneeuhz. says:

The rugged Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD can transfer up to 550mb per second and can hold up to 1TB… it’s also almost as small as the Samsung t5

2whiteops says:

What exactly is the difference in the T5 and T3?

rästik says:

go m.2 housing usb-c !!!

Liel Bouskila says:

Nice vid! Can u plz make a series with good video editing laptops and cameras/phones?

Ray Horner says:

Will all these SSD work on Chromebook ?

Mega Soft says:

but you never showed us any speeds with TB3, are u an idiot ?
the title clearly says “4k video” and ur moving everything with usb 3
if your shooting 4k video its fucking obvious your laptop will have either usb 3.1 or TB!

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